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On Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 12:56pm, Tom Kerwick wrote:

Very impressed with your skills as interviewer, most especially interviews with Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger...fascinating interviews..you make it look easy..

On Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 4:34am, Jay wrote:

Hi Becky, I wake up early to watch your show "on the money" mainly to watch you and what you are going to say!!! I love you Becky Quick

On Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 2:30pm, BRIAN RAFFERTY wrote:


On Friday, February 12, 2016 at 5:04am, mg wrote:

is it odd for a 58 year old man to have a teenager crush on Becky?

On Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 2:09am, russ wrote:

to the most talented person on the air. thanks for the great job you do keeping us informed

On Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 5:05pm, Alan Lefort wrote:

Hello Becky. I truly have a thing for you. I love your mind,your outstanding good looks and sexy,charismatic appearance is just a bonus. When your not on Squak I generally switch to the Fox Business Channel. This happens after I weep a bit. Warmest Regards,Alan Lefort@gmail.com

On Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 8:07am, John Mason wrote:

Becky Im such a fan of squawk box, I just wish I was more financially savvy. Ill never know how such a beutiful (and younger)lol woman ever keeps up with all those numbers. I must say you have been as captivating to me as was Erin Burnett before. Hurry back to work we miss you and Erin too. Look out Kate B. I have not one but 2 women in your same category. 💋

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 7:21am, Rick Baugnon wrote:

Do you have a brother named Randy Quick who lived in Lake Charles, LA? If so, I lived nearby.. Continued success in all that you do. Thanks, Rick

On Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 6:36pm, JL wrote:

Can't wait to see you on TV today! :)<3

On Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 12:15pm, James Leonard wrote:

You are the best looking woman I have ever seen... Your face is beautiful - I think you are the prettiest woman EVER! I love watching you on TV. You make my day ;)

On Monday, August 17, 2015 at 3:08am, David wrote:

So count me out of the Sep camp on rate hikes. Q@ earnings were negative, largely due to the stronger dollar and I would say with the devaluations in China, the Sep hurdle is too high now. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Dec hike, just because 16 is an election yr but I don't see the need for it, seeing how inflation YOY is only running at .6%. I've been telling people that a Fed rate hike would be a signal that the FOMC is favoring mandates. I mean, not that lower interest rates are really helping, more is needed from the fiscal side. We ought to take a more Keynesian approach and continue govt borrowing, not cut it, I mean, Keynes was a democrat, right. Well, anyway, its like looking at a fixed debt, you know. If I'm making less money, I have to either cut spending or watch my asset, namely home, fall into foreclosure. Low interest rates don't help if the banks can't find profitable investments, you know? We ought to tax the Warren Buffetts of the world and use the money on fiscal spending programs to expand employment and thus income. Rather than austerity, this would shore up growth, providing tax revenues and reducing the debt to GDP ratio. I was looking at some data Beck, and 60% of windfalls over the last 20 yrs have gone to the wealthiest 1%. And it wasn't just QE that pushed the market higher it was all the profits generated through cost cutting. You know, now we're negative because there's no growth. Well, I mean there was never any growth yet profits were the strongest part of the recovery, you know because of all the layoffs. And they say now we're generating 200k jobs a month, you know tell that to the 14 mil that got the can, it doesn't even keep up with pop growth. It's become such an aristocratic society, we should be at like 6$ growth right now because we should have normal growth plus payback, you know? It's like the Great Depression, balance sheet recession feeds deflationary spiral. WE can't change the past, you know the derivatives and low interest rates that fed the bubble but, well I mean for one thing we definitely need wage growth. The govt deficits did not cause the recession, they were a result of it. If we narrow the gap between the wealthy 1% snd the rest of us, it would go a long way toward restoring confidence.

On Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 7:45am, jeffrey risch wrote:

How does one get an autographed photo?

On Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 6:26pm, David wrote:

Hey Beck, Found a new friend. I was writing on Facebook about the market and this guy I went to school with wrote back, knowing all about options. So, you know, happy today. With all those investment letters I sent out, it's the first time I ever was able to solicit a response. So, anyway, I sent some to you, did you think they were any good? You probably thought they were good but not good enough for Fortune, huh? Are you still writing for them? I saw one of your articles, about tax inversions thought it was good. I loved Andy's book, Too Big to Fail. I don't know if you remember me saying but I wrote a 70 page fncl crisis thesis paper based on that book but I thought he was older than me, you know because he knew more but. I just finished Flash Boys, read that yet? I'm studying for my series 7 too. You know, it takes 6 weeks and I've been at it for 2. Oh yeah, that brings me to my new friend. He was saying about oil, he wants to buy a put spread, you know buy and sell a put. He's real sharp, I had to analyze the message. Hey, I didn't mean to correct you that time on Twitter with what you were saying about taxes, remember? It's just my dad had a lot of clients that flew under the radar so you know you were discussing the law and stuff that you know about big cos and I was like yeah, but there's a such thing as a cash business. You know, because I've done a lot of acctg the wrong way in my life but, I mean like I think I know more than you lol See you

On Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 8:49am, David wrote:

Hey, did you see where Q2 earnings growth excluding fncls is only coming in at .9%? That seems almost recessionary. I mean, sure analysts had expected a negative number and we already knew about the margin pressures but .9%? I mean that's like saying so the S&P trades at 16X so divide that by a mere 1% and you get a PEG of 16. Cramer has been against buying at more than 2 so what, are we like totally overvalued? You know he wasn't exactly right about the airlines. He said they would have to lower estimates but Southwest and American Air both beat and UAL came in at par so why would they lower estimates if they are beating you know? I was on with him on the lightning round asking about UAL and he said estimates would be lowered but you just don't see that happening. I just can't get over that Beck, .9%???

On Monday, July 20, 2015 at 11:24am, David wrote:

Hey don't look now Beck but Jeremy Siegel is just out with his fncl crisis updated Stocks for the Long Run. I saw it in the bookstore over the weekend but I was already getting other books. I'm definitely getting it next time

On Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 2:39am, David wrote:

I have to have an operation. I've been retaining kidney stones and it is very painful. I get a sudden urge to go to the bathroom and if I hold it for too long I get like a piercing pain so. I don't know, it really hurts you know? I'm going under a week from Mon. Say a prayer for me. Also, Rhonda, now try not to publish anything about Rhonda because she doesn't know who goes into this site and she's trying to keep a low profile. But Rhonda has cysts on her breasts so I told her to go get checked by the doctor, you know we hope it's nothing serious. I guess everyone is sick. How are you feeling?

On Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 1:25pm, David wrote:

Hey, I heard today was someone's 43rd birthday, glad I'm not that old lol. No, you know it's not how old you are it's how you live out everyday you know? Well, happy birthday.

On Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 12:00pm, David wrote:

Sorry to bug you again. Just wondering, has the press lost interest in Meredith because her prediction about all the muni defaults never came to fruition? Just some food for thought. See ya

On Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 11:58am, David wrote:

hey Beck, Just got back from Boston on Tues. The flight was delayed an hr so I didn't get back til midnight. Anyway, I went to the top of the hub, the Cape and the Brockton Fair. I stayed with my brother on the north shore so I didn't need a hotel. Well, anyway, do you remember that book I told you about, Aftershock Investor and how it came it from a bearish angle predicting another meltdown worse than 2008. See, it discussed 6 bubbles. The last 2 have yet to pop and are sort of holding things together until they do right. So they are the dollar bubble and the govt debt bubble. the idea is that the Fed has quaerupled the money supply in just 5 yrs so we woll inevitably get inflation and this will cause interest rates to rise. The authors feel we could be talking 10% on the ten yr which would lead to 50% losses in the bond market. And with the higher interest rates, there will be a consumer credit shock that will bring down corporate earnings and thus stock too. So, you know there's really no place to hide. They said the losses in the stock market will be astronomical. They do suggest gold as an alternative. And, you know, it's scary because we really haven't gained a dime since they stopped doing qe and each successive round is less potent than the one that preceeds it so. I mean eventually if they have to keep doing it it will create instantaneous inflation and be rendured worthless. Then you know with the higher interest rates, we won't be able to pay back China anymore. They brought up the point, if qe worked, why not just print our tax revenues and abolish the tax code lol. I think deep down inside the Fed knows it won't work but they're leading the public blind, you know? Hey, you know who hasn't been on for awhile, Mereidht Whiteny. I heard she stepped out of her hedge fund. The source I read said she didn't do it right because she only had one client and didn't hire any analysts, you know to pick the stocks and investments. I hear she's worth 10 mil. So, you guys at CNBC, you're not allowed to own stocks? If you did I'd tell you to reassess your portfolio because according to that book, you're going to want to be out of both stocks and bonds when the bubbles pop. I don't know what I'm doing but I'm going to tell my broker about what I read and see what he thinks. It just seems to me, if we're in a Fed induced bubble, the recent action since the end of qe seems justified. Close for now

On Monday, June 29, 2015 at 5:11pm, David wrote:

Tomorrow is the big day Beck. I'm going to Boston. The plane leaves at 8:50 so I've got to get up with you, you know at 5 and then be at the airport at 6:30. At noon I'll be further north than you are. The only caveat is that Rhonda isn't coming. You know because she's up there in yrs, has a difficult time walking so she doesn't feel like trudging through the airport. I'm going on a couple of tours too, so she doen't feel she's up to all that walking you know. But I'm going to have a good time, I'm seeing my brother, going to the Brockton Fair, the Cape all the things you'd normally do up there. But I have to make one sad stop, to my dad's gravesite but other than that it will be a very happy time. See ya

On Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 6:20am, Randall wrote:

Hi Becky, you are a great reporter, love watching you. Just don't like your recent hair color, prefer the highlighted look

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 10:00am, David wrote:

What do you think Beck, are they going to raise rates this time? Have you ever read Aftershock Investor, its by 3 authors, one's a doctor, one's an MBA and one I think is just an author. It's part of a series of bearish publishings. Well, I've only read the first 2 chapters but the main theme is that there's going to be another crisis that will make 2008 look like a day at the beach. You're a beat, right? Well, they say the problem is inflation lingering from the effects of QE. I don't mean that inadectondatly you know, there's nothing wrong with being bearish on the economy so. No, they say the only reason interest rates are low now is because of the artificial demand created by debasing the currency and that it will eventually make the day of reckoning worse. I know, now I sound like a bear, huh? Hey, did you hear me on Cramer back on the first, I was on the lightning rround. I asked about UAL and he said he would like the sector once earnings estimates get taken down but that his favorite was Southwest. You watch, right, Mad Money? Not everyone watches It because its on during the dinner hour. Have you seen the primetime shows? It seems that's where the network wants to take it, you know Sharktank, and the ones about the restaurants, they have an entrepreneurial spirit? Hey, listen, the week after next is vacation week so we're going to New England. I'm going to show her where I grew up, visit friends, go to the fair, maybe even go to the observatory on top of the Hancock or Pru. We'll have fun. Oh yeah, and the Pawsox if they're in town or even Boston but that's expensive. I was without a car for awhile because I was in an accident with my dad's car and it wasn't passed to me yet so I really shouldn't have been driving, you know the Ford I told you about. Well, anyway, Rhonda is doing good. We went to see San Andreas Sun. How are Matt and the kids? Hey, want to hear something funny? Rhonda's daughter might be pregnant, I guess that would make me a grandfather lol. No, seriously there are people our age that are grandparents, you know If they had a kid at 20 and now they're turning around having kids. I guess we're getting to that age. So you'll be 43 next mo, then I'll be turning it in March. You know, you've got to live one day at a time and try not to worry about it. Of course it's different for you because both of your parents are still alive whereas I've lost both of mine. You know it's tough Becky. I mean I used to work with my dad and he was a huge part of my life. My mom I got over without a problem but I really broke down hard when it was my dad, you know? We were down 14k last mo, dropping the account to less than 700. I was thinking, you know all my stocks except for one are up so I was looking at some of Joe's stuff and it's all safe, you know designed to generate income so I think it may have been an estate bill being paid. But you know they charge 20k to settle an estate so. I mean that's on top of a substantial legal bill. The estate is going to finally be moving out of probate you know in the next mo or so. So, BC and Rutgers don't play next yr so I guess no sports rivalry. How about baseball, though, I guess your Yanks are on top of my Sox, oh well. Take care

On Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 12:32pm, David wrote:

Oh yeah, did you hear they are considering making the tax rate on repatriation 14% instead of the full 35% corporate rate? Large corporations will finally be able to bring back some overseas funds, about time Obama came to his senses.

On Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 12:19pm, David wrote:

Congrats on getting the number right yesterday. But do you think this better than expected 280k gives the Fed all the ammunition it now needs to go and raise rates later this mo or will it be Sep? I think we need to see an uptick in spending and inflation actually materialize first. But I was glad to see the uptick in wages, suggesting inflation expectations in the future, I just don't think its time yet. Still in the Sep camp.

On Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 3:54pm, Dave wrote:

hey Beck, Still in the Sep camp. But I view it as an important interest rate hike because it signifies the first tap on the brake, you know? I mean you must view it as significant, don't you? I hope it doesn't firm the dollar because you know the negative GDP, etc. The euro is so heavily shorted though, Cramer says its likely to rise in the form of a short squeeze. Friday's jobs numbers should be very telling. If they're too good, look out below!!

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 5:52pm, michelle warner wrote:

Bon soir, Becky...I got through another one of those ghastly meetings today...not easy keeping quiet when you have answers, you know?....realizing sabotage lies ahead...feel stuck...been here quite a while....start over? thanks again, Becky....a bientot....Michelle...hugs..

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 10:46am, Michelle Warner wrote:

Bon jour, Becky.. I am fervent fan of yours...never miss your early morning show..it gives me a great daily start...and arms me with the latest business news...I'm not proud that I don't share your comments with anyone at the office...the intrinsic fear of betrayal and back-stabbing.... I always feel a little vulnerable anyway, you know?...Surrounded With Good Old Boys...we've likely both scrambled hard to get where we are....I draw on your style and confidence to get me through some days...I'm glad to see you downtown...looking out at the vibrant street scene......I'll bet it's exciting...Thank you, Girlfriend...for all your support ! Michelle...hugs..

On Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 2:10pm, Dave wrote:

He finally got it right. Today Joe thinks a weak dollar is a good thing.

On Monday, May 25, 2015 at 6:14pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, Is Rutgers still in the top 20 in football? We're going to try to get tickets to BC/Wake Forest.

On Monday, May 25, 2015 at 3:22pm, Vicky wrote:

Happy Memorial Day. I spent most of the weekend reading Random Walk on Wall Street. I was going to drink but Rhonda doesn't like to so I put the bottle of strawberry daiquiri back you know. Anyway, what do you think of rapid fire traders because there's a book out by Michael Lewis called Flash Boys, sure you've heard. Actually, the guy I'm reading now is a Princeton professor so you know being an academic, he said he thought they make the market more efficient because they get the relevant news on the stocks priced in faster. In fact, he was critical of both technical and fundamental analysts, saying they run up transaction costs, you know pretty much what you would expect from academia. When I finish, I'm going to read Invest with the Fed. Didn't go the beach but boy is it getting hot down here. Everyday is like 90s. It's almost to the point where you'd prefer rain or cloudy conditions just to avoid the heat. I'm coming up in Jul. Hopefully, I'll buy a house you know somewhere around Boston. Looking forward to that first snowflake, miss it.

On Friday, May 22, 2015 at 4:13am, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, Did you hear what Joe said yesterday, "I hope we get 95, I wan the euro down" Either he's long Europe or he wants our stocks to underperform.

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 4:07pm, Vicky wrote:

So do we get a rate hike in Jun, Sep or next yr? I say later rather than sooner just because an incremental rise in short term interest rates will make the dollar go up and we were negative this quarter, escluding banks, due to the headwinds of a stronger dollar. I've been reading a lot of Buffett lately and I get more of what he's saying now, you know? He advised not going after the latest merger or earnings report, but rather looking for a competitive advantage among cos. So, when I first read this, I was like so how do I determine that? But the more I study it, you know he's talking about things like margins, ROE, balance sheet strength. Does the co have the ability to take pricing, oh so important. But, you know today I was reading some analyst on theStreet who had assembled better work than me. I know what he did, though. See, they have ways through a database or quotron to look across the industry to see what the average margins of the industry are, the avg ROE, stuff like that. All I have is my Yahoo Finance, so I can only look up averages for valuation ratios. You know what I don't get, how are you supposed to know portfolio construction and operations at the same time? I mean I follow 100 cos a week then read the releases. I've noticed, because I do a lot of medicine, you know I can't even say the names of these drugs, you know how do I even know what they're saying. Then Cramer, right, he knows enough bio to be a doctor, well you know almost,. I'd almost prefer to stick with retail like you at the Journal, its the easiest sector. Who can't get comp store sales, you know things like that. Then there's EBITDA, which I tend not to focus on. I did a study once where I measured nonGAAP earnings against EBITDA and found they were 2 different numbers. Sometimes I call NY or investor relations and the guy's trying to sound slick so he says real fast, that was a major driver of EBIT last quarter. I told my dad about nonGAAP earnings and he asked me what it was, lol. He goes, I thought it was our job to certify that it was in accordance with GAAP, guess it was after his time. Some of the new things used to blow his mind. Oooh, miss him so much, last Sat was the first anniversary of his passing but I was strong. Rhonda says I talk bus so fast I should be on tv like you, lol. Well, I mean in a way she's right because I used to think sometimes you'd say something or someone else would and you know it would be too much, I'd have to catch up. Now I tend to get it the first time. My professor said when you start quoting FASBs you know you're starting to think like an accountant. Have you ever heard of SFAS 123? It came out in the middle of last decade. It was the one that said cos had to start expending stock options. A lot of people are familiar with that one, being as big an issue as it was back then. See ya Beck ps love you anyway, even if you are a democrat

On Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 5:10pm, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, No matter what has been done on the monetary side, there is no excuse for Obama not lowering the corporate tax rate. I mean no one pays it anyway. They use loopholes to get it down to 28, you know? Why not just lower it to 28 and close the loopholes? I mean sure there's always cash businesses and ways to cheat but at least these corporations wouldn't be based in Ireland through tax inversions. It's interesting because I know you've written on this too. Did you know US cos have 1.7 tril on their balance sheets but the large chunk of it is based in foreign countries. I mean you look at the negative spending data out today and the headwinds we saw this earnings season from the stronger dollar, all though one doesn't really have to do with the other, but there has been no velocity to back up the huge money supply increase we've seen since the crisis, most of which is on the Fed's balance sheet. The cash that is circulating is parked in foreign lands and the lending although up is not where it needs to be. This is another problem on the fiscal side, has finreg really made it this difficult to lend? Although QE expanded the money supply, it also reduced long term interest rates another factor for the downside on lending. It's not Bernanke, it's Obama. Know what, it's so hot down here now we don't even get the breeze in the morn anymore, oh well plenty of time to get back north for next winter. See ya

On Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 6:15am, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, Happy Mother's Day!! Pretty good jobs number, huh? But do you believe it, I mean the labor force participation rate has barely budged. No wage inflation and certainly if things in the economy were back to "normal" we would have at least some inflation. I mean how can they say employment is normalized when we get a negative GDP reading driven by a $51 bln trade deficit, you know? I'll tell you one thing I didn't know, the Fed was buying equities as part of its QE program, found that in an article this week. I mean the distribution of income has not been there. The Fed gave a bunch of money to rich investors that simply went from stock ownership to bond ownership, where is the benefit for you and me? That's why you see so much resistance on Wall Street to the hedge funds and the like, you know? So how do you like your commute into Manhattan every morning, wish it was still based in Jersey? I had the same problem, I was going to move to Summit and then you know I thought the Street was in Jersey but I foun it was in Manhattan you know? Cramer must have a 1.5 to2 hr commute everyday. I don't think he's going to hire me anyway. Just as you never write, he never calls. If I don't hear from him soon, I'll plan on going back to NE. So excited, next winter I'm going to see snow. It's been like near 90 down here already. Down here, you hope the sun doesn't come out as this makes a huge difference. See ya

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 9:37am, Vicky wrote:

I know he's your contact but I've been studying Buffett quite a bit lately. Next time you see him, try to get him to discuss competitive moat. His favorite quote is that KO is worth $80 bil but even if you had the money you couldn't build another one due to the co's competive moat. So, you know when he first said that I didn't know what he meant. I was thinking, you know what creates competitive moat? I immediately thought brand name, trademarks, patents, copyrights? So, while that's all well and good but I didn't think more of it until I read another one of his books and it said it has to do with margins. Warren hates price competitive businesses so a good gross margin shows that the company is capable of marking up the inventory. If it were competing on price ie supermarkets, it would not be able to take markups, you take pricing as an analyst would say. I told Cremer about this but to him, you know, he probably wasn't impressed. I feel good about knowing this though because now I know what Warren meant can be quantified. You know Beck, get him talking about this next time and be sure to ask how he quantifies it. Because I read Warren and Beyond and it changed my entire strategy. Well, I can't trade til the account makes it out of probate but I still analyze, you know close to 800 stocks now. And, see what I do is I find the ROE which I identify as last yr's profitability. Then I make a projection and make a judgment on how mgmt. allocates its capital. I consider 3 uses of cash, capex, dividends and buybacks. And then say capex is 30% of the allocation, I would multiply the ROE, say its 30% also, by that allocation so in that case I would project a 10% capital gain (30% of the 30% ROE. I know, not exactly dcf but it did come from Buffett. Anyway, I've taken up enough of your time today so I will close. When ru coming to Ft. Laud, hot as an oven down here. See ya

On Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 12:17pm, Greg Doll wrote:

I watch squawk Box every morning. My daughter Sarah Doll works with Enova a company in Chicago. Sarah informed us last night that she will be going to ring the bell sometime soon. I thought it might be fun if someone from CNBC could say high from her father. I know that you are a very busy person and I just thought I would ask. Thank you Mrs. Quick. Greg Doll

On Friday, April 17, 2015 at 3:26am, Bill wrote:

#1 live talk show.

On Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 10:30am, Dave wrote:

New theory Beck. You know why I think the 10 yr is trading below 2%? Because no one will sell due to the effect it would have on mortgage rates. But still, there is 4 tr on the Fed's balance sheet. You know, no inflation without velocity of money supply. I think at some point banks may step up lending and this could drive that velocity. However, there remains a disconnect between the record levels on the Dow and the real economy. I think 2% inflation would be a good thing as it narrow the gap but why normailize just for the sake of normalization?

On Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 6:41am, Dave wrote:

Wow, I worked Cramer's hours the other day. I felt like I was in jail though. I guess both of us love stocks. I call him dad. Did you see the Sox Yanks, I heard Boston was ahead. Beck, try to write less from now on. See ya

On Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 8:56am, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, Trying to close down tax season. I've got 612 but I'll probably exceed it. See, I know its just paper but I've tried to turn it into a quotron. I use a method put together by your guy, Buffett from a book I've read. You know, then I go back and read them. Yesterday's volume was 65. I worded as hard as Cramer yesterday, 5-11. See, I called him and said I was going to do it until the fifteenth but I missed this morn. Oh well, I was Cramer for a day. You the volume I'm trying to do right now is the key to the whole yr in the acctg bus. You know, you're supposed to know the volume then you know you compare it what other accountants are saying. But right now, you know its like the playoffs because it's what the entre yr is based on. Then I say, you know lets close out Canton one more time for my dad.

On Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 4:54pm, Sid Quick wrote:

Hi Becky, While I was born in California, I am from an Arkansas branch of the "Quicks". Family lore has it that the name was originally Dutch; however, I have found evidence that the name may have come from the descendants of the English troops who were sent to the Netherlands to fight the Spanish in the 1500's. Since the population of the name is fairly minimal, I assume that somewhere down the line we are related, and I am pleased for the success you have helped bring to the name. Best Wishes for Continued Success, Sid Quick

On Friday, April 3, 2015 at 11:28am, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, Happy Easter. My bday has come and gone, guess we're the same age again. I wanted Cramer to call me but he never did. I think he thinks of me as a friend so I should probabally should get Actionowners the next time I come across it. I told him to call me if he wanted a new subscriber. I mean, I'm running out of things to do so I think it would bring us closer if I got it. I guess you can speculate on all the stocks he can't yet lol. Beck, you wouldn't believe it, it's 85 down here today. Boo for anyone who isn't down here on spring break you know. And then, you know business: I think I mentioned this last time but I see the Fed as hamstrung. If we were inflationary we could raise rates but in the face of this whole dollar, the logical thing would be to lower them and yet, they're at xero as I told Rhonda. Oh yeah, remember I told you she thinks she knows Jim. Well, she called him up to see if he remembered her which I thought bordered on insanity. See, since they're the same age, she thinks she remembers partying with him. I said, Rhonda when he was that age he was in the dorm room at Harvard studying. Have you seen him lately, it looks like he's wearing handcuffs. Tune in next time and you'll see. Well, see I wanted him to employ me, if not at CNBC maybe at the street. I'm becoming a good analyst, got over 500 now, cool huh? I was working today on things like Axalta Coating Systems. I don't think I should be asking you this, but have you ever heard of it? It's a small cap, huh. See, when you do the first 500, you've been through the big guys, you know? I'm using a system advocated by your guy, Warren Buffett. So, if Cramer hires me, I guess I'll be living in Summit. If he doesn't call me I'm going out to find him, you know up there in NYC. But, if he doesn't I've seriously got Canton on the bring. But houses are cheaper in Stoughton you know? The snow looks better in Stoughton than it does in Cantion. But, in Canton you have access to the blue hills, maybe go skiing next Winter. You know it's funny Becky, I meant for this to be a short message, guess I never am sick of talking to you.

On Friday, March 20, 2015 at 7:52pm, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, Desperate for friends, been trying to get my broker to hang with me. So, for bus, what do you think of $40 gas? Did you see Yellen? Normally you would raise rates to curb inflation but we have disinflation, the Fed is trapped. Know what's going to happen? They're going to get inflation when China finishes getting out and then they'll be behind the curb, you know? See the piece by Schiller on Yahoo Finance today? I know you're a bear, right, you probably would love it, the dollar's going to crash, the price of oil is going to 15 and 2008 is going to seem like a picnic. I still say the bloated balance sheet is more of a risk than raising the fed funds rate. And then you know they can't do it because we're in a deflationary spiral. In the words of Keynes, you have to spend your way out of a recession. The Fed has done this but the money is in the wrong place, reading your mind lol? I mean not just that but I was mentioning the buyback risk last time. Nonfinancial cos have 3 tril on their own balance sheets yet have no plans for investment. You've got to let the banks lend but they can't due to finreg. I mean it's not the supply of money that's the problem but it's the velocity as I have said before, so a demand problem not the supply side. I've been running my own system you know coming out with some winners. Arbing, too you know. Listen to me, you probably think I'm a power broker from Manhattan. Truth be told, I'm running the paper trail. You know, can't trade yet with the account in probate but I know about deals. I can't tell you about them because its inside information. One? HAL is buying Baker Hughes. There's about 11 of them floating around the S&P right now. Hey, did you see Kayla on Squawk Alley, told you she belonged on a show. You know as good as that is for her, you can't discount the value of my own adding machine. I just don't know the media and everything you guys know. I said I was a little behind the times. Did you ever listen to Jefferson Airplane, you know only you believe like I believe we can fly? I know, old but my favorite. Still calling Cramer. I told him I would come to live in Jersey if he hired me but if he doesn't then I'm probably going all the way home. Told you last time I had my eyes set on Canton, MA, you can see the beautiful Blue Mountains from there. Will it be too painful, you can see them from my dad's cemetery too. I've got to get out of Florida. You know Beck, it would be a dream to see snow again, even though you northerners would probably laugh. I don't know, its hell down here. You know, mid80s already so any Fed relief is gone my the boards, I hate it. Hey, if you see Cramer can you tell him to call me as I would love to work at the Street and just, you know, be his friend. Thanks

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 6:58am, Doctor Vacation wrote:

You are the hottest thing since baked potatoes. I love you.

On Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 3:55am, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, I thought of a perfect story for you to write about in Fortune. Why not explore the art of the buyback? Everyone is doing it rather than putting it back so the business can expand. But, according to clean surplus accounting, I don't remember if I told you about that Buffett book I was reading. You're supposed to find the ROE exclusive of all the expenses below the operating margin line, you know stripping out the noese, thus the term clean surplus. But you're also supposed to add the nonoperating expenses back to the retained earnings on the balance sheet due to the fact that they've been contaminated for lack of a better word by these below the line expenses, right? And then, figure your ROE. And then, consider the uses of cash, capex or the amount being reinvested, div and buyback. Well, consider this, whatever percentage the capex is of the total cash being disbursed and attach this figure as a portion of ROE and there's your forecasted capital gain. So, you know I've been employing this strategy and as you can see, every dime of these share repurchases comes out of the amount that could be spent on reinvestment and thus your capital gain. Now, you know the thing is I've been through about 500 cos doing this and I've found that the share repurchase is between 2 and 3X the reinvested amount and therefore out of our profit as a shareholder. What do you think this is? It's a result of lack of opportunity. You know who has been creating such a deadlocked political position that these cos are afraid to reinvest in the business which would have created capital gains. Instead they are applying at least 2X the available cash on buybacks. But I have a theory about another reason for this, maybe these companies are trading amongst themselves because a lot of the buybacks are just to offset the dilutive impact of the buybacks. After 2008, the individual investor bailed and are not coming back. You notice, on the up days volume was not abounding and then you have this week. Maybe the buybacks are just to offset option awards for the executives. You know, think we're in for another trend down? Have you read Peter Fisher, consummate bear? He says quite emphatically that someday stocks will not be the place to be. Have you analyzed China? They're moving toward a consumer based economy. meaning they're not going to send these ships half way around the world for what amounts to a piece of paper. And with the strong dollar we really need to export because the Chinese are about to lose interest in the 10 year, you know they're diversifying. Europe is unstable and then the gas. Did Obama send all our oil off to Opec under executive decree? No offense Becky, I know you're a democrat. Obama, however is a commy. He wants to take over all our private sector and make it government controlled. I mean you can see it in what he's done to the medical field. I've never seen an election more about social liberation than the economy. And of course the poor love him for extending their unemployment benefits. We're coming up on the debt ceiling again and there's simply not enough money in the coffers to do this indefinitely. I mean the middle class are the ones filing tax returns and are the ones subject to Obamacare. Well I'm back to researching stocks to say the least. You know what it was, I stopped taking notes on the earnings release. My dad used to always tell me this was futile and too operational. I was barely studying 100 but now I'm quicker but less operational. I never sold a single letter, oh well. I could talk to you all morning Beck but hey my bday is the 20th so we're going to be the same age again. Any 42 advice for me besides saying I'm 29? Your news purveyor, Vick

On Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 5:38am, Betsy wrote:

People are taking extra money they save at the gas pumps and paying their heat bills.

On Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 11:48pm, Vicky wrote:

hey Beck, Hopefully you didn't take hurt over my last message even though I sort of took BC license. Well, I spent 25 yrs studying under my dad's eagle that I feel I've earned it you know? I'm going to put it on the wall as soon as I get her back. Anyway, my name has changed. It's a long story, see Rhonda has a daughter named Dana so she wanted me to use that name. Well, it's a long story, Vicky was my name long ago but I died in 69, only to be reborn again as a man. I don't feel I should have to pay for that name either, it was given to me. What a struggle its been, trying to get my Fusion back I mean. I went all the way down the registry today only to have a different person tell me she needed proof of insurance. Have you seen Carl irritate my dad on tv? Every trading idea the man has he makes him reveal even stuff he has in his bag so he can't trade it when he gets back to NJ. One time I was in the store and I saw him and I said oh yeah, I have to go to Dunkin at 5 to meet you and he said I was already hired. I've been wearing shorts everyday down here but tomorrow I'm taking it off. Beck, you wouldn't believe, its in the 80s down here. We had some nights that were cold but they went away. I hate it down here, I want to move to Summit. I think he has a job for me but everytime I call and ask him to pick up the secretary cuts me off. So, anyway, I saw Ed Viar at my dad's funeral. He was the one that bought our practice. He said he was buying practices and hiring people. I don't know if he'll buy mine though. I mean I have 2 boxes and a chest, at least that's a start you know? No, I'm serious, if he needs to go into the stock market which he probably does he could use my proprietary methods, the buy lists, etc I follow 500 stocks so. I'd sell it for 50 you know? But, you know that's further north. I miss the north very much, even with the snow. Well if Jimmy hires me by Jul, I could be up there this summer. I feel I'm worth about 125k due to my exhaustive credentials. I'm serious, I put a resume together when I was in school and the guy next to me was wallowing in respect. It is extensive when laid out, you know the 15 yrs as a full charge bookkeeper, worked on QuickBooks and then the 7 yrs in stocks, why should I have to go to school, you know? They were even greedy about the credits. I mean Fisher was a better school for one thing. Oh, have you seen the young ones coming up? I mean they do stock trades on their phones and expect to be wallowed at these get togethers, you now social bullshit ( excuse the explicative. I'm still upset about QuickBooks taking out the trial balance and considering it a printout. I mean maybe I'm an 80s gal but it took me 2 yrs to figure out how to balance the debits and credits. I mean I did it in 89 when I was 16. I'll never forget that office, well it was really a house that he got rentfree because the landlord was a client. I cried when we left that place. But, think back then the balance meant that you were full charge. That's why no matter how much you know about politics, I feel I'm formidable. I mean I'm 41 now so that's 25 yrs and make it 27 because the 2 yrs I was trying to balance the thing still count as experience. I mean you only have 22. You know I'm behind the times though. Did you see the ad on tv, "I own it through Quickboods" I don't like it because a lot of those women are in their 20s and probably spend more time trying to acquaint themselves with the boss's contacts, do they even know the difference between a debit and a credit? I remember one woman, Donna who didn't know how to rec cash. Then she thought she was going to steal that part of the work away from me until I went over there and turned on my calculator. She knew she was outmatched. But he would never like put me out there on the field. We had one guy who wanted me at $25m he told him he wanted to use me at his own rate and there went the opportunity. See, our office was in Canton so we got to see the blue mountains on the way in everyday. I enjoyed that you know back when he had his Lincoln. Well, you know what they do Beck, they get these receivables in every week and part of the bill ends up in missing funds so if you know who the guy does business with, you can play his ledger balance and say hey, I took this off for you, have like the trucker meet him and you can pick up, say half. A lot of them do that to play their addictions. You know someone gets the cash and then the blunt goes around you know? Do you remember that song that used to say "When I match your check you better double that". I mean its like rcvbls fraud but then you have to save the client on his taxes. The way we did that was by crediting inventory and debiting purchases every year. It's a weird business, you'd have to be in it I guess. But that's what Donna was doing even though I was the better bookkeeper. I mean he's left me his entire fortune, you know?

On Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 6:07am, Jeff Butch wrote:

Just want to say that you are so beautiful and intelligent. I just love you and your show

On Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 9:54pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, I just read something powerful in the Bible and it's too late to call my minister friend. See, IO was wondering what would happen to someone going to Hell, you know there must be a continuance of time and everything, at least that's what I thought, you know it's only the serpent that has deceived the nations that would go down but eternity is a continuance of time. In Revelations, it says that anyone who has had an immoral life, lied, stole, or practiced dark arts or sexual immorality must go into the lake of sulphur. See what they're saying, it is indeed true that we could go down with the serpent. I mean, there's only one world and it's going to change, you know? I don't know?? I mean when that Lazurus went to heaven and his master was told that he couldn't break the chamber, you know go tell my loved ones so they don't end up in the same place. But there were always prophets in the world, if the person can't get the message from them then he won't get it from Moses either then he wouldn't send him back, right? I mean as far as sexual morality, I live in wedlock but you know, no murders and I am a beliver. I'm not sending this to you because I think I'm better than you, just wanted to make sure you knew. Did the Knights play BC last year, bet they won, huh? My eagle is still in the car in impound. I'm putting the license in the closet to get ready for its arrival when it gets here. I'm going to put the eagle back on the wall when it gets here. But I guess it truly is time for the Knights to shine, oh well, we'll play Holy Cross at the heights next yr, give them 21 points lol

On Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 12:27pm, Dana wrote:

hey Beck, Were you talking to Cyndi Lauper on tv? I like her, very good voice. You know, she's been on the radio more lately. Anyway, just checking in. Do you still write in Fortune because I was going to write something to incite you last Fed day but since Janet Yellen did not speak, you know, just kind of forgot the thing. I can't tell if the market is inflationary or deflationary. It figures we would need a weaker dollar for exports but that would sort of complicate things from a national debt standpoint.

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