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On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 5:24pm, David wrote:

The reason it's taken me so long to write back Becky is that I've had my heart broken. See, back in Nov, Rhonda became very mentally ill because she was off her medicine and her sister made her move back to Tampa. Since, I haven't been watching Squawk, in fact I've been sleeping about 14 hours a day. In fact, the only thing I've been doing businesswise is reading the Wall Street Journal and that's just because I have a subscription, it comes here everyday. Oh, and I've read a little of Allen Greenspan's latest book. I've been looking for a job but there's 3 applying for every one out there, even low wage retail jobs. I have filled out applications hearing nothing in return. I guess that's because I've been out of work for 10 years. Living on my own has made me very cognizant of what I spend. My dad and I plan on living back together again in assisted living. He has to be judged ready for assisted living before the long-term care insurance kicks in so he's going to go for a physical on Jan 23. If we get approved I'll be living with him again which would be a godsend for my finances. I've been having a sort of mini financial crisis lately, you know spending about a grand more than I'm making. It wasn't that bad when Rhonda lived here because she was giving me $600 out of her check. I'm supposed to meet her halfway to give her back all the things she left here. She took off with just the clothes on her back. She got so sick Becky, she didn't even know who I was. My dad said he had never seen her look that bad. Anyway, I'm going to start writing the letter again now that I've had my sebatical. Tomorrow I'm going to read the Journal and research stocks again. See ya.

On Friday, January 10, 2014 at 3:31pm, Theodore wrote:

Hello Becky: Just writing to suggest that you check the pronunciation on "theologians". That came out sorta funny this morning. I so enjoy Squawk Box, though.

On Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 7:54am, devils wrote:

hay there young lady. liked the major story of the morhing . kramer stopped eating bagels.belly i bet aint happy. cheers i had a few last nite myself.

On Monday, December 30, 2013 at 9:41pm, devils wrote:

what did you think i forgot . really i was busy away on sabaticle. just wanted to drop by a hi and wish you a happy holidays and best to you and your in 2014. while im on your guestbook you should also let kelly know that hay i wish her the best in 2014.ps does kelly have a guestbook as well. talk to you soon.

On Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 2:26pm, Kayvan wrote:

Hey Bcky, you're very pretty and I like you're shows as well.

On Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 3:54am, John wrote:

Thank you for the excellent work and professionalism that you and the others bring to the show. I have enjoyed the show for many years. Again, thank you.

On Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 12:34am, Poumutgok wrote:

Probably one of the most well-known stock analysts available will be Sean Cramer, due mainly to help the show Mad Money which was with CNBC for many years, by which this individual strolled across the fixed as well as screamed along with yelled regarding distinct stocks for you to make trades. Beyond his outrageous and also humorous personality, this John Cramer investment choices likewise paid off for several viewers, which usually created him a trusted resource for people who participate in the marketplace each day. Today nevertheless some sort of presence with television for wonderful trading facts, here are some on the latest Jim Cramer inventory picks for 2013 coming from each his or her own display plus the Street. <a href=>michael zimmerman fund </a> According to the actual latest reports, the average return of it is actually around 5. only two pct inside May well, which often is definitely the greatest hedge finance presenting it's very best efficiency throughout cover around nine many years simply by attracting more cash and much better shareholders internationally. Hedge deposit reduces the possibility element along with at the same time provides you with much better come back. According to the Eureka hedge pay for list which keeps an archive greater than a pair of thousand funds climbed in order to 9. a couple of pct this year. This kind of marketplace registered some sort of revenue of just one. 5 million us dollars. <a href=>michael zimmerman prentice </a> On account of this tendency along with slipping property values and stronger credit score, consumers' thinking concerning list tend to be altering. The periods while somebody might access against his / her residence to virtually clear out a big a part of your own full price inventory usually are in excess of.

On Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 7:59am, greenm wrote:

The editorial team unmistakably thanks ea and ea and occasionally

On Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 3:31am, David Jacob wrote:

My wife is a busy ob/gyn. Last evening she told me that she has a patient who asked to be induced on December 31, because she will be losing her insurance on January 1, due to Obamacare!!! Isn't this outrageous?

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 2:22pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, I just finished the first part of my training for MyTopTierBusiness and I'm going to talk to my coach tomorrow. It's exciting, it's all about leveraging their systems and abilities to make top tier commissions, `1-5K like I was saying. Well, see the course really costs 5k but you don't pay it until you hit 50. I thought that would be a good goal, you know one yr out. But some people make far more than that, like the leader Matt Lloyd, I don't know if you've ever heard of him, he has the designation of being what they call a 7 figure producer. It's like you, you're a journalist so you asked yourself many yrs ago what you had to do to become a journalist, well obviously you had to get through Rutgers you know. But they talk in these videos how we're engineered to think, school, good job, you know the employee mindset. But to be successful as an online marketer, you need the entrepreneurial mindset you know? For example, employees are trained to think they can't afford to take the next step unless they know what's ahead but the success lies in the darkness. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, they play the money game to win whereas employees play the money game not to lose. Did you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad or Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki? I have. He talks about the cash flow quadrant and how employees and the self employed are on the left side and entrepreneurs, including large business owners are on the right. We can identify within these groups by personality, you know? Now you have access to the best investor of all time, Warren Buffett, you should ask him about it the next time you see him. Your friend, Dave

On Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 10:37am, David wrote:

hey Beck, What did you think of my Sox winning the world series? I know, as a New Yorker you probably weren't impressed. Aargh, still hot down here, mid 80's, I'm telling you we don't have a winter. Last yr it consisted of about 2 weeks I think it was of temps dropping to the 40's at night. Do you remember Fri when you guys had that guy on standing on the boat with Joe pretending to go in the water? I don't know if you were aware of it, but that was part of our larger boat show down here. They have it once a yr and they've been talking about it on the radio down here, we didn't go though. Rhonda's not feeling well, she spends all kinds of time in bed. I'm starting to worry about her, you know? I told her to see a doctor. She smokes too much too, but that's something I'm guilty of too so. I smoke more when I'm around her though. I don't think I told you, I've been having a very difficult time sleeping lately. We're like polar opposites lol No, I mean it gets to the point where I go to bed and don't even expect to sleep. I'm not kidding Beck, it's been like a month since I got a good night's sleep. It's like the slump I went through the summer which I eventually broke out of. Take last nt for example, I lied down and it seemed like I was dreaming but I kept coming out of it and I'm pretty sure I was conscious all night. I even took sleeping medication didn't work. I had a Toyota Rav 4 for like a week but it had transmission problems. I was still under warranty so they gave me a '06 Scion for the same money. It runs better, no problems shifting gears or anything and it's good on gas. I never was able to hook up my speakers so I've got a computer consultant coming tomorrow. Then I'll be able to watch videos for my new business. It's called MyTopTierBusiness, the program I'm in. I'll learn more as I dig into it but it involves selling high end products with high commissions. And you don't have to do the selling, the coach handles that. The commissions range from 1k to 5k and they promise to refund you $500 if you don't make at least 1k in the first mo. I only paid $50 to enroll but the guarantee is better if you don't make at least 1k. I mean you can make 3k on just one sale so. It was too good to pass up especially since being long-term unemployed, a lot of employers aren't interested. I mean I was turned down at McD and Winn Dixie believe it or not. You know, it's a tough job market out there as we know. But then along came this deal, I really think it's promising. I don't know if I told you, my coach Sam is from all the way over in Australia. But you have to go through 21 steps, which involves watching videos which is why I needed the speakers. But I mean $3k a mo sounds really good you know? I mean I only spend like half that so I could afford to even comfortably get married on that income. That's why I was worried about Rhonda, because she really does seem sick. My dad even said she didn't look good the other day. I'll keep you posted, you know on her condition and so forth because I know you care, we're like best online friends anyway. Bye for now, Dave

On Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 5:24pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, It's been like a week since I talked to you last I think. It's dropping into the 60's here tonight I heard, hey you take what you can get. It's funny because they said it was going to be a cold front, in the low 80s instead of the high 80s lol. Anyway, today I was doing some rsch then I tried to get going with my new business because my coach called. I was wishing you were here because I know how tech savvy you are. See, the thing involves watching videos so I was trying to hook up my speakers and I didn't know how, stupid huh? Well the thing is I'm going to try again, if I can't I'm going to have to call a computer technician, and for something so simple you know, that's what's stupid about it. Well I know my computer supports audio because it says right on the hard drive that it does, I just don't know how to hook up the speakers. You know I was reading on Yahoo Finance, I know a few things about finance at least, that when price/book and ROE go up at the same rate it's a sign the stock is trading inline with intrinsic value. The analyst I was reading was talking about Costco and she (I think it was a woman) had 2 charts showing how Cost's price/nook and ROE have trailed each other. I mean that makes sense, because price/nook measures the cost of equity and TOE measures profits earned on equity so all else being equal, if they're trailing each other the price of the stock must be trading inline with intrinsic value so I did learn something today. Hey, did you hear about the Citigroup analyst who made the dcf projection on Tesla in which most of the cash flows he used to determine the company's value were from 2020 I think it was and beyond. It was in Heard on the Street in yesterday's Journal. I couldn't figure out if they go and say hey, this is what the thing will be worth in 2020 and discount ratably by a certain percent to today's terms. I don't think that's what they do. But there is a discount factor involved to account for the time value of money and other risks. The thing is this guy thinks the stock's growth far outweighs these risks but based on cash flow he expects next decade. Between competition, a myriad of things that can happen at the pump and other factors it would be very difficult to depend on his projection made from way out there, the paper was saying. Jim Chanos, I know you know him because he's been on Squawk before, he held a finger in the air to represent all the wind currents that will blow between now and next decade, the projection just can't be relied on. Then the paper said they tried the same thing with Amazon many yrs ago and the projections were way off although that stock has grown, 24,000% since it's offering according to Cramer. Well, I'll close for now, enjoy your 50 degree weather while we roast but I think this winter you may be begging to come down here lol Your friend, Dave

On Friday, October 25, 2013 at 10:56am, Clete Roberts wrote:

Hi Becky, Enjoy watching you in the Morning!!!

On Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 10:14am, David wrote:

hey Beck, Just doing a little stock rsch over here on my end, I've got a lot of catching up to do from when my computer was down. I've been focusing on the Q2 stuff, a lot of the Q3 stuff isn't out yet or if it is, the SEC filings haven't been made yet. It's funny because next week is when I've traditionally skipped to the next quarter. I'm just going to take it one co at a time, if I find the Q3 stuff is out, I'll do that if not I'll continue with Q2. Hey, have you ever heard of the EV ratio? I was having a problem with it the other day. See, enterprise value is an imperfect way of measuring what a co would be worth to an outsider. I say imperfect because, you know, with all the negotiating and everything else, who knows where the price tag is going to end up, you know? Anyway, you're supposed to start with market cap, then add all the minority interests and add'l paid in capital, theory being these interests would have to be paid out too if a co were sold, and you add the debt too. Well, anyway the problem I was having is whether or not to add treasury shares. I had been adding them before but decided against this practice the other day being that any share subtractions are already reflected in the current share count. Well, anyway, then you subtract all the cash and cash-related items on the balance sheet and divide by EBITDA. Well, anyway, I didn't write you just to talk about financial ratios, I have a new business lined up, a paying one. I applied online and I have to go through 21 steps but there is a coach, from Australia of all places, he just called me. He's going to walk me through the 21 steps and he's a trained salesman so he sets up the leads and even makes the sales. I have to find out more but I guess it's high ticket item sales. I could make up to 2-4k per mo. The only problem with that is I would have to come off soc sec and probably have to start paying my own health insurance. I heard if you work, that can add up. Rhonda's brother-in-law pays upward of $3500 a yr for him and his wife. But then again, if all works out, I'll at least have the money to pay my bills. So, what are you doing today, watching football? What's the weather like up in Jersey today, sunny and 80's still down here. Your friend, Dave

On Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 4:29am, Greg in Boca Raton wrote:

Love your ability to bring out valuable insights in yourself and in your guests. Today I noticed that after covering last nights debt vote your look is plain. I like you just fine plain. Your smart, caring and very pretty

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 7:52pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, Just in case you were wondering about me, it's been awhile since I last wrote. I moved to a cheaper place on the west side of 95 down here. I just got me internet rehooked up today. I was in the doctor's office the other day and they were listening to a NY station via satellite, I heard you guys were down to the 60s now, I was jealous. We're still in the mid80s with no relief in sight. It's depressing, another winter without snow. Did you hear they're only looking for .8% earnings growth this season, that's even worse than the last 2. Rhonda has been discouraging me from writing to you. She said well you know Becky, she's involved with the news, you better not tell her any of our business for fear it might make it on tv. And she said you might feel threatened by me, like I was stalking you or something. I told her we were just online friends. Anyway, I was thinking of what I might do now that I've got my computer back. I'd like to go back to researching stocks and writing the letter but you know, that doesn't pay so. I just looked at my email, someone has been trying to get ahold of me for a job interview, I think I might call him back tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I got a car, a Toyota Rav 4, 10 yrs old. I finished reading Modern Security Analysis, now I'm reading a book about forecasting and economic indicators. Well, I'll close for now, just wanted to let you know I was alright and that I was thinking about you. See ya Beck. Your friend, Dave

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 10:27am, ugg brown leather boots wrote:

hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the pictures on this blog loading? i'm trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

On Friday, October 4, 2013 at 3:05am, devils wrote:

early start when do you sleep..cha cha

On Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 2:13am, mibBarieweark wrote:

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On Monday, September 30, 2013 at 8:56pm, devils wrote:

i guess the 30th was a day off again. not much of getting up early if i dont see you.must have been out xmas shopping . take care . cheers

On Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 11:10pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, I was telling my dad about the job offer I made you, that I was going to lever up my inheritance and create a hedge fund and try to bring you in. He was like, yeah right, she's going to leave a global network to come work at Harold LeBonte's office. He convinced me how stupid an idea it was and we both laughed. I'm going to try to go to school so I can work on Wall Street too. Your friend, Dave

On Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 2:16pm, Chris wrote:

Hi Becky, not sure what you did to your look today, you look great! Though :)

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 3:21pm, Diane Durham wrote:

Becky, Had to ask the brand of the dress on the show Wednesday. It was ivory with a ruched waist. Too cute. Sorry for the lightweight question!

On Friday, September 13, 2013 at 4:17am, Bill via wrote:

Please Janet yellen is the better choice. Larry will divide the country with higher rates !!!! Our economy is too regional and Larry will never get confirmed

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 6:58pm, Frank wrote:

I'm sure the ratings improved with the removal of your wedding ring. Great job Becky!

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 7:13pm, glenda Kaufman wrote:

hi my girlfriend loved the dress you wore today(sept.10th). can you tell me who designed it? thanks.

On Monday, September 9, 2013 at 6:30pm, Janak shah wrote:

I love to see you in the Morning Everyday. You rae really briliiant. You know what you are talking about

On Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 5:11am, David wrote:

hey Beck, I'm writing because you probably won't hear from for another week, I'm going on vacation. Whew, I needed one too. I haven't gone on vacation since last June and then I had to drive nearly 4,000 miles. Remember last year I told you about my trip to New England? We're just going up to Tampa, just a 6 hour drive, it might be even less than that. I got all economy, a weekly pass to Busch Gardens and a hotel, it only cost less than $500, it's a 2 star hotel though. Anyway, there should be plenty to do up there, Rhonda's sister and brother-in-law live up there. I told her no roller coasters lol Well, see I had some bad experiences as a kid at the amusement park and I've never gotten over them, I know, chicken. I like stuff like the spider, tiltawhirl, nothing that goes upside down. It makes me feel mature to be going with my girlfriend instead of my dad even though we're not getting married. Well you know how down on her he is. He said, as my guardian he has the right to overrule the marriage even if we tried it. It makes me feel a little sad though, he hasn't been on vacation in over a yr either and this weekend he sadly asked if I was interested in going to Orlando with him. You know it just makes me feel sad, he's on dialysis 3 times a week, he would pay for it but I'd have to leave Rhonda back here. I know I sound like I'm 20 yrs old or something but there comes a time when a man should leave his parents, or in my case dad, my mother's been deceased for 15 yrs and start to do things on his own or with his girlfriend/wife. I mean I'm 40, I'm supposed to have a family of my own you know? You know the detachment process Becky, well for you it's different, you're married with kids, you probably went through it 15 or 20 yrs ago. Did it make you feel sad, it makes me feel a little sad. On a brighter note, you should see the Chevy Empala I rented, it's nicer than my dad's Ford. I'm still a little bitter about him taking it back but hey, it's his car, I guess he has the right. But on the other hand, I was making sure he made all his doctors appointments and so forth, he took it back just in spite of me living with Rhonda again. Well, talk to you next week. If the hotel has a computer, I might log on and write to you in Tampa just to tell you how things are going. Your friend, Dave

On Sunday, September 1, 2013 at 6:11am, Dave wrote:

hey Becky, Gee, here I am back writing to you everyday, hope you don't mind. I figure, you know we're just online friends but the more I write to you the better friends we're going to become. I try not to forget the fact you're a public figure and are under no obligation to write back.See, I know some fans were writing to Joe calling him a dummie and stuff and he was talking to you about it on the air one day and you said oh yeah, under contract we can't write back so. I wish the contract were different though. I mean up there in NJ you must have friends, they can't keep you from having friends. I wish I was one of those friends, that we knew each other personally I mean, that I wasn't just a fan I mean. You know it's funny because I was watching Cramer one time and a woman called in who liked him, I guess romantically and she said she wanted to have dinner with him, I guess he was barred from doing that. Well, that and he's married isn't he? How are Matt and the kids doing. I know Kyle, Nikayla and I forget your other one's name. The girls are adopted though, aren't they? Kyle's birthday must have just passed, right, how old now, 2? Gee Beck, do you realize I've been writing to you ever since before he was born. Remember the day he was born, they announced it on the air and as soon as I learned I wrote to congradulate you? The only time you really upset me through our friendship was last xmas, I mean I went and had those flowers specially delivered to you and all I wanted was an autographed pic which you could have provided without them knowing, well that's the past. Anyway, today I'm going out to eat with my dad for lunch. Do you think, well it's probably too late now to enroll for the Sep term. Maybe in Jan I could go to Broward College down here, start on my other 2 yrs. But I would have to stop doing my practice and writing the letter. That's one of the problems I had last time, I kept researching stocks even though I knew I should have been studying. Plus, I was taking Organizational Behavior, that class has been my nemesis, did you ever take that? Well, they expect you to know all this vocabulary and you know you do have to have a focus on schoolwork or you'll fail, I've failed it twice, I can admit it. I mean the chapters are 30 pages long and you have to do 2 a week on top of writing a paper and the professor assigned a reading from the Harvard Business Review, hey I though this was Fisher College, not Harvard lol But you know, you do have to have a focus and for a letter I don't make anything at, you know, I just wouldn't have time. I look at that as kind of too bad because I do enjoy what I'm doing, between the macro and news part from the journal to my rsch universe, the ratios, the scores, jumping on Yahoo Finance, reading there, the weekly economic data, the Fed. I would miss all that. You know what I think, though, they told me this when I started at Bridgewater State, if you weren't smart enough to do the work you wouldn't be here so the key to it is the effort. And you know, if I put that in I may find I am just as interested in the schoolwork as I am in stocks you know? Yeah, that's what I'll do, I'll just enroll down here, hopefully they'll take all my credits you know for the Jan term. And as far as writing a paper goes, you know I write a 6 page investment letter every week so. I find that letter can sometimes write itself though because it's the same format every week. To write a paper for school, it's kind of like starting from scratch especially if you weren't fami9lair with the subject matter. I was thinking finance, because I've already tried acctg and bus mgmt. Then I probabally wouldn't have to take that dreaded Organizational Behavior. The one thing I wonder though, would they take all my credits because to go to Broward I would have to apply, Fisher would have just taken me back and I know they would have taken my credits. I've got 60 but an associate's isn't worth the paper it's written on, you know. Your friend, Dave

On Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 5:05pm, David wrote:

hey Beck, AArgh, looks like I'm not getting married, not until after my dad dies anyway. Well, see he talked me out of it. He said, look, you know you'll end up supporting her the rest of your life and you're still relatively young (40) whereas she's older at 56. See, she's not well, neither mentally or physically. She's tested positive for HIV, well, according to her and she claims she has polio you know. I don't really want to spend the next 20 yrs pushing her around in a wheelchair. I should have tried harder with that chick Maria I told you about from the last group home I was in. We sort of set a compromise, his aide quit on him and I've been looking for a job so he might let me take his place. It would pay $200 a week and would involve taking him to dialysis, cooking hem meals such as hamburgers and hotdogs because I'm no chef, and I would have to bathe him, help him get dressed etc. You know our parents did those kinds of things for us when we were younger so may as well return the favor right? Plus, it's $15 an hr and there may be weeks when he has doctors so those hrs could add up. My dad's aide and I didn't get along anyway, he said my dad was going to put me in a group home and forget about me one day which I didn't like because I knew it was untrue. I called him a stupid Mexican. My rent's due tomorrow but I'm not paying it, partly because our ac isn't working and partly because I know he has 2 months worth of deposits anyway. I've already started looking for an $800 a mo place. Right over next door, it's $800 including everything. Seem my plan if I can make $200 a week, $800 a mo, that brings us up to $2300 a mo then there's the $800 rent, no utilities, see what I'm saying I could easily afford a car. My dad took his car back, I think I told you that. Then toward the end of Sep/beginning of oct we're going on vacation. We were supposed to go up to TAmpa to Busch Gardens for our honeymoon anyway and there's no reason that trip should be cancelled. I went online and priced it, it's $50 a day for admission, then you figure probably 5 days, that's $500, probably the same in hotels, it should run around a $1500. Well, anyway, Rhonda says hi. See ya

On Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 12:26pm, Steve Copeland wrote:

I'm behind in my reading so excuse my late comment, the July 22, Fortune, Insights regarding Airlines is point on, but I feel that the airlines have had the poorest customer service for years as you article highlights. The helpful or even interested flight attendant disappeared it the US years ago. I could go on for pages but until the big airlines change their attitude they will have make money by special seat, baggage meal and other convenience assessments. Regards Steve Copeland

On Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 12:47am, David wrote:

hey Beck, I keep writing to you with less frequency but at these weird times of the morn. Let's see, it's 3:30, you must be up by now, huh? Well, the thing is, I know you're not going to write back so it's almost like writing to myself lol Well, at least I hope you read the stuff I send you including my investment letter and these messages that are down to about once a week now. Wish me luck, Sat I'm telling my dad about Rhonda and I's engagement. We're getting married 10/19 so I figure he's been kept in the dark long enough. Oh yeah, he took the car back like I figured he would. He left my bank acct intact though. Rent and utilities are killing us though. We're spending something like $2500 a mo and only making 15. You're lucky this mo, that CNBC forbids you from owning stocks, I mean, I've taken a 2k hit and our acct isn't above 600k anymore. Well, see, when my dad first showed it to me, we were above 700k and ever since it seems we don't make money in the upturns but we lose it in the downturns. Except I made around 20% on my money in the most recent upcycle (Jan-Apr) it certainly wasn't enough to carry the acct. You know what I was thinking, he's been talking about going into assisted living, which would only cost around $300 a mo because he's insured, why not hook us up with a house, say up north. Because I hate it down here, it's way too hot. Our winter last yr consisted of about 5 nights where it dipped into the 40s. Because I was thinking, if we can get a house in the $240s range, that eliminates our rent problem and we could probably live off our cks. We get 18k between us but if there's no rent, that leaves taxes, utilities maybe a car, it would only be like 1k, 1200 a mo. Then there's extras like cigarettes, boy can she smoke. I bought 3 packs of cigarettes yesterday just to suffice her. So, you know add in $300 a mo for that unless we miraculously manage to stop. Then if we wanted to eat out, you know that's extra. She's not a good housekeeper, she leaves the dishes in the sink for days. But than at the same time, I could probably qualify for state assistance, go back and pursue my finance degree, I've got 2 yrs left on it. But I won't do it online, last time I was behind the 8 ball before it even began because I wasn't able to access blackboard, the online communication with the classroom. We were supposed to have dvd players, I don't even know how to work one. I just hope it's not pressure packed, see I went to Bridgewater State and there was a test before every class. I was thinking of going back to my alma mater, Fisher college. I had one professor there and I swear if I had him for every class I could have made it. Well, that's where I'm going anyway, back to Boston then maybe Wall Street in a couple of yrs if I make it. But, you know, our income is below the poverty line so I'm sure I qualify for a grant, I could probably go for nothing as long as I keep my grades up and I was maintaining something like a 3.1 for awhile when I took my credits. But I'm definitely looking to get back north this winter. I WANT TO SEE SNOW111 Your friend, Dave

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On Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 10:19pm, David wrote:

On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 12:16pm, Sulis wrote:

Thanks for being an amazing 9 month prngnaet photographer! Thanks for saying funny thingslike booger' and fart' to make sammy laugh his brains out! They are beautiful!

On Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 8:00pm, NTJeffrey wrote:

Hey!Im new and im just chillling out looking to meet some new people

On Monday, August 5, 2013 at 6:36pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, It's been a few days, figure I'd write, we are online friends after all. You know what I decided, after my dad's passing, right, I'm going to come up and while I'm not actually going to try to come to the studio to see you (figure that's a private place) I am going to go to the exchange and meet Cramer, public and all. I'll ask him what the best way is to meet you. I can hardly wait to talk to all you smart guys. You know, I was just reading the Forecasts, they're missing all the political/economic commentary I give. They give news but it's always co sensitive you know? I mean all they do is stocks. I mean there's a lot to what they have there. They go back 60 mos and get relative risk ratings. They compute valuation ratios on everything in their universe every mo, they have access to the 3,5 and 10 yr average P/Es. It is comprehensive coverage, more than I do or have access to but like when they do earnings right, there may be one sentence in there about how the co operated. I'm heavy on operations as you know. Anyway, you making any headway getting your arms around this budget impasse? Rhonda came down and I was trying to tell her about it, but there's a lot of detail there. To my understanding, when Congress reconvenes, I think that might be the thirteenth then they have 15 days to adopt a continuing resolution to pave the way for fiscal '14. That would cover all the changes they want to make I think. See, I don't know it well enough to be on tv. But I do know the 2 sides are $91 bil apart as I mentioned last week. I just hope the govt doesn't shut down. You know they're not giving us details of earnings season anymore on Yahoo Finance. You know a lot of it is memorization, and I know I've botched a few numbers this mo. They always do this the end of the season, they update us all season long then no one talks about the outcome. Mention that on tv tomorrow if you think of it, I'd appreciate the breakdown. I believe when I last studied it, 67.8% of cos had beaten, inline with the average of the last 4 quarters, while 51% beat on rev, above the last 4 quarters but below historical trend. The earnings beat was negative .6 growth excluding financials. And the rev was up 4.1%? See, I don't remember exactly, the Journal is always reporting negative news about earnings. Hopefully I'll hear more before Thurs. The Sox are still ahead of the Yanks ha! ha! ha!

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hey, I'm up 2 hrs before you. I was sleeping but broken sleep, too bad Squawk doesn't start at 1. I'm excited about the letter I'm going to do today but I'm even more excited about Rhonda's arrival, at 10 or 11. Today is the day. But how will dad take it? He's sure to take the car back. I'm going to get a job though and get my own car. I'll also be subletting this mo for $800. So, with our soc sec and the sublet, that's $2300 that's coming in this mo. Bills are only $1600, who's worried? But you know, remember how last time I told you I had extra money from my dad writing cks in my acct? Well, including that I'm at 31.5. I moved $1800 of it into another acct, to protect myself, you know? Well, Rhonda is coming back, that's phase 1 of a 2 step process. The next step is the wedding, 10/19. I don't even know what day of the week that is, but I'm excited. I don't even care if he comes or not. Hopefully he won't cut me out of the will. We had a big fight over the reasons I got kicked out of the bldg., with me blaming it on the residents and he on Rhonda. Did I tell you he coerced me into letting him by my guardian? I don't care about him anymore, wish he'd stay out of my life. His death will be bitter sweet, emphasis on the sweet. My baby is coming back, why worry?

On Monday, July 29, 2013 at 5:21am, Steve W wrote:

Hi Becky - I remember your first few days back in what, 2006? You were soooo nervous at first. Which is so odd when in contrast to today. I mean, you are sooooo chill, laid back, + relaxed now .... that I swear you are high every morning. Are you? Be honest Becky.

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On Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 6:34am, David wrote:

Becky, I know how important the news is but you guys need to report more on stocks. Well, I know you are now because it's earnings season. But see, I do the same thing but Cramer isn't a big poli sci fan and I do the same thing in my letter mostly because you guys do it. But sometimes I wonder if he appreciates it, you know? Meanwhile, my dad always says the letter is too long. I don't know, the book I'm reading now is intended for college graduates which you know, I consider myself one with all my experience. Oh yeah, did I tell you I have a mktg job too, tomorrow I'm going to start calling around to see who needs a merchant terminal, my co has the lowest rate in the bus on credit/debit card processing and I even got bus cards. They say I can pull in up to 3k a mo if I work at it. Can hardly wait to get started. I wish I could invite you to my wedding 10/19 but it'd down here then we're going to Busch Gardens for our honeymoon. Looking forward to it. Dave

On Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 6:18am, David wrote:

hey Becky, Happy birthday again. I finished Meredith's book in which she called out her bullishness for central corridor (flyover state) oil and mining. Now I'm reading Modern Security Analysis. I think I'm going to love this book, I just started it. Where are you on the random walk theory? I mean it says the mkt is all knowing and has already priced in all relevant information. Because I know Cramer has disputed the theory, saying it makes it sound like there are no opportunities to be had. I've been talking to him too lately. I mean, lately I've been finding massive opportunities in biotech. I did something I've never done before, brought a stock's score into the 90s on Gilead. And I was looking at its pipeline, no major approvals but its broad based, 8 compounds in phase 3, a diabetes drug in phase 4. And the street must think some of that's getting approved next yr because it's projecting 47% earnings growth. I mean I believe in MPT to a point in that when major news breaks, it probably does get priced in fast but that doesn't mean there aren't mispriced securities out there. Both Regeneron and Gilead are buys with similar earnings profiles but Gilead is much cheaper by PE and has a broader pipeline. As it should, Regn's mkt cap is $27 bil vs. Gild at 100 bil. But Gild's chart looks overextended, its got lt support along its 50 DMA but lately it's pulled ahead of the line so there may be st volatility. Buffett would wait for a better price. But a yr and a half out, I say you ride the current momentum and I see a double 3 yrs out. Well, back to the study. See ya

On Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 5:55am, Doug S wrote:

Happy b-day Becky! You're my fav on squawk ....have a great day!

On Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 3:33am, David wrote:

I just woke up and they said it was your birthday, so happy birthday. I knew it was one of these days. But I can't believe, 41. I have trouble dealing with 40. I don't know, lack of accomplishments but I'll be married soon at least. My dad said Rhonda was crazy. She claimed she had polio on the elbow and any normal person knows you can't get it there. Then he put a bandaid on it and all of a sudden all was right with the world. It just got him thinking, maybe this woman is crazy. I don't think she is though, just sick like me, I mean I am too. We're perfect for each other. Tell Matt I said hi Your friend, Dave

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On Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 7:37am, David wrote:

My dad escaped from a rehab center. His aode ca,e amd got him for dalysis and then2 never went back. Now he wants to go to a retirement home and wants me to come with him, so he thinks. I think not, I've got a weddng to look foroward to and Rhonda's up there picking dressees and is all set to come down. Hopefully, this mktg job will lead somewheree, it's supposed to be good for 2k a month. Our Ford was stalling so we took it in and they fixed it the same day. For today, I'm going to finish Meredity, I haven't got that much left. I'll do a stock scren iff I have time. How about you, you're on vacation right? My next vacation iks in OCT and its my honeymoon, so long as everything works out. Your protege, Dave p.s. Beck, if you want a bday card, send me an email, or we'll just forget it

On Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 7:03am, Your pal wrote:

So, you agree with me about the great rotation out of bonds and into stock I've been calling for in my letter.Except you got to say it on national tv. See, he way my thessis workds is that I remember my dad tel;omg me that in 1985, you could get 25% on treasuries. Therefore, the 28 yr rally in bonds asa at its peak. Nut interest rates wi;; not competer directly with stocks until they get to at least 5% so its RALLY TIME!!!

On Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 1:10pm, David wrote:

Guess what? Rhonda and I are getting married Oct 19. She's so excited, wants to come down sooner and we'll be living together again. The one thing Beck, right, I just hope she's not too sick for this, you know? Oh yeah, I'm renting out a room for $800 and I've got a job in mktg by commission. In fact, the only thing I have yet to do is get my part of the acct transferred to my name. Once dad finds out she's coming he's going ot go through the roof. He just went from a hosptial to a rehab. Your friend, Dave

On Monday, July 8, 2013 at 11:57am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You know I was wrong last week when I suggested the Fed would have to sell all its secrities back into the mkt thus oversupplyig bonds and causing downside risk. I made a bid deal out of it and suggested it would create a debt deflationary spiral. But why, both inflation and inflation expectations are tame. While 4 tr may have entered the money supply, increasing it 4%, the velocity of that money supply has slowed to 3%, there's your 1% inflation rate, you know? I meanb tips just turned positive, did they not? So, 2.5% treasury rate - 1.5% tips rate is the breakeven rate of inflation, 1%. I'm just making that up obviously but if banks have chosen to park funds back at the Fed it won't cause inflation because it moots the effect on the money supply. I think the 2 biggest issues facing the Fed are the tapering and the transition of power. Hey, did you see that Journal article today talking aout Meredith? She follows 15 cos for 100k apiece apparrently. But that's down from 30 clients at 100k apiece. So she doesn't make 7 mils, she makes 1.5. Your friend, Dave

On Sunday, July 7, 2013 at 2:22pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, I'm reading through Fate of the States. Can you imagine what it would be like to be Meredith Whitney? I mean those star analysts, they make upwards of 7 mils a yr. If I were Meredith, I would sit around my office and say, hmm, I want this one to go up, this one to go down and she just makes the recommendation and it happens. I'm not saying that's what she does. I mean especially given how sensitive mkts are to insider trading but the power she has, you know? It's probably not that much different than what I do though, she studies the earnings and writes her argements but it's like, she owns the mkt. I'd love to have that power. How come you never became a retial analyst, you were on the Journal's retail beat for 7 yrs, one of your duties must have been stock rsch. Bet you'd be making a lot more money today if you had gone that route, just not on tv that much. But isn't there a lot more pressure involved with being on tv vs. writing? I mean some days I wonder if you even like it, like Fri when you didn't show up, at the beach instead of focusing on jobs Fri. I won't be too critical though, at least you finished your education. I heard you were heavily involved in setting up the Journal's online website too, was that fun or too much work? Your protege, Dave p.s. Are you still writing articles for Fortune, go get em' Beck

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