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On Friday, January 30, 2015 at 5:33am, Jim wrote:

I watch Squawk Box every morning and you do a fantastic job. You keep the program interesting and keep Joe in line (as hard as that may be). I'll close by saying you're one beautiful lady. I'd be happy to just have a cup of coffee with you sometime when I'm in NYC, but I know you're busy and in high demand and that probably won't happen. Keep up the good work!

On Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 6:38pm, Dana wrote:

Major turning point Beck. I studied through the weekend and somehow managed to make it through 100 companies this week. You know, the only I missed was time with my girlfriend. This week I will cut down.

On Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 6:41am, Dana wrote:

hey Beck, Just working as usual, researching stocks. I'm going for 100 this week. You know, I can't remember my thesis. I guess it's just because I don't do my own trading because a lot of it comes from memorization. I can't believe Cramer. Take the lighting round, those aren't all staged you know. You know he's up there, probably is not a lie when he says he knows 2,000. You know I was wrong the other day when I said this is in the Fed's powers. I mean it would be if we were talking inflation but it's deflation we're worried about so you know, 1.8 10 year and a 0 Fed Funds rate. There's not enough M2 in the market right now which, I mean could be cured if they just started selling off the Fed's balance sheet. You know, let's face it, there is about $3 trillion in corporate coffers. They won't sell it if there's nothing going on at Wall Street due to the party blockage. Well, I'll cut it short because I have more cos to do today. You know, it's the ultimate of currency wars, you know. It's funny Beck, I started talking to you since the last recovery. When have things been better for the market, not the economy because it's been that way the whole time we've been friends. I heard they were going to cancel Jim's appearance Squawk on the Street, you know and do Squawk in the Alley 8-11. True, I'd miss him a lot.

On Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 11:09am, ALBO wrote:

Hi Becky, Your show is a solid 10, as is your intellect and beauty (no offense but I'm a straight man). And, a big fan. Have been a Bank Director for the past 32 years for a small Community Bank in Southern California. Struggling these past 7 years and being strangled by regulations and pending Dodd-Frank. Would like to see you devote some time to a piece on the plight of small Banks. We have been told off the record by OCC that under $1BB Banks are not their preferred future of Banking and that has become clear. Elizabeth Warren aside, Banking is the foundation of Capitalism and small Banks provide that essential guidance and training for small business that drives the economy. Consider addressing this topic.

On Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 1:14pm, Dana wrote:

hey Becky, I guess yesterday was jobs Fri but I slept right through it. I guess the rate reflects progress but wages are still stagnant. You know how everyone is panicked over the price of oil dropping in half. See, the Fed is not out of ammunition. If we ship oil overseas (Obama's idea) then it means we must raise rates to bring about inflation, you know so the currency will be lower and last time I checked that was within Fed powers. I found a cool new way to study stoka. Well first I cut the number of ratios down to 6. Then I look for catalysts (M&A), you know is it a mover or shaker right. I take very few notes anymore especially around operations as I've discovered they are not catalysts. I was writing some opinions today and you should see it, two liners you know. I've discovered that it all comes down to value and catalysts. I mean anyway, all he asks is that you're able to give a reason for owning a stock you know. Now the problem is memorization. I don't remember the opinions I make. I told a friend and he said it's because your trading experience is so minimal. See ya next time

On Friday, January 9, 2015 at 6:58am, Julie Kellam wrote:

Becky--I think you are great but don't think the very blonde is as attractive as the dark base with highlights. The new blonde is harder to keep up also.

On Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 7:53pm, Dana wrote:

hey Beck, Remember when I said that the bigger mess was not the unwind but the prospects of saving our skin? Well, it's true now more than ever. I mean, first the world thinks we're getting deflation because of the lowering gas price but then all of a sudden, I mean I was just reading on Yahoo Finance that we have an inverted yield curve (yld on 30 higher than yield on 10) so I mean I'm betting there is a mass inflationary shock coming down the pike and that's really what hurts. I mean, all this cash on the balance sheet and no capex, must be because we have the wrong president. First, he legalizes pot then he says we can't work if we smoke it. The food stamp president, but what he fails to tell the public is that these long term unemployment benefits are going to come to an end soon. Well, you remember Maria, right, she threw the election. Romney was working through the state of Florida and had an edge in Ohio and she said enough coloreds and Mexicans to win. It was a totally fixed election, that's why she's on a different network. I told my girlfriend it's Bretton Woods all over again. I mean you're going to see 2 things happen. First, the Europeans are going to have to either bow out to the Syriza camp and start a QE program admitting to Merkel's chagrin that they not only have helped Spain but that they must go against the hardline Bundesbank and bail out the clubmed countries. Also, the NBER has to come out now and declare they were wrong about the recovery and it will be a first. ps I saw Obum shaking hands with the premiere of China.

On Tuesday, December 30, 2014 at 1:28pm, David wrote:

For old time's sake right? I found a new way to rsch stocks. Instead of going through 28 ratios because you know in Dow Theory Forecasts that's the way they tell you you know? But see Beck, that's only because they're so proprietary and they try to trick you. But, you know get the earnings, know at least where the PEG of the market is (17 when I went into the hospital, 30 now). And then just like you know read. You know what drove things, M&A activity, full review of pipeline for pharma. Then, as always take notes. But see, I don't go overboard anymore like I used to. No, to tell you the truth I used to end up with 3 pages. I mean just looking at the list, I've already hit 6 today. I moved up my quota from 3 (embarrassing right) but I do 10 now. You know what he does? He knows the sector and then he bases part of the rsch on that and mentions 2 other in the same cohort. Anyway, I'm not going to Jersey unless he hires me and lately, let's face it, he hasn't been exactly getting along with Carl. He lives in Summit. I mean, I'm serious I've got job offers. The guy that bought my dad's practice, I told him about my little foray in school and he told me he just bought out another practice and hired the woman who he bought out but you know I knew what he meant. I mean I don't know because I mean I'm free now but I could have to go back because of my grieving but you know to something that you could at least call a hospital. I got mad at my shrink because she hurt me. You know the state's do let you smoke, just not for the first day because you need to rest. I don't really have ambitions to get behind the camera anyway, be too jittery. Anyway, off to start another release AND TO FIND MYSELF See ya

On Tuesday, December 30, 2014 at 8:23am, Dana wrote:

How do you like my new name? Heard Mon is your last day? Well, I'll miss you greatly and I know this may be the last time we speak so you know, at least we've met. Going through a crisis because I know you're taking this down. You know, it's funny, as many differences we've had, perhaps about racism, sorry you know republican vs. democrat. It's funny the longer we've known each other we thought we were in a bull market, I guess you're right, QE10? Well, let's hope not anyway right? You know I never did tell you the whole story about that guy I was talking about, Steve Koplow, don't post. He owned a bldg. in the Back Bay and it burned down and he had no insurance. Then he took his 2m and made it an astronomical figure by getting into gold at the right time. I guess he's a mini Buffett. You know, it's funny I have done considerable work on Quickboods and then I lost it ok? My dad was a bastard, he wouldn't let my have outside bookkeeping jobs unless he could bill at his rate??? I mean, well, Boston is not that far from NYC and some of the exits are blocked in the South Station Tunnel so I mean I'm going exploring in there soon anyway if my broker ever stops sitting on the cash, you know? Maybe in Feb, you know for vacation. I'm going to show my girlfriend the place the right way you know? I'm going to stay on the south shore of course then I'm going to go in there you know the Back Bay exits and then through the tunnel and out to the fncl district where my dad used to have a rep. He was thrown out of DiPesa over an audit but I mean we had fncl district equipment in the office, will I ever find it? Miss those days you know in canton the blue mountains every morn off Turnpike Street. Well, I'm going crazy over Boston now anyway. It is regrettable that qbooks allows just anyone to get to the fncls. In my day you balanced the trial balance before you got there because that was the mark of a full charge bookkeeper you know> I cried the day we left the first office I did it in? I did do it at 16. Well, not to get competitive again but I will always miss you. Try getting to know those women who walk by the thing and are worth millions right? Good luck hope to see you again. Goodye Becky

On Sunday, December 28, 2014 at 9:15pm, Dana wrote:

Just shopping AROUND, trying to find omnichannel. Finally realize you're a democrat and that means we shouldn't conspire. Guess what, BC all year for 2k next yr, kind of jealous of your Knights. We may even take on HC at Alumni this yr, hope they're ready for it lol I missed you. Is everything look short to you?

On Monday, December 15, 2014 at 2:39pm, John Henry wrote:

Where are you Becky? I miss you and Joe Kernin bashing President Obama every morning

On Monday, November 24, 2014 at 6:20am, brian smith wrote:

I enjoy watching you on squak box. I have an economic opinion which resulted in my getting my position with the government. When I have more time I will forward it to you for your review and enlightenment

On Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 12:26am, Johnc633 wrote:

hi!,I really like your writing so so much! proportion we communicate more about your post on AOL? I need a specialist on this space to unravel my problem. Maybe that's you! Looking ahead to see you. feabcedbddka

On Monday, October 20, 2014 at 10:00am, I know a good day wrote:

I know its going to be a good day when Joe just got his hair cut, Andrew has his sleeves rolled up, and Becky's got on her LBD. It doesn't get better than that.

On Monday, October 20, 2014 at 4:50am, Howard Stern wrote:

Come on Beck, come on my show. We could talk about many things.

On Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 11:50am, David wrote:

Beck, I'm quitting school. I mean, let's be honest I am a BC grad even if I make it down there at Keiser I really don't want the thing because it isn't even the quality of my own Bc degree. I'm tired of pushing 2 businesses anyway. I mean think about it, you don't think BC minds it that I've done that. I mean if I was the dean at Bc I'd be like "I don't want you to feel that you need another one. I mean we've given you the thing, what more can we do? So, you know the midterm is Mon, I'm not going those that are are going to try to cheat anyway. I mean I know how to cheat at books but how is someone at my level supposed to literally cheat off an 18 yr old? I mean its not real but I literally have ambitions on making my practice so professional it will become competitive with Di Pesa because quite frankly the only reason I didn't make it is because his daughter literally put a curse on my education when she had to throw my dad out of the fncl district over an audit. I mean my dad belonged in jail over some of the things he did, you know/ And I mean I've tested it, I'm gifted and I feel like I'm 50 anyway I mean I wouldn't mind if I had to push my place like this another 20 yrs and I'm serious. See, the whole thing is that I literally love fncl statements. I was full charge when I was 16. I've actually acquired knowledge directly from my father when I was about 16. You know it's him that has made my life so difficult. I mean, I made all the debits and credits equal when I was 16 you know because I remember that office there in Brockton you know where I did it. I cried when we left that office.So you know who is BC playing

On Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 7:46pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, Concerned about a number of things but mostly business tonight. I want to talk not macro like before but my job itself. Well, my broker, see he's a technical analyst so he knows, well what he actually knows is stock prices very well you know. And I don't think he likes fundamentalists because I went to talk to him that day about stocks and he corrected me on the price of the thing, wouldn't let me explain my ideas and walked me to the door within 10 minutes. And the thing I think is that you know with my dad not here he may have an MBA but he works for me now. And as a fundamentalist my attitude toward stock prices is you write it down coming and then you do the job you know? I mean not that I should be discounting my fncl statement capabilities, I mean I'm a bookkeeper by training but I think like he's got to be memorizing the chart patterns and you probably knew that but that's what the brokers do. Perhaps he has all 500 of them in his head you know, I can't relate. But, for example, I did know one price and I didn't think he would mind so I was like, now there's one I know the price of and I could tell he didn't take it lightly. I did even ask him to be my best man, you know because I don't have a lot of friends down here and Jimmy my minister friend is in RI. And with Joe, you know I've asked to be my partner, you know he must have close to a half a mil and we've got 800, with leverage we could get it to around 5 mil, he could bring some clients in and we could start a small hedge fund. I don't know, these have been my problems this week. I saw your pic today on Yahoo Finance talking about some deal that had taken place. This week General Mills is buying out Annie's. Now as far as the work itself, you know Jimmy did up my game because I related to his book very well. But then today I was peforming calculations and sometimes, because fncl atatement work does bother your eyes but I start working on certain patterns and sometimes I don't even know what I'm calculating. I know your job is more advanced than this, but you know my dad taught me the calculator and I am capable of running it I would say at least as fast as he could when he was my age and he was running half of DiPesa back then. But you know, then the opinions come up and I do believe he's a contrarian. Like, I had a job recently, and on the release right they gave their earnings but didn't tell what drove then so I had to go and figure it out and I considered it a fun job that day. But as far as numbers go, hit 100 on the quarter today and I'm going for 2. Did you see on CNBC today they were talking about an analyst who had a universe over 1000? You know I believe I could get there someday because it's like if you want to push that thing that fast my goal would be to get to the opinion as fast as possible. I mean I've studied the business and that is what it's like to be an analyst, you have to like literally solve each case. If you can develop an opinion it's not even important that you read the entire release you know? Like today, right I upgraded Underamour and downgraded PVH despite the fact he likes it, I don't agree but I think Underamour could be a double. And that's what I've been doing you know, taking the thing and calculating the upside. But I wonder if all the calculations are even necessary. If I wanted to I could just start with valuation, figure it out and the other thing I'm finding is that you don't have to literally copy the release. Dow Theory Forecasts can write the thing in 3 lines. You know what I do, and I don't know if it's right or not or if you can even understand what I'm going to say but what I do on Yahoo Finance is figure the PEG, compare it with the PEG of the S&P, get the new multiple and compare it to the next 2 yrs, you're with me right? But when I did that it came up a potential so I wrote about that, I do love to write (lol) and then I presented a more conservative case where it would only trade inline with the gr rate. See, this is the stuff I remember, on that one, right UA, it's trading at a 19 multiple and the growth rate is 23% so see what I mean if, you could talk about this on the air tomorrow but I'll be at my other job (school) but you can see, the PEG of the S&P is 17 so you can really see the upside of that gr rate, it's multiple is lower so if you put it to the PEG of the market it literally is a double, 154% to be exact 2 yrs out. I mean these are basic projecions, I feel like a jr analyst but I've asked in school if I could learn the dcf stuff and the guy told me it's taught at the grad school level, not here. But I would add it is important to listen to what the CEO is saying and I don't know at least get the gr rates together of the different divisions and look at them remembering that the co's mgmt. is actually trying to tell you what they're saying and then relate to per share but you know that's your job. So, I don't know maybe you mention it to Joe off the air or something that I do think UA can double. I'll go to school and when I get out I'll be up there because I really am going to try to get a job with Meredith if I can because she may recognize the talent and not mind that I don't have an MBA Thanks for listening, I know this message was long

On Monday, September 8, 2014 at 1:26pm, David wrote:

Hey, I made it Beck. I vowed I wouldn't write to you this weekend and I didn't. I even slept last night. You know, my dad, feeling a little better about things today. I could stand for it to be a little cooler, what I always say. Well, it doesn't feel like it's still in the 90s down here anymore. You guys would call our entire summer a heat wave. Listening to the radio, do you like that song that goes That's how Much I feel or something like that? A lot of people are upset about Fri's jobs report, huh? Well, I mean you know more about than I do but you know what, I don't think my broker knows as much as you either. There's something about your job. I was telling Rhonda, imagine what it's like to be in New York, in front of 3 cameras reporting to 10,000 brokers, you know. It hurts though, doesn't it? I mean fncl statements hurt my eyes you know, I mean looking at tons of data like that? I don't know Beck, I write and just tell you what's on my mind, I mean I can forget about the cameras when it's one on one. Do you think Janet Yellen is going to get more hawkish now, in light of Fri's number? It came in 70,000 below projections, you can't exactly call it good. And, you know, the Fed is scheduled to wind down the entire QE program in Oct, will they reassess, you know that's what I think about. You know what I meant to tell you? You know how I said the consequences of the FOMC unloading its entire balance sheet on the markets could be disasterous if not done right? See, I was thinking more deeply about the issue and you know, more money in the system could increase economic activity and hey, if it causes moderate inflation it will be easier to pay down the national debt. But, I mean while there is risk, I mean maybe some more Keynesian policy would translate to a boost in corporate earnings as long as they don't try to do it all at once. See ya

On Friday, September 5, 2014 at 6:58pm, David wrote:

Beck, Sorry I wrote so much last nt. I didn't say what I meant to. What I was going to say was that this thing with my dad, right, I've done some soul searching and I've come to the realization that all I have now is the memories. And, you know that's what hurts. I've been seeing a bereavement councilor and she has said that I need to substitute good memories in for times that I've told her, you know I've got the image of him in the coffin in my mind or going around the corner the day he was buried at the cemetery. I mean it's tragic, I'd be lying if I told you I haven't contemplated suicide. I mean, who'd be around to write you all these messages (lol). The pain, you know it feels like recovering from a major operation, you know triple bypass surgery or something. Who'd be around to marry Rhonda, now there's something I couldn't do while he was alive. You know I was watching you for about 10 minutes today and in that time span alone you said something I didn't understand and I couldn't keep up, I mean it's just a reminder that no matter how hard I work, I can't change the fact we're on different wavelengths. I like Kayla Townshea too, I really thing you guys should put her on a show as a regular, I mean she has paid her dues as a fillin and field reporter. Well, if I need you this weekend, I'll be right here.

On Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 6:52pm, David wrote:

Becky, I can't take it anymore. This thing with my dad, you know. I mean for one thing I can't get the image of him in the coffin out of my mind so therefore, even with pills I'm not sleeping. I got about 3 good nights rest now I can't sleep. If I could sleep I'd feel much better. I walk around teary eyed and I've broken down twice this week. Yeah, if I write more I'll cry again, it is so painful, I don't know what to do. When he was in the nursing home barely able to walk with a walker, you know it really hurt. Oh the pain is brutal. He was my whole world, we spent yrs working in the same office. He brought me in in 1981 when he first went on his own. And I lived at home way too long, nearly since I was 40. I'm writing this because even though you don't write back, I consider you a friend. We started our friendship about 4 yrs ago. Do you remember the first time I wrote to you, back when you were on Facebook. I mean my dad and I, we were so close, I don't think you realize how much this hurts me. I called Jimmy today, you know I'm not about to od or anything, I told him but when will the pain stop? I mean there's more in my life than that. I hate the heat down here and I know I'm going to miss winter again. It's going to take 9 mos to get the estate through probate and that's when we're going north. We're going to buy a house. And, I never told you this but I was involved in a hit and run literally enroute to the airport for my dad's funeral. I'm worried that the cops down here may be on to me. See, I want to sell my Toyota and just drive my dad's Ford but I have to go to the registry because I lost the title and I'm worried. The only reason I ran was because we were running late and I wasn't thinking straight in light of what happened. I mean I just know they got the plate and I'll at least have to pay a fine but I hope I donj't have to go to court and the rest of it, you know? I don't know, just feels good to get that off my chest because I am worried about it. Do you think any less of me now, I mean it was just stupid you know? I mean I hope you don't think any less of me now because I still want to be friends. Anyway, back to things that matter. Jobs Friday is tomorrow which is sure to set the tone of the trading. I'm going to meet with my broker tomorrow to talk about stocks and how I'd like the portfolio run. Oh yeah, called Hain Celestial again today. They said it was guidance that drove that move I was talking about, there's some good growth there. SLB looks undervalued (P/E19, growth rate 17%). If it trades to the PEG of the market it could double. Thanks for listening

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 6:13pm, David wrote:

Hey, you're going to get in trouble for posting that last one, isn't Joe technically your boss, oh just kidding Beck, how have you been? Did I tell you I got engaged to Rhonda? A little worried about her though, well I mean her age alone compounded by medical problems. Don't post this, she wears diapers. Well I mean my dad did too but you know, in his 70s. You know it's been ages since I actually watched Squawk, you've been on vacation haven't you? I've been hitting the stocks hard, you know, 70 cos in Aug, think that's a record. So today right, I called Cramer fave Hain Celestial for the 3rd time ( so hard to get a hold of investor relations) and they actually called me back this time on my cellphone but for some reason I didn't hear it and then I played the message and accidentally erased it. I'll try again Thurs, that's when the woman who called me said she'd be back in the office. Well, see they have a rule there, if you get the switchboard you have to actually give a name or they won't connect you so I turned back on the computer and looked it up. Oh yeah (lol) the reason for the call, well they're up 82-98 in Aug so I'm sitting here trying to discern the reason for the move and I can't come up with anything other than the earnings they reported last mo and I think it's something else because it was only a penny beat, there was no upward revisal in guidance out of the co and the analysts stayed flat, you know all the things I routinely check and what ended up happening is it came up to a lot of analysts price target, PO as we say in the biz so I'm thinking, are they going to go up you know (the analysts). Heard enough about that yet? Well, school's going good too, just got a B in Stats now I'm onto Biology. Had a little problem with the teacher today, see I brought a cup of coffee to class and she let me know about it, I think she's treating me like a child, I mean I'm 41 yrs old. Well, that's the thing too, you know, I haven't taken Biology in 26 yrs and I consider it a high school course, don't really want to take it you know. I'd rather skip right to the next 2 classes which will actually be my first acctg courses, I mean that is my major after all. I'm taking Acctg Info Systems and Acctg Info for Business Decisions. So you know since I've been in the program I've taken 4 classes, 2A's a B and a C. Well the C is in another class I hadn't taken in awhile, Algebra, think I told you about that one, keep you posted. So, anyway, the wedding is in Dec, you're invited (lol). You know I still would really like to meet you someday and my buddy Cramer. Ask him if he knows me, I've been calling him twice a week at 1 800 743 CNBC. So, anyway, the markets, you worried about the geopolitical risk in the Middle East. My brother in law or future brother in law who's a veteran says it's beginning to look like WW3. You know, not to get theological on you but it says something in the Bible about there being a war between Russia and Israel which Israel will win and it will be the end of the world. Sounds fine to me, the sooner I'm with my father the better, miss him so much. It's very difficult times Beck. So, how are Matt and the kids? If you write back you could tell me all about your life but I know you won't. Maybe someday when I least expect it you will because it would make me very happy. Well I'll close for now it's just that my last few messaged have been very business centric, you know all that stuff about the Fed. I figured I'd write and let you know what else has been going on. Your friend, Dave

On Friday, August 29, 2014 at 10:15am, David wrote:

OK, back on Yahoo Finance, this time listening to Peter Schiff, consummate bear. He is arguing monetary policy similarly to what I was telling you the other day. While he fears the ultimate correction driving the Fed to set interest rates much higher, he thinks it is because we're going to overdose on too much QE, you know that the Fed continues it not necessarily the angle I was coming from about the money supply but really he's saying the same thing. Watch next week, bet the ECB starts doing it too, inflation at only .3% and will the bund go below 1? Japan may increase their program too. Rick (Santelli) heard him say we're going closer to 2 on the 10-yr.

On Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 2:07pm, David wrote:

You bullish right now Beck? One time I was reading your tweets and you said we're going to have to do QE for 10 yrs or something so I thought you were a bear, are you? I always try to be bullish because I don't have any short trades, you know? But there are reasons out there to be bearish. All this money that's been printed since the crisis. I told Rhonda that all those assets that got us in trouble before are still there lurking on the Fed's balance sheet even though, as you know, they've recovered> I was talking to Joe and I said this money sitting on bank balance sheets that has not caused inflation due to the fact it has yet to go into the system, you know that could be a Pandora's box because if the banks start lending again or start lending en masse, it could cause so much inflation that the Fed could get behind the curve. I mean, what's the Fed going to do with its $4 tr balance sheet anyway. I mean, and I've told you this before, there's more at stake than a taper, where do these things go, you know? I mean, if it does make it into the system, remember this is a quarter of GDP we're talking about here on the Fed's balance sheet alone. I mean we could not merely have interest rate normality, it could set the FOMC in panic mode so they go real high on interest rates and there goes the bull. It's like a goldilocks economy, you know 3% growth yet the market goes up 30, huh? I was just listening to Jeremy Siegel on Yahoo Finance and he said we're only at half the valuation of the tech bubble before it crashed. He said with some multiple expansion we could go to 21,000 on the Dow. I mean it could be driven by M&A, share buybacks or cost cutting but there's no growth virtually anywhere in the world. See, it concerns me because what if this is a financially engineered froth situation, mere goldilocks or worse yet a bubble. And no one even knows we're in a bubble because historically no one has been able to spot these things. I mean, look at retail, you know economically sensitive most of it, and you see same store sales moving very slowly. You know that rule I told you about, about not buying the stock unless the consensus is for 20% growth, well I have yet to see a retailer meet that qualification, and I've studied 15 of them so far. Well, that's what I've been doing all day, how about you? Your friend, Dave

On Friday, August 22, 2014 at 4:36am, Dennis Lewis wrote:

Hi Becky. I've watched squawk every morning back to the days Haynes. Just wondering if you are related to a family in Indiana named Quick. I knew a girl in college, Dahna Quick and even drove from Texas on one occasion to stay in their home. I think it was Terre Houre? Seems like she had a much younger sister. Don't know how you respond to these notes and it seems you get some 'odd and creepy' notes on this site. You can send some kind of resonse if you want, I'm not hard to locate online in frisco, tx. I've always wondered where Dana landed. Enjoy your work, keep it up!

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 10:37am, David wrote:

I was just sitting here researching stocks as usual but figured I'd take a break to tell you what's up. I'm still using Cramer's book although I did finish it. I'll tell you that thing is like the Bible for analysts because there is still stuff in there that can be extremely useful even for someone who has finished it, you know? But lately I've been refining my methods and with an overabundance of positive rsch continuing to flow out of Merrill, the plan is to take only the best you know 10-15 because if you have too many it'll trade like an index fund. Just like Buffett, I'm waiting for my pitch. In fact, I've made up a new rule. I will only buy if the majority of analysts out there, I mean not just from Merrill but I've found Yahoo Finance also gives the consensus opinion on like every stock out there. I've decided I will only buy it if they think it's going to go up by 20%. So, yeah you know piggybacking but still applying my own rsch on a stock by stock basis. For instance, today I was looking at AMZN and that's projected to go 19% so it's right at the threshold and I will consider it for future work. Wouldn't it be nice to see that thing jump 20%. But, you know, Joe won't allow it. Dad has left others in charge of the money and my broker won't let me make the kind of long term bets that would pay off like that, you know? So, you know, can we break a mil, don't know. Depends on how much Joe wants to put behind my ideas because even though he's got an MBA, I'm creaming him in the return category vs. what he wants to buy

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 11:16am, David wrote:

I was just looking at my statement from Merrill which used to be my dad's terrain, guess it's my money now. But Beck, I'm looking at this thing and it becomes very clear, hey, this account has not been managed right. I mine my side (individually named equities) is in primo shape but my poor dad, it's almost like he didn't know what he was doing toward the end. We're now at 65% equities as Joe promised (up from 50%). Ok, these are the names I own, VLO which has more than doubled, SYMC which is up 30%, KLAC up about 15%, and Abbvie which is only a small part but a good performer. This is my problem, our named equities only account for 15% of the portfolio. I mean cudos to my dad for buying FB but, well, the broker's got all these different funds in there, which, admittedly I don't understand. So, I'm looking at you know the pie graph and how our different asset classes have performed, you know, and I mean if we were even 70% weighted toward real equities, you know stocks, we would have had a blowout yr last yr and we'd probabally be sitting pretty with a cool mil right now. I would love to get your opinion on this whole thing, times like this I wish you wrote back the most. My dad just, and as sad as it is, you know toward the end, while I guess he didn't need to lose any money but I feel like, you know, we missed the whole rally. What do you think? I guess JCI doesn't return calls either, still waiting to hear from investor relations. See ya

On Monday, August 11, 2014 at 6:54pm, David wrote:

Back studying stocks again. I just wrote an entire investment thesis off the top of my head, just like a real analyst. Well, it was Merck and I did put in a large amount of time studying them including a call to investor relations. Merrill says they're going up 16%, on the up side of the street but there is simply no gr trajectory so I'm waiting for another pullback, hopefully after some more patent cliff fallout. Wow, Beck, starting to think like a professional. Give cudos to Cramer for teaching me, finished his book today. See ya

On Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 2:42pm, David wrote:

Recently, I've had the same old speel when I'd write, my dad, Rhonda and school. Today I actually have something more interesting to say. Although I do miss my dad something awful, guess who's been teaching me about stocks? None other than our mutual friend, Cramer. I picked up his latest, Get Rich Carefully and Becky, it's one of the best moves I ever made. I mean, if I needed encouragement to get back in this business, he's provided it. While I do my schoolwork first of course, as noted by the A I just got in Mgmt Law, reading Jimmy's book has definitely been encouraging me to get back in the game and rsch some more stocks. I've decided to base my entire practice on this book. Well, you know, he gives you the best of breed names behind every theme, I refuse to piggy back until I do the rsch myself. I've also rearranged my scoring technique so it would be more like his. For example, I've been told my technique is too quantitative so now I'm basing 60% on quantitative questioning taken right out of Jim's book. And, oh, what he has to say about spinoffs, that's right where I should start. Too bad you're a reporter and not an analyst or I'd tell you go to the bookstore as fast as your car will get you there. Your friend, Dave

On Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 6:00am, Tom rider wrote:

Andrew and you are great tell joe to take a month off he,s a drab...

On Friday, July 25, 2014 at 6:10am, Rudy Polanski wrote:

Mark Cuban DEAD WRONG What Mark is missing is that all corporations compete with each other globally, so those Corps paying lower taxes will have more $$$ so they can sell their products at lower prices, can invest more to improve their products and can hire more QUALIFIED employees. Those corps that are paying higher taxes will be less competive and will shrink (not expand) and hire fewer people and pay less taxes because business is being lost to its competitors paying lower taxes. Mark thinks all the additional $$$$ due to lower taxes will just go to increased dividends --- He is DEAD WRONG!!! It's primarily a COMPETITIVE ISSUE

On Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 3:45pm, David wrote:

I went to see when your birthday was and found you've changed around the whole web site. Anyway, happy birthday Becky, I know its one of these days. You know what I meant to ask you? Well, you know how I've written to you a couple of hundred times (at least) and you have never written back? I had, in my law class, a case summary to do and it was about sexual harassment and there was a guy who kept writing to this woman and she didn't really want the attention so she filed a lawsuit. The case was about how sometimes women can take something that maybe a man wouldn't consider sexual harassment and be very sensitive about it, you know? I mean, well, I've never offended you have I? I mean right from day 1, I have only tried to be friends and I've never come onto you sexually so. I mean, at least in my opinion I've never done anything to offend you. I'm doing exceptionally well in that class too. The professor just gave us our midterm grades and mine was a 100. I haven't lost a single point, so how about that? I'm worried about next mo though, I have stats. I'm not that good at math and haven't taken it forever until last mo when I barely passed College Algebra. I talked to my broker yesterday and he said it will be 2 more weeks before I regain access to my (my dad's ) funds. And even then, I'm not getting it all at once. It's going to take 9 mos to settle the entire estate so I guess there goes my wish to see snow this yr. I won't have enough for a house yet. We're thinking of NC. Oh yeah, Rhonda's back. I went up to Tampa to get her. I also met up with my future brother-in-law up there and he was telling me I wouldn't like Savanah. He was showing me on a map how Savanah is south of Atlanta and that it hardly ever snows there but it just gets cold in the winter. He pointed to Atlanta and said there was an imaginary line between points north and south and that's where it actually snows. But then he said that there's no one place where you can say oh here it snows once a yr. He said sometimes if you go too far north, you can get whacked, as you know from last yr. Then he told me his house in Tampa only cost him 159k. You know, the average price of a preowned home is like 230, 280 new I think. He was telling me if I move NC inland it's cheap living and you can score a house under 2, you know? So while I am looking forward to it, it's not going to happen for at least the next 9 mos. I'm depress, I wanted to get out of so fl this yr. So instead, Rhonda and I are looking forward to our wedding and honeymoon. I'm proposing next mo and she said I had to ask her dad for her hand too. That's okay, he likes me. You know what I was just telling her surprises me? It's been 2 mos and we have yet to receive a bill for the balance of what we owe the funeral home. I'm hoping they lost me address. You know, I try to put 2 and 2 together and figure out just what I've got in bills, a rough estimate would be at least 20k. You know, it would have made it much easier if he had died at his condo instead of assisted living. His condo fee was only $400 a mo, Willow Wood is $3200. But, you know, the trust officer from Merrill helped me. She agreed to pay the cost of cleaning it out and the balance of rent. She said that comes off the top, you know? It's funny, my dad made some money after he died. When he died back in May, there was only 807 in the account, now it's up to 825. I mean, I could live off the interest. It's funny, I go around the house looking at pictures of him, maybe a sympathy card and I realize that I'm still in mourning. You know, the reality hits you, he's never coming back, I'm never going to see him again. I miss him very bad, we were very close. But on the bright side, I'm getting married, something he would never allow while he was alive. I'm serious, I asked him once and he said I could do it after he died. Someday we'll be reunited in heaven. Well, I'll close for now, once again, happy birthday. Your friend, Dave

On Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 2:44pm, David wrote:

Rhonda is coming down in 2 weeks, I can hardly wait. I miss my dad terribly but having her down here, this time for good should ease my burden. The attorney is going to court Thurs. See, we had to have the trust amended because for one thing, my sister Arlene who was in the will has also passed. Also, since Merrill will not be serving as trustee we need to bring on that guy I told you about, Ken Moscowitz from Jewish Family Services to be the trustee who will pay my bills. Remember before when I was all like oh yeah, Beck I've inherited my dad's money? Well I'm finding out there's all sorts of strings attached. See, we're not Jewish but my dad left this organization on to be trustee. I can only have 2k in assets in my name since I'm on soc sec so my dad set it up so that his revocable trust now becomes my irrevocable trust. The IRA and annuity will now flow through to the trust. You know, I even asked my broker is all this necessary? I went to the soc sec office and they told me I'm allowed to have assets under my name as long as I'm not on ssi which I'm not. He told me I got bad information. Anyway, it seems like it's taking so long, you know? I mean he's been gone almost 2 mos, you know? Not only that, but they (Merrill) wants 20k for settling the thing. You know everything's up in the air because I've got so many bills to be paid, the credit cards, his final bills, my auto insurance still and the cable bill and this month's rent. Oh yeah, there's this girl in my class who would make my dad look like an amateur. Her dad owns land worth $34 mil. Well he may not be up there at Buffett's level but to me that sounded like a lot of money. She has it all over me though. Well both her parents are alive for one thing and she's working on her second bachelor's not the first like me and she drives a Porsche. She's not married, oh yeah I know what you're thinking, I like her. Truthfully, Rhonda is the only girl for me, for real. This is just a nice girl who started to talk to me and she has a boyfriend too. Did I tell you Rhonda and I are getting married in Dec? I'll tell you more about how I'm doing in school next time but so far there's nothing to report. The course just started, I've done one legal brief due Mon and read the first five chapters of the book. The midterm is next Thurs. I'm taking Management Law and Employee Relations. Til next time, Your friend, Dave p.s. Did you see fireworks up there last night for the fourth? We saw them. What day this mo is your birthday, the seventeenth? Happy bday if I don't write before then.

On Friday, June 27, 2014 at 1:45pm, David wrote:

Last time I was telling you how my dad died, God rest his soul. Well, did you know you have to wait up to 2 months before you can access your inheritance. My broker says I have to wait for our attorney to petition the court to have Ken Moscowitz from Jewish Family Services to be appointed as trustee so I don't lose my soc sec. See, the law says since I'm on soc sec, I can't have more than 2k in assets under my name. It would have been nice if he had left a small account in my name but he didn't. We're in the process of having his annuity and IRA converted to the trust. Well, the broker says it's going to be a couple more weeks. Meantime, he's set me up a Bank of America account for my ck to be direct deposited into as any funds from the trust are nonaccessible until the process is complete. No word of a lie, I had to borrow $1100 from my attorney just to be able to pay rent and to have a little spending money. My car insurance is about to be revoked so I'll have to have it reinstated. And the bills, the bills keep piling up, both mine and his. Well, it cost me nearly 2k just to pay for the flights to Boston and the hotel and rental car. And then there's his place. I haven't had the money to rent a truck and clean out his apt over at assisted living so they're charging me rent and I think it's going to be a fortune. And I think I'm going to have an ambulance bill from the night he went into the hospital although I haven't received anything yet. He was on medicare so I think they'll pay his hospital bill but I think I'm on my own with the ambulance. So, anyway, lots of bills Beck. Plus I still owe the funeral home more than 6k and none of my siblings even offered to pay part of the funeral cost. But I'm getting way more than them so I guess it's on me. My sister's husband just got fired from GE for sleeping on the job so it's not like I can go to them for money, you know? Anyway, I passed another class, College Algebra, I mean just passed. I didn't do anywhere as well as last mo with American Lit. I found it to be a tough class, you know? See, I passed Algebra 1 with an A then failed Algebra 2 when I was in college before. Up next is Management Law and Employee Relations and I've already taken a look at the book, it's more than 600 pages so it looks like a lot of work. I hope the teacher doesn't plan on covering the whole thing in a month. When I was in College Algebra there was a quiz and a test every week. Rhonda has gone back to Tampa for the time being. She's trying to sell her bear skinned rug to be able to fly down for the fourth so she put it on Craig's List but hasn't received a single phone call on it. I plan on moving her down here in Aug anyway then we're getting married for xmas. We're just having a small wedding with a best man, I was thinking of asking my broker, and someone to give her away and a maid of honor. Well she wants to elope in Vegas but I think that would cost too much. I might take her to Disney for the honeymoon. That's about $300 and something for a four day pass. Oh yeah, and my dad left distinct directions in his will that his money can only be used to pay my bills so she's on her own. I've been encouraging her to save up so she can pay for her ring, honeymoon expenses etc. I was thinking of having her sign a prenup. Well, not because I think we'll get a divorce but just in case she dies first (she is nearly 20 yrs older than me)I don't want her sister and her husband trying to get money from me. I don't know if they could so I'm going to have to consult with my attorney but you know just in case. Say, you live in the north, can you believe the price of cigarettes up there? They're nearly twice what we pay in Florida. I couldn't get over that and it worries me because my plan is to move to northern Georgia which I don't think is immune to the higher cost. It's a good time to quit.

On Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 4:34am, CNBC viewer wrote:

I commend you for dealing with Joe Kernen. I can not believe some of the ignorant things he says. You are class act and he is just -----.

On Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 11:31pm, Becky Quick wrote:

Hot. Red Hot!

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 3:47am, Maffie wrote:

re. the problem of fingerprint not working on the iphone...try registering the same finger in each of the 5 slots available...I had the same problem for months until I tried this and has worked for sometime...

On Friday, May 30, 2014 at 10:07am, Victor wrote:

I am reading your article in Foturne magazine about colleges, btw ur hot.

On Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 3:43pm, David wrote:

My dad passed away. It was very sad. But you know, he was on dialysis 3 times a week so now there is no pain. I flew up to Boston with Rhonda for the funeral. I don't think you realize how lucky you are Beck, don't you still have living grandparents? I don't even have living parents anymore. It was only 55 in Boston so I was wearing a coat and sort of shivering but it was welcome relief from the heat down here. Now, I'm not balling or anything but I'm very upset and haven't slept like I told you last time. Rhonda showed me a letter I wrote way back after Obama first got elected the second time. I mentioned you in it and said you were very straight. All I meant by that is I think you follow the rule about not writing back too hard lol I was always trying to get you to write back. Anyway, my dad died of hemorrhaging in the brain and had a major stroke in his nursing home. I don't believe he ever regained consciensiousness. He always said he wanted to go in his sleep so I guess he got his wish. He died in catholic hospice. Anyway, I'm trying to get Rhonda to move back but she left her tv, refrigerator and microwave up in Tampa and I'm going to have to move those things down by train. But hopefully in a couple of months, we will start our lives together. We plan on getting married, well eventually. Too bad I never had kids because she is too old to have them by but if we get married, I'll have stepdaughters nearly our age. You must be reaching the age where you're too old to have anymore too, 42 in a couple of months, huh? It's depressing isn't it, getting old? That was my dad's problem, he was 77 and I always knew this day would come as I wipe away a tear. Well, he is right next to my mother so they're at peace now. How are the Yanks and Sox doing? I don't get the local paper, just the Journal. You know the only nice thing, my dad was in a lot of income producing investments because he needed income at his age but if my broker lets me I can invest in growth. A 10% return would be sweet, as it would cover my tuition at Keiser. I'm doing exceptionally well in American Lit but today I got only an 86 on a quiz. That's my first sub A grade, I guess only because I had to miss a week of class. The final is Thurs, as I told you these classed move very fast, just a mo apiece and you take them one at a time. I remember the night of orientation they kept flashing on a screen that you can make 50k a yr more with a college degree. And you know, I just inherited 800k, why work? I'll just focus on school and my first job will be as a 70 or 80k a yr accountant. Rhonda and I are trying to plan our lives too. We were thinking of marrying and moving to Savannah because she thinks Boston is too cold but in Savannah you're guaranteed at least one snowfall a yr and it's not 80 in Feb. Becky, it's been 10 yrs since I last saw snow. I'm looking forward to seeing it again, maybe as early as next Winter. You know, I stopped watching Squawk, sorry and I stopped researching stocks. I'm going to be an accountant anyway like my dad, not a financier. Well, I'll close for now, got to go study. Your friend, Dave

On Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 3:57pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, Your Yanks are up a game against our Sox. What's the weather like in NY? We're already getting close to 90 down here which is sad because we didn't have much of a winter...again. Anyway, I started my class at Keiser University, don't know if you've heard of them, they're rather small, just 1 six story bldg. down here and a few satellite campuses in foreign lands. You take 1 4 week course at a time. Right now I'm taking American Lit and I aced my first quix. I guess that's why I'm writing today, just so excited about that. Well, see the stories are kind of tough, lots of big words and I told my instructor about that, she said to use a dictionary when I read them. Anyway, the quiz was sort of easy, 75% multiple choice and it came right from the lecture materials so it was just memorization. I have a paper due Mon which I've already finished so if the start is any clue, I should do quite well. The tough thing is they rejected 21 of my previous credits. I was so disappointed. I gave them 60, they took 39 saying some of them didn't meet the school's requirements. I stopped by student services with my resume and the woman there was very critical of it but she gave me a resume writing book so I've got to redo it. It said in the handbook that you should really wear a suit to an interview if you're a guy. As if it wasn't bad enough, I have to wear a shirt and tie to class and dress shoes which I find very uncomfortable, you know. Rhonda finally called me but requested I only call her once a week due to financial concerns, she doesn't want to run out of minutes. She said the reason she took so long to call in the first place is she ended up in the hospital. Anyway, I'm doing so good in the course I don't know if I want to work or rather go all in in the course and devote all my efforts to school. I don't want to spoil my good grade, you know? Oh yeah, my dad sold his condo so now he has over 800k in the bank so it's not like I really need the money. I think going back to school is a nice investment anyway so I can truly gain financial independence. Did I tell you I'm on a waiting list for voke rehab? I'm supposed to come up in July so they may be able to find me a job. I sure feel bad for Rhonda, though, she has taken something like 4 months just to come up with $75 so I can return the rest of her stuff to her up in Tampa. She lives a sad life, lives literally in a room. I've been having the worst time sleeping lately. I toss and turn and then the sun comes up. I sure wish I could sleep. Anyway, I'll close for now. Your friend, Dave

On Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 4:01pm, chris McDonnell wrote:

I want to know why Q.B. is leaving his money for his wife in a S&P index and not BRK. His answer @ meeting " no interest in capitalizing her money" is totally inadequate there must be another reason.

On Friday, May 2, 2014 at 2:44pm, paul o koether wrote:

Please ask Carl Icahn about his investment in Cadus(KDUS). He owns 40% of the company. What are his plans? Thanks

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 2:57am, Richard wrote:

Becky, I would appreciate it if you ask Mr. Buffett how he feels about squeezing every last penny out of suppliers. Heinz has demanded all vendors grant them 120 day terms or do not even bother to quote. Efficiency is one thing, coercion is another. Getting an ROI on the backs of small business farers and other hard working people is egregious. Very sad. I used to have the utmost respect for him. Now I realize he is a hypocrite, not some folksy hero.

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 1:23pm, Dave wrote:

hey Becky, I'm going back to school next month. I'm going to Kaiser University to pursue my bachelor's in accounting. I just sent the transcripts off today. I'm looking forward to it. That's the good news, the bad news is that Rhonda is not returning my calls. I tried to reach out to her to bring her clothes and stuff to her next mo but I hear nothing and she doesn't pick up the phone when I call. She did say something about not wanting to talk everyday because it would cost her in minutes. She's so depressed, she doesn't really have anybody, living in a shelter up there in Tampa. I'm going to make finding someone new when I go back to school a priority. My dad moved yesterday to assisted living and he seems happy about it. He just spent a week in the hospital. I don't know if I told you, I was recently in the hospital myself. I smoked so many cigarettes I couldn't breathe. The doctor said it was bronchial namonia. I'm trying to cut down. I was wheezing and worse I couldn't cough when I needed to. But I hope that by going to school, I can get a degree that will earn me a job paying enough that I can get off govt support and not be such a burden on my dad financially. I went and applied for a job today at Aldi Supermarkets and they said they'll contact me if they're interested in about a week. I've set up another interview next week with Colonial Life. I hope to be working soon and going back to school, no more 12 hour sleeps for me. See ya, Dave

On Monday, March 31, 2014 at 11:33am, David wrote:

hey Becky, Well yesterday was my birthday, I guess now we're the same age for 3 months. My dad treated me to Ruby Tuesday. Did you see in today's Journal they were talking about how European banks are selling off distressed assets at .85 on the dollar? They are choosing to unload them now because there is demand with fewer bankruptcies and defaults here in the states. The European banks are also getting ready for the asset quality reviews so if they keep their bad debts they will become liable to hold more capital against them.I can't believe we're both bona fide 40 somethings. Do you think that's old? My dad is all set to move into his assisted living the end of April. I've been helping him pack on the weekends. I have some sad news too. Rhonda's daughter is homeless. She called me today and told me. Her daughter is almost our age. She was doing good before, taking online courses but I guess she just couldn't afford her rent anymore. I keep looking for work. I went to Workforce One but there are all these quirks preventing me from applying with just a resume. Truth be told, I'm not that tech savvy so I can't figure out exactly how to apply. I'm also looking through voke rehab but they have a waiting list until July. I stopped writing my newsletter because it was just so disheartening doing it for nothing. I need a paying job, you know? Well, I'll close for now. Oh yeah, I'm going either to assisted living or a group home myself soon. The assisted living places are a little nicer in that they feed you 3 meals a day and provide services but we didn't know if we wanted to go that route as it costs 3k a month and the group homes are cheaper. I have a nurse coming this afternoon to take me shopping and show me how to buy healthy foods. She suggested Goodwill Rehab for job searching instead of voke rehab as they may be able to place me sooner. Right now I'm just waiting for her to come, kind of bored. Sometimes when I get this bored I think about going back to researching stocks. Dave

On Friday, March 14, 2014 at 11:06am, David wrote:

How are things Becky? Is it warming up any in NY? Our winter has come and gone. Well, I shouldn't say that, it was in the upper 50s overnight. Down here we talk about cold fronts as it doesn't snow. Right now its a balmy 73 outside. I'm trying to find a job through Voke Rehab. I just came from my doctors because I had to get release forms documenting my illness. Anyway, Rhonda calls me everyday but there are still no plans for her to come down here. I went up to Tamps last mo to give her some of her things, what of it could fit in my car anyway. I have to go back and bring her the rest of her stuff next month. I'm making her give me $75 for bringing it up to her, you know to at least cover my own expenses. She's out of money right now which is why I didn't make the trip this mo. It takes about 4 and a half hours to drive there. My dad sold his condo and he's going into assisted living. I couldn't go with him because of my age so I'm going into my own assisted living. I'm up to my eyebrows in bills so I'm trying to find work. Voke rehad told me they wouldn't have any openings until at least Jul as they have a waiting list. Say hi to Matt and the kids for me. See ya, Dave

On Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8:34pm, devils wrote:

thats wright im back thought i would wait tell the king spoke monday . lets face it whats the rush . seen your gig in bear state must admit you have nice legs .dont let it go to your head though .you can always do a little bit better wright .talk soon unless your better half gives you better comps then you will become a great mommy.then i would have to chat with miss evans.must go and grab a subway..lol..

On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 6:17am, Joe & Becky Steffanic wrote:

About 7:45a 2-26-14. You became our hero of reality and as always we appreciate your voice and wit.

On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 5:49am, William Amiteye wrote:

Hi Becky, Thanks for your very smart counter argument for a progressive tax system. Your argument was very very sound and I was proud that someone stood up and made the good argument. Thanks again!!!!

On Friday, January 24, 2014 at 10:34am, Sil Zeppieri wrote:

Enjoyed your article in Fortune mag.

On Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 5:19am, Jeff In Boston wrote:

Goldie was your best guest....ever. There is nothing better than positive energy regarding our children, our future. On a related note, stem cell therapies will soon be curing people with diabetes, MS, ALS, AMD, and every other auto immune and neurodegenerative disease. This paradigm shift in medicine will displace/replace the drugs which only alleviate symptoms with a host of poisonous side effects. Someday soon I hope you will have the opportunity to interview Dr. Robert Lanza. But please get Goldie back...often.

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