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On Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 9:12am, David wrote:

Becky, I always wanted you two women to speak, now you have. I'm in tears right now okay because I just heard Stevie Nix. They have, on the radio down here this show on Sunday morn that still counts down the greatest hits of the '70s. Do you cry when you hear Stevie, it's really more of a bookkeeper's song. This won't be a runon message like the last one, you have to get back to Matt and the kids. As a person who plans to conduct a salary out of iovesting for my onw account (future career path), I have a big problem paying out all my gains to cover Obamacare. Do you remember that guy John, geez I've taken all my dad's friends away from him, but he called Obama a roller I think and said he was from Kenya. I know, the president you love to hate just as I am the sr. you love to hate and wonder why I'm not employable as a manager as light as one I may be. Now you're in the news so you're probably like huh? See, the rankings in our bus go jr. accountant, semi sr, sr which I made at 29 by the way and manager. But managers love to show partners their calculus skills and hope they don't get fired for it. The bus hasn't changed much since my dad was 46 way back in '82. Semis and srs are just as jealous of managers as they used to be and partners still have all the equity. On the way out the door, Di Pesa offered my dad a partnership at 45 but he refused and preferred to move to Norwood. You know what I believe, that Cal Yastremaski's last homerun landed in Norton, my home town. I know, call me crazy, for trying to compete with you huh? But don't I always wish you luck wherever you're working, be it CNBC or Fortune. Man, you won those jobs, who am I to get jealous? You know, you strike me as the kind of woman who loves being a woman but refuses to be patronized? But I look at the $51 you're ahead of me now by and I would wonder what you're contributing to Rutgers. No word of a lie, when my dad gets calls from BC, he says he's not here lol Your friend, (who I know you care about despite), Dave ps you're my best and only friend

On Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 2:14pm, Rhonda wrote:

Dear Becky, Although I do not know you very well,I have seen you on T.V. and I think you are a very Intelligent woman,Although I feel that we have met before a long time ago I Love your commentaries that you are involved in.Yoy present yourself very Proffessionally.I also like the Subjects that you cover. If more Women like had your Stamina and devotion to your Colleges and of course Kindness,it would be a better world. David LeBonte is with me now and we are engaged,I'm not a well person I just found out I have stage 1 polio and do not feel well most of the time.Hope to see you on Squawk Box again. Sincerely, Rhonda Price,Wild,Hayden.

On Friday, January 11, 2013 at 12:28pm, David wrote:

Becky, I've missed the last 3 editions of the show because I've been very sick. I might have lukemia, they still have to do a bone marrow to verify though. I've been sleeping mostly, trying to read my day trading book. I don't know if you care about me as you've shown no indication of that yet. Anyway, I'm going to have Rhonda send you a message tomorrow that I am not going to look at so it will be unscripted. Had a dream that went somewwhere last nt, jealous? It would only be right in the last few mos of my life that you sent me what I asked for (autograph). I trust you won't post this. From someone who used to think you cared, Dave

On Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 5:41am, peter gehrmann wrote:

Becky you are the best on cnbc.Love you

On Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 8:59am, David wrote:

Bet you've never heard me that upset before. I feel bad about yelling at you because after all you're one of the friends I can count on one hand. It's just when you didn't send your pic down, let's say I felt cheated because that was our original deal. I mean as far as the knowledge is concerned let's just sayu I'm more the confused kid and you're more the intellectual. But you were a confused kid just two yrs ago and they let you on tv. What's wrong with me, I've earned at least a bachelor's, unfortunately from myself. Oh yeah, I just cut my entire chjarlatan readership and have agreed to work for CNBC exclusibely. No more chasing people down on fb rhat aren't paying. Well, you and I we'll always be friends. I told Rhonda, half of what she says she's reading from a teleprompter. But the one thing, you are a better writer and are much more well rounded. That's what I'm out to work on today, the Pats game. It's playoffs today isn't it? I'll bet you're out to watch the Jets game,. huh? The last time Ny met Boston (superbowl) you guys won. So what else are you doing today? Getting rtady for your next Fourtune article? No, good luch with that. I'm presenting a stock screen this week and a different ssi scale. Dad's got an appointment with the kidney doctor the eighth, guess they're getting ready to hurt him but well you know, I love my dad but he's not getting out of Jan without dialysis. Speaking of Jan, the second was her 35th birthday. That means I've known her 20 yrs, when I was 19 and she was 15. She was already into drugs back then. Today I have more quality friends, you, guess I can't count Fred anymore seeing how I blocked him. I have an idea he topped his paycheck a good twenty grand this yr off us, so he's history. Want to hear something funny? My dad's wearing shorts today, and they need air conditioners in Jan down here. I can hardly wait to leave so Fl for New England as that is where I'm starting. I wonder if there are any offices avaialble at 10 High Street, say for $800? O)r I'll learn at a tr5ading arcade as that is what it says in my day trading book. Oh Beck, so many things to decide you know? Good luch at your 2 jobs this week. In better spirits, Dave

On Friday, January 4, 2013 at 12:39pm, David wrote:

How does it feel to be a bachstabber? You know yourself I asked for an autograph for thoese flowers. Don't worry, they'll be dead soon, the sooner the better> Your name may be Becky Quick because you pulled a fast one, I know that much. I don't care if you wnat to block me, CNBC isn't paying me to do anything but beat you up intellectually. I think you're jealous of me because I don't have to go in front of the cameras. Without so much as a job, I gave you flowers that weren't rerurned. Maybe I'll say a prayer to googie that they die soon. Oh yeah, I forgot you don't know anything about taxes. Heck, I may abandon the entire show at this point because you knew I was just trying to befriend you and you owed me something, that would be free to you yet you still didn't give it up. I really don't know what your problem is, caught up somewhere between being an intellectual and a confused kd, after all you're not that much older than me. Your colleague, Dave

On Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 10:55am, bob r wrote:

I am a BIG fan! You are terrific; a classy and talented journalist!

On Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 5:53pm, David wrote:

You guys didn't block did you? Truth be told, I spent the last week in jail. Hopefully I'm still entitled to my job, after all this was a sough Florida issue and no felonies were committed. Did you break your body at the end of the yr, and what to do about the person who you now have on payroll? That sounds sick I know but I've had schizo problems most of my young life and I still consider you a friend, regarless. I was just talking to Cara who is an admissions councilor, she I'm not as friendly as with you. So what do you say, for old time's sake, what say you?

On Monday, December 24, 2012 at 10:07am, David wrote:

Becky, Dealing with a future piece of fame with a problem of telling me her earnings today. By the way, what do we call this thing now? If you've got the audacity to call it a place where I earned half your degree, call my school and ask them to p;oduce my degree and find out if its worth anthing. If they tell you it's worth sixty credits, tell them all they have to do is produce the degree for me and I'll give you sixty out of future earnings. Merry Christmas, assuming we were once Christians, why did other people go and how does it affect our population synamics because I now look at real estate. If you want to continue this thing, I'm still willing to call you twice a week as a friend, but of course now that I have stardom, you know it isn't worth much.

On Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 6:56am, David wrote:

Becky relax, I'm not upset okay. I offered you an ethical delemma, obey your contract or leave Wall Street, I would have followed the rules too. I didn't realize it was such a serious rule. What is it a rule not to be friends with people? I know, let's take it to Comcast right. That's how serious I was about it okay. But it means, for example, don't expect flowers again okay. What did you think of my watch. I paid $15 for it but to me it's just as valuable as your mink. Let's study options shall we? They're all derivatives but the difference is futures you're required to settle, options you don't. It's a chap way to get exposure to upside if you think there is some. Obviously, I feel there is 47% upside in Walgreens and I don't own it? Time to call Joe Mon.

On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 5:24am, David wrote:

Obama campaigned on $970 bln and he's now at1.4 trilion? Well unlike hin, I don't break promises, unless you call me Thrs this will be the last time we speak privately until Sat. The purpose of my message is twofold. First, believe it or not I have more sorries to say. I'm sorry I've been pushing my agendas on you, both personally and business. The reason I've been doing this is because I'm scared as heck to trun 40. I know, you've already turned the age, maybe you say it's no bid deal, another day right? It's funny, I've been in this bus close to 30 yrs, I can remember times, Thurs was our payroll day back in the 80s, I can remember the way I used to look up to my dad as a kid, when an 80s sond comes on, I can remember making the trip through Cambridge from Loen's to Harry's, always either a Back Bay client or the office Fri. I felt very bad about leaving our original office in Brockton Ma because it was the first time I balanced the tril balance at 16 you know? Well I had been working on it a couple yrs, dad employed me before I was working age. But now, hers's 40 what have I accomplished? I have a girlfriend, but I'm not married with kids like you. You know that has its advantages, I've never had to change a diaper in my life. You may as well know, dad was divorced. The state took his first 3 kids so I grew up an only child. But here it is Christmas, wish I had a kid. Rhonda keeps telling me it's not too late, find someone in their 30s and it can happen but I live her. Well, that's all it is Beck, just the big 40 jitters. Now as for strategy, this is what I was thinking. The portfolio has 300k in it, making it perfect for my dad if he would just listen to me. I'm underperforming the S&P but hey, it's my first yr. The4 problem is its too big for my readers but too small for CNBC. Who should come first, obviously CNBC. While alienating my readers, as a teacher that's not the right thing to do. But I want to be noticed up there. Have you visited my fb page lately to see all the advertising? My likes are Squawk Box, Squawk on the Street and Dana Telsey, not even sure how they got there but those are my likes. And you know, you guys started with 3 cameras and a horsewgon. Not to be critical, were you an original viewer, my dad was. I couldn't believe, the office on tv? And of course in the old days you had Maria running around begging traders to talk to her. Now, I can imagine what you were like as a girl, either studying vocabulary or spending time with your boyfriend right? Well of course, as a kid, I was confused, I didn't know what to make of it. I knew you had resources and capital though, they formed Squawk Box for the morn hrs because the instrument used by traders before was called the squawk box. But see, my job classification, well you may as well say I'm an enterpreneuer. I want to make Streetview big someday. Bottom line, I'm taking my portfoilio to 10 mil in '13. No, I'm not being a snob, I'm still sending it to my friends who are interested in the mkt. But they're made up numbers anyway, all I have to do is multiply every position by 100 or something. As for people who don't even have 300k, well they weren't at the level to begin with. If they're interested in the mkt, they will continue to find buys in there just at a much smaller level. And when you think of it, wasnt ten mil what I wanted from Buffett. Tell him about me, he's my idol. Is he yours? Well as a churchgoer, we're not supposed to have idols outside of God. Oh yeah, and my job offer, if you even took it seriously, is off the table. In order to give you 110k I have to leverage which isn't a good idea. Sorry Beck, and it's a bus decision, not because I don't think you won't call Thurs. I want to work with CNBC, not against them. Well, to many good '13 articles and contributions!! Dave p.s. I'm going to be writing my letter at 9:30 if you wnat to follow the rules I understand. I've come on and been mischievous already. I corrected the work of a superior and gone over her head, again sorry

On Monday, December 17, 2012 at 5:37pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, Still at the office, you'll know when I am because I don't have a computer at home. You won't believe this one, I've been suspanded on twitter lol No, I'm serious. I confess, I was kind of all over your work yesterday. Then tonight I go in to tweet Cramer because I mean I just wanted to ask him how many cos he follows. Do you know, what is it, 100 a week, more? I know, this is your turn to be a tease. I just finished off 109 by the way. I'm stepping up this quarter, plan on follwwing a quarter of the S&P. Turns out I was suspended for aggressive following practices. Well this isn't going to get a call from you is it? Were you ever suspended in school, that's how I feel. I must confess though, I did go over your head to Joe, wa wa why won't Becky call? Then I thought I was being a little aggressive with you too for which I'm sorry. Well, I know what is he talking about right? No, well to go over your head for one thing and the way I was flirting with you the other day. When I was talking about how you were a woman and I wanted to respect that. I sent you flowers and said I wasn't interested romantically. But a guy who gets involved with another man's woman to be "friends" is a patsy, right? And maybe you don't even care about being treated like a lady, you grew up with brothers and are into guy stuff. Were you a tomboy, you must have been. Now I don't wnat to patronize, but the mkt is guy stuff. You know I was once peeking through a CNBC website and there was a fan on there going through his mkt strategy and he said then after I fix all my trades, I want a hug from Erin Burnett. Remember her, she has her own show no, listen to me rambling on. The point is that's the way I feel about you. Now did he get his hug from Erin, maybe but if was crying and she knew he was crying and all he asked for was a phoen call, she'd be rather heartless not to give it to him woulnd't she? I mean, you know what I'm saying right? In the future, I will log on to review your work on twitter, not to respond to it. Geez, dad's listening to dudess like a lady on tv, is that from American Ido, is that what you watch? I'm in a rut man, well woman, all I've been watching is Cramer. Oh yeah, dad was a real confidence builder today. He said, Becky Quick wouldn't give you the time of day because she doesn't have time for you. She's smart, that's why they want her and at least she did something about getting a formal education. Anyway, it was improper for me to patronize you, please forgive. Oh Becky, I'm in desperate need to be friends with you, well will you call? Forget about smas, you've got Matt and the kids. How about Thurs after the show, that's the day you'll get the flowers. And as far as meeting you, that's an honor and one to be earned right? Well, I have been working, I've been contributing for free, how many other contributors are doing that for you guys? One more thing, please pass this week's letter on to Cramer if you see him. Gonna get it as good as the Journal, tell him. Oh yeah, that's the other thing. Remember how I used to read the Journal as I watched all the time? I stopped doing it and now understand you guys so much better. Thanks for having Tepper on today, really cheered me up. Tell you more later maybe even on the phone this time. Wish I could draw a picture of a phone on this thing, lol. Your colleagur soon to be (14 days), Dave

On Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 9:21am, David wrote:

Becky, I know this is my sedond violation against schedule, I've got you on my mind today, okay? How strict a guy is Matt? Because I know there have been other women in my life who have either been married or had boyfriends and I've tried to be friends with. I mean from inferior people, I took things in Attleboro I never should have taken. Well, see Jan and I were a couple for a brief time. Her boyfriend, Pat, comes in, knocks her up and leaves, I'm still calling her but she doesn't return my calls. Her grandfather Armond is on in yrs now, he was almost incomprehensible the last time I talked to her. See, Jan floats between I guess a hispanic boyfriend in Pawtucket, programs and the ACI. I had a brand new Geo when I met her that she destroyed on me. Pat used to take cigarrette lighters and burn the backs of the seats. Then, after he stole her on me, he has the nerve to not even want me in the house anymore. Excuse me, it was Armond's house. You know that's why I get depressed okay, because I've been treated like crap all my life, pardon the language I try not to use it with you. Today, I hAVE A PRACTICE AND A GIRLFRIEND WHO i CONSIDER A QUALITY person despite her illness. But I'm trying to surrond myself with quality people like yourself, like Fred online who is college educated. Like Jimmy althought he's altogether too into the Bible. Now I've given you an opportunity to be my friend, respond to me. I hope Matt turns out to be a nice guy but you've been wrong in relationships before. Yeah, I know, may as well get it all out in the open. We've both messe3d up, okay.

On Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 7:56am, David wrote:

Becky, If we're going to be friends, why not be friends everyday? See, I was trying to get a schedule going with you, I'm in violation of it today. But see, I send you the letter on Thurs so I said I was never going to write on Fri. You've been back a month and so far I've kept that commitment. But I also figured I'd write Tues and Sat which is why I'm in violation today, hope you don't mind. You post a lot of my Tues messages so I'd assume you ck fanmail on Tues. See, I'm getting to know you. And as far as knowing each other in friendship, the person shouldn't be afraid to tell the other person if there's something bothering them right? That's why I told you I wasa depressed Tues. And I told you I found you to be a little on the bearish side and that I thought you had held Jeremy Siegel's feet to the fire. In a way, maybe you were right, he's predicting Dow 17,000 and predicating it on multiple expansion for which you need margin growth. Without world economic growth how are you going to get that, cos have already cut costs to the bare bone. Even if you don't call xmas morning, I think this is a great service you run here. I wish I could talk to you during office hrs but I'm weak technologically and haven't frgured out how to log on yet. But of course, you and I have our own office hrs anyway, don't we? But there's something else on my mind today. What I was thinking right, should we make arrangements to meet, not that I'm ashamed of Rhonda but she is sicker than I am. Wait til you see my pic, you're going to see I look a little sick but of course, you knew that. What I was thinking was this, I don't know what part of NJ you live in but I know it's close to the city because you work near the city. Why not fly up there, get a 5ental car and meet you at your house about 7 at night. Now if we hit off great, if we don't, if I can't pull my knowledge to you or something, hey that's what we have the webiste for you know> Because I have a feeling you wnat to be friends with me too. now, keep in mind, I'm not a Squawk host, it won't be like talking to Andy but you've been reading my letter, you kind of know what I know already. But that's just the thing, if we double, Rhonda and I are going to feel very inferior sitting next to a host and sr., producer from Squawk. Well, I know she will but if it's just you and I we could almost have one of those 6-7 drilldown sessions you guys hold down every morn and I think we would get along great. But I would flirt with you a little too, not sexually of course. Like I may say, with my jaw dropping, wow Becky Quick. I could meet Matt, Kyle, Mikayla and sorry I don't know the name of your other darughter. Then I'd take you to my hotel room, we'll get a room somewhere in Jersey so you two woman could meet. I want you to meet my girlfriend and I want to meet your family. Then I'll drive you into town or you could drive, my driving is a little weak, don't know how good I'll be in NY traffic. Yeah, we'll go in your big car, let's call it the Squawk car seeing how it's been discussed on Squawk. We'll go eat, you'll meet Rhonda, you'll probably get home at 9, up at3 to go do your job. And you don't have to say a word about it, even if you guys do chairs that morn. But I may flirt, say like hey Beck, do you have access to the studio this time of nt? It would make the trip if you gave me a tour, we could go around to the Squawk studio, maybe the Mad Money studio. I'll tell you what I'll come at 6 so I can get you back at 9. Now to do all that, that's going to require Matt to trust me. What do I know, you may not even read this today, maybe not til Tues. But you think I'm a good guy right? Sometimes with women, they don't really trust you within the first hr of meeting, I know that, this isn't my first turn around the blcok either. But let's give it the Matt test, if he likes me in 5 minutes and gives you permission, not that he would have to give you permission, you're a modern day woman, you don't even use his last name. But I want to look good for you without overdressing. You'll see me in my pic, I won't dress like that. Well I've got my Pats shirt and Red Sox cap on, you're New Yorkers to begin with. Oh yeah, that's the other thing, Becky, we may be rivals in the Summer because I am a Red Sox fan, I'd assume you like the Yankess. But you know, I have both dress shirts and dress pants, that's what I'll wear. It might not ve a bad idea to bring a cost if I come in March, what's your temp today, 40? We're about 75 but it could go to 84 anytime. I don't like it when it does, especially after the Summer we just went through. You guys are the opposite of us, we look forward to Winter you look forward to Summer. If you do decide to call me Christmas morn, we can talk some more about this stuff. I'm not sure who the Dolphins are playing, who are the Jets playing, bet you know. Looking forward to Christmas, Dave

On Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 8:42am, David wrote:

Becky, I overcame my cold feet and called the studio. I got that address, 900 Sylvan Ave, Englewood. I sent you flowers special delivery, a Christman card and today a short letter with my picture. So what about it, ready to be friends? See, then I thought, both of us have issures right? Well my biggest is my mental illness. But some of the best minds are a little messed up, Mad Money. But then I thought, well you're a woman so I have to respect that. See, guys can tell each other things and the other guy won't care. For example, you're smarter than me right? Some guys, I'm not one of them, but would have an issue with a woman smarter thna them you know? But I don't know, women are delicate so you have to watch what you say. I hope this note finds you in a good mood, women are moody too. But, for example, the other day right, I was talking to you, I gave good bus info but then I had my usual sob story about you not writing back. And I'll be honest, I had trouble starting my rsch that day because I was full of tears. But, you know, today is a new day. There's something big going on in the intercaostal tonight, the yearly boat parade so my dad's aid is coming. But my other issue, right, I asked a little girl down here last nt if she had ever heard of you. She worked at Starbucks, I've been giving them my coffee bus instead of Dunkin right? Turns out not only had she never heard of you, she didn't even know what the fiscal cliff is. But see, that's down here, you probably wouldn't be recognized down here. But like you say on your fb page, you are a public figure. If we were in NY, could we go into a restaurant together without you being recognized? See, what I was thinking was this, let's go to that restauranct where they have the sandwitch named after you, we could both get a Beckyburger or whatever it is. Now there, I know you'd be recognized but hey, you could introduce me to them too, they're just people. Now say they had a Wendy's in Manhattan, would you be recoginzed there? I mean it's not like your a ballplayer, no one's going to ask for your autograpch are they? See, I would hope if you are recognized, they would have the common decency, if they wanted to find something out about the mkt, they could come up to us, but let's hope they don't harass, after all you are Becky Quick being seen with a guy with mental illness, you know? Then I thought, when am I going to get the time to come to NY, want me to come for my birthday? But that's the time I get busy, between quarters, Mar 30. Oh yeah, I addressed the card to you and Matt and signed it Harold, DAve and Rhonda. Have you told Matt about me, well you're going to have to explain where the flowers came from. He doesn't mind me does he? Because I mean, I have a girlfriend and have explained to you in the past I'm not interested in you that way. But I notice you post all my messages, that's a sign you like me as a friend too, right? Well I explained in my letter that if the bulletin is proprietary don't worry. What I really want for Christman is your picture, autographed of course, and a call on Christman morning, the number is in my note, you can't miss it. I heard Joe say one day when a fan was bothering him that he wishes he could write back and tell him off. But you said that would be against CNBC rules. However, because this apparently is a strict rule or you would have written back but you said nothing about telephone calls. And after all, I've been writing to you for 3 yurs now, I'm sending you flowers, am I still a fan or part of the show? Well, we'dd see, I can hardly wait to hear your voice. Gee, Becky Quick's voice on my phone, it will make the holidays. Wishing you could be down here for the boat parade, Dave

On Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6:57am, David wrote:

Wow, my two favorite hosts side by side. Let's talk business first and then I have something personal for you. Well, your guy Buffett, he has a real good idea from a flat txx angle, why not just require everyone who makes $500,000 or more to pay at least 30% in taxes? Because, as you know, the negotiation is one in which deomcrats want 39% while republicans are likely to settle at 37 but you still haven't done anything about broadening the base. We need revenue, not higher rates and we need them from the wealthiest 2% unfourtunately. But at such a high rate there's incentive to evade. I think the same thing should be done with corporate taxes. See, what is it maybe 10 S&P cos that pay the full 35% and its because of all Exxon and GE's ;obbyists in DC. See, this is why Buffett's idea is perfect, you give the rich and corporations what they want which is lower rates while removing the incentive to cheat. You should ask someone down there, is it revenue building? Remember, it was your mentor who came up with the idea not me. Do you like it? The other thing, as I anticipate proposing to Rhonda this week, I could uses some big sisterly advice. See, you're 9 months older than me but in maturity it's more like 5 yrs right? See, Beck I know that. But I look at my friends, who have I got, my friend in RI Jimmy, Fred from high school online, you and maybe this new guy from church. But if there's 3 people I want in my life until I'm in the ground, it's my dad, Rhonda and you. Now, don't cry, I've already done it, you know I've cried over you. You work for an organization that keeps me out of contace with my best friend in that they won't let you write back. But you know, you guys may have snobs, Bob Pisani, Larry Kudlow etc but I don't think you're a snob. And all I'm trying to say, you know what should I do? Do I propose to a mentally ill person knowing its going to affect the rest of my life and cost me a couple of grand I'm going to miss in the process or do I just maintain the status quo and continue living with her? Would she think less of me if I got cold feet and didn't put an engagement ring on her finger for xmas? Maybe I should put a ring on her finger that doesn't require commitment. That's the answer, huh Becky? Give her a ring but not an engagement ring. It will be cheaper and won't require a commitment. That's exactly what I'm going to do. And then, I can wait until Christmas day and put it on her finger then. I can harly wait to see the look in her eye. It will make the holidays. Hey, one more thing, I found out where Englewood Cliffs is. You know that restaurant we go to? There's a waiter there from Jersey. He says you're the first exit off the Pike, two miles from the GW bridge. So that's why you can get so many bus and political leaders in there, tney're constantly going through the city anyway. But today you're in DC. Dod you fly or take the train? Right now you're only 1,000 miles from me where you're usually 1200 lol Well, at least you're a little closer. I can harly wait to travel and its not like I don't have the money to. When we first moved down here, right, my dad said it would be our base and we would travel. But it wasn't to be as he got sick. Have you ever been to the Eagle Ford? I was thinking of going there for a week in Mar. You know, I follow a lot of cos that operate there, why not call them and ask for a tour? Someday maybe we'll be traveling together. Oh yeah, I was thinking when I get up there, I'm going to get a setup with 2 private offices. If you send me your pic, I'll put it up in my office, you probably won't think its professional though. You can put up a pic of me in your office if you want lol Well, I'll close for now, this has been sort of a runon message anyway. Good luck in DC. Dave

On Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 8:08am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You know I was watching Cramer the other nt and he was talking about nat gas. He had the rail co, Kansas City Union which runs north-south and into Mexico. He was talking about how coal shipments are down industrywide. This got me to thinking, if not coal as our future energy source, then what> And you know Chesapkeake, right, they have huge exposure in Ohio to the Utica where a very vast amount of nat gas is sitting. We could become a nat gas exporter. I know you've been a little protectionist about this. The issue can be looked at from 2 sides, sure if we export our nat gas it's going to rally nat gas cos but it will also increase prices as new dmeand in foreign lands is expected to at least meet new supply. So it's good for oil cos, not necessarily good for us. Another issue I wanted to get into with you is, are you a bear? Cramer said we would see a real boom in this country if Congress would just get out of its own way but you said this week, you asked a guest if there was bearish action he expected to start next week if Congress doesn't reach a deal. Not only that, the last time Jermey Siegel came on, I thought you held his feet to the fire on his 17,000 Dow prediction. Was I stronger this week than I usually am? I know my cliff coverage was good, I could have said more on Europe. The Journal said the northern European banks were considering starting to pay back their LTRO loans as well, which will just put an ogor on southern European banks. You're probably like me, unsure if you're a bull or bear yet. I just follow the analysis but older people, Siegel's in his 70's isnt he, he's a frim routed bull whereas that elderly guy John I told you about is a firm routed bear, I don't think we've been in the business long enough yet. You know another thing, I have yet to call the studio for its address so I can send you roses. I don't know, I just got cold feet, what if they don't give me the address. I'm definitely calling Mon though, as I know you're not about to send down my Christman present until I do something on this front. I can tell you, you're not in contact with my dad. I plan on buying Rho9nda an engagment ring and proposing next week. I figure the two rings, I'll go a little cheap, maybe two grand or so. Well, this is my big news, what do you think? You know I'm so glad I don't yet have a hedge fund, I would have lost your entire salary last week. See you around, Dave

On Friday, December 7, 2012 at 5:39am, Tony liberatori wrote:

Becky Please tell Liesman to let the guest talk once and awhile!!! I really wanted to hear what the CEO of quicken loans had to say but Liesman loves to hear himself talk so we were served up more of his pontificating bore bomb.....:(:(:( I'd also like to hear what you have to say.... Please put a clock on Liesman and tell him he's not that interesting/smart..... I'm going to switch to Bloomberg if he continues his time glom.... In addition, tell him that talking fast doesn't make him any smarter....

On Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 2:21pm, scooraepisere wrote:

Branson has made himself into a kind of people's capitalist, a Robin Hood figure taking on big conglomerates on behalf of the consumer. Both of these inflatable devices include tubes that a person can blow into, providing a backup way to inflate the jacket.. Winstead plays Kate Lloyd, a pretty palaeontologist rushed from California to the South Pole to investigate a spectacular ancient specimen preserved in pristine form by thousands of years of ice. Ouch! Viz also uses the logo previously established for the anime series which is running on FOX's Saturday morning line-up. Then make sure at least one person continues to act as spotter AT ALL TIMES until they are back onboard. The art isn't necessarily pretty, but it's extremely well done nonetheless.. HistoryCombat hapkido, a derivation of the Korean martial art of hapkido, features the spectacular, athletic aerial kicks of other Korean martial arts like taekwondo, tang soo do, and hawrang-do, as well as basic punches and kicks, throws and takedowns. Although this is the first time they all been in the same room together, when we sit down to chat, the trio display an easy rapport. Infamous champion Suzanne Lenglen scandalized the public in the 1920s with her unstructured short tennis sheaths. If you sew (or have a friend who does), you could pick up the Drape Drape pattern books and make your own! The first one has been translated into english (amazon link), but there are tons of online resources for figuring out the untranslated copies as well. In polls he crops up as a possible prime minister, and he was listed after Mother Teresa as someone suitable to rewrite the Ten Commandments. She piles up cereal boxes ten deep, and at certain points has had as many as 140 boxes in her pantry. Skully perches on the lookout as pirate-themed phrases and songs add extra fun. These Olympic wins garnered the Dassler brothers unprecedented publicity and increased demand and popularity for their footwear. What To Look ForA waterproof shell with high-performance, two-layer coated fabric such as DryRide Durashell, StormTech, Thermacore, Permaloft, Quallofil or Thermaweb insulation is the main thing to look for when selecting the best ski jacket for your child. One kind of life jacket works by using small bottles or capsules of compressed liquid carbon dioxide or compressed air to inflate an air bladder. GTC has a school year session that runs from September to June, as well as a session for the summer months. House pets that jump up on and down from furniture in our homes help distribute the eggs as the pets move around in their favorite areas of the home. If you notice a rash, wash the area with a mild soap, then moisturize. If an item does not wick sweat away from your body, it may turn cold and soggy or, worse, freeze. So one blast on the whistle means, "pay attention", two blasts or three blasts means "an emergency". I am concerned that if I lose my wallet I will likely lose access to 1/3 of what I call my life. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

On Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 7:30am, David wrote:

hey Becky, I had a problem with one of my financial ratios yesterday. It was Valero and they have about $3 billion in preferred stock. So I'm looking through the financials to get last yr's GAAP numbers because they didn't give the nonGAAP at the beginning where they usually give it, just the nonGAAP for this yr. And I noticed they were deducting preferred dividends. Then I thought, when it comes to price/book, shouldn't I be deducting the preferred stock from equity when I run this ratio? Tradititionally, I've always gone to "Valero equity" and taken this number. I've got to look out for preferred stock. It's similar to EV, you have to add back the preferred to market cap, well that's one of the things you do to get enterpriose value. Then I was engaging my dad on the topic of billings. His rate was $110 an hr so I said hey dad, all you needed was five billable hrs a day and you'd have over 100k. He told me his billings used to vary from day to day though. But the thing is, back when we were in Canton, I was his bookkeeper not his colleague. I went in there and did Quickbooks without taking much of an interest in what we were billing for it. Good thing a lot of my jobs were on a fee schedule, $300 a mo, for example. He used to always get on me about not keeping a timesheet. Well, anyways, that's a question that as a 29 yr old I just never would have asked. See, my dad was very interested in billings. He was a star at DiPesa, the last firm where he worked for somone else. He broke out in 1981. But he was the number one in hours at the firm and saved him at many audits where you would have expected a 20k liability, he came out no change. In fact, he took George Demeter right out of there when he went on his own. Today, Demeter, who is a Greek is worth almost a billion according to our estimates. But he was very cheap, especially to women. The Boston Globe called him "chicken man because he hit his wife with a chicken prior to their divorce. Now these people certainly aren't our age. George would be close to 80, he's older than my dad. He flies back and forth to Greece. But before we retired, he brought his son Panos in because he had an MBA. Well anyway, Panos opted for someone younger in DC so we lost the account before George became a billionaire if he is one today. That comes close to you, huh, well you know Buffett who has $40 billion in cash but at least we know one billionaire. Dave

On Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 11:24am, Davud wrote:

Oh yeah, forgot to give you the zip code, it's 33308. Now you're probably wondering okay so who's going to make the first move right? Well, Becky, if I make the first move you have to give me what I'm asking for. Remember, the flowers are going to cost me $15, what I asked from you isn't going to cost you anything. I know you're a churchgoer, a woman of God. My dad took a bunch of theological courses at BC, it being a catholic college. Did you ever take theology at Rutgers? I can discuss theology a little. My friend teaches the Bible, he says that's what he spends every waking hour thinking about. I get upset at church, I mean the guy's trying to imposse all kinds of beliefs on you, the least he can do is say goodbye at the end. Sometimes they do but sometimes they forget, they say "Go spread the word of God to the world" but then they forget to say goodbye. Then when he walks by, I always say thank you father. But see Jimmy thinks he's going up there to hang around with and be recognized by Jesus, he's a reader by the way. I told him as long as you don't go to the other place, who cares who recognizes you? Romney doesn't recognize either one of us. You kind of recognize me but that's because I've been a committed fan and what difference is that, you're not God. But see, Jesus to me would be a big political figure so who cares if he recognizes you, what's the difference? But see jimmy is a protestnat minister so they don't believe in Pergatory, just Heaven and the other place. I hope someday Jesus recognizes both of us together. But you know I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. That's why when they posted that thing, "is she married?" I figured a woman like you would probably be married to someone and I didn't stand much of a chance anyway being that I have mental illness. But then I thought, I knew you were smart so I figured I'll dedicate a good portion of every morning to the WSJ because I knew you worked there. Maybe I'll impress her with my knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I had been studying business a long time before I ever even wrote to you. But the one thing I wasn't up on was politics, tax yes because I had the experience on Quickbooks and the tax program in the office. But then, you know I took a sebatical during late 2008. I started reading Harry Potter instead of the Journal. I've read every one of them by the way, and seen all the movies, you? But see, I was in a program for the mentally ill which was actually closed at the end of that yr. You know, florida, being a high unemployment state, they had to cut some things out of the budget. I missed QE1, but then when QE2 came out, you knew all about it, I didn't. I really do credit you with teaching me that stuff. Today I know the yield curve a little too well. My dad tells me to take it easy because I go out to dinner and offend people that don't know what I'm talking about. Aargh, so much to tell you Becky. You were on the WSJ's retail beat right? The thing is if I bring you in say at 110k, I would have to teach you all my proesses. For5 example, do you know how to go to a set of financials and calculate EV/EBITDa? They have that in retail, I wouldn't see why you wouldn't know it. I actually calculate 29 different financial stats on every co I do. So you know I don't want to hurt CNBC by taking their Buffett star. Could Warren make a $10 million investment in our hedge fund? I mean I'd be a little demanding too. Like, say I pay you 110k, I need at least a 2.5% return just to break even. But hey, I'm up 13% so I don't see a problem there. Well, anyway, sorry I've been bothering you so much, promise to give you a rest now. Dave

On Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 9:36am, David wrote:

hey Becky, I know I'm not supposed to write everyday, but believe me I have something to say. Have you thought about Christmas yet? Let's make a deal, I will call the studio tomorrow. I'll just get the number from informaation, CNBC in Englewook Cliffs, NJ. I want the address so I can send you a bouquet of flowers for Christmas. I just bought Rhonda flowers, they were $15, so I won't go cheap or anything. I bought her roses but they only lasted about a week or so, they're wilting already. But there's something you must do for me. One's a Christman present, the other two are educational matters. My address is David LeBonte, 3200 NE 36th Street Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Send me a signed pic of yourself. Make it one of those from chairs where you're showing your body off a little. Then, a sjubxription to Politico as I'm not sure how to get it, I know you read it. And a daily hulletin from a recent show. I was digging into your website yesterday, I hear all the gossip is on page 6. But that's not the only reason I want it. I want to know a little more about the show. I unerstand a little about how you guys function already. Well you're there for the first 3 hrs as a hostthen you bring on guests. I want to know more about the guests. Make it a show where Meredith appeared because I'm dying to know more about her. By the way, how many hrs of the day do you think about business? I think I'm thinking it too much. I told Rhonda it's on my mind from the time I leave the bed in the morning until I fall asleep. That's the thing about me, I'm becoming a "junkie", I wake up by Squawk and go to bed by Cramer. You are too right? Well, anywahy consider my offer because it's a serious one. I've worked hard all yr, don't you think I deserve it. Don't worry, you don't have to bread their no communication rule, we can do this without you needing to write back. Merry Christmas. Think I might go shopping today, I've been meaning to take Rhonda to a TJX co as they're a recommended buy list fave. Your friend (and eagerly awaiting my Xmas present), Dave

On Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 12:25pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, I sent the Wall Street Journal a copy of my letter and they want me to fly to NY next week at a starting salary of 110k. If that seems like a goldilocks scenario it's because it is lol No, seriously, I'm happy to be working at the salary I have now, 60k. Actually, 55.1 as of last nt, there's still a month left. And what's nice about it is I'll be winding down my last month as a fourth year analyst. You know, I stuck up for you today to someone in the bldh. Her name is Candida and she said awhile back, without even knowing you that you were a prostitute. I have since disliked her because she also blcoked me on fb. I told her recently I had no use for her. She's older than us, more like 60's. Here's what happened. Before I met Rhonda I asked her to set me up on the dating service. So I go on one of the dating services and I start to get these messages back from women, you know give me $200 and I'll give you a massage. Now I know she's a legal maseure so I asked her if that rate seemed too high. She immediatly started thinking all I could get were prostitues, which on an online dating service, maybe that's all you can get. So one night, I wanted you to see what I looked like so I asked her to help me put my pic up on fb. I took her into this site, we went and looked at some of your pics and she said you were a prostitute. I've disliked her since. The reason I wrote to her today was to apologize because the three of us were in the car one nt, she came up to the window and said hi. I told her I wanted nothing to do with her and asked my dad to roll up the window, his jaw dropped. See, he's under this very mistaken way of thinking that the poeple in this bldg, many of whom are just outright greedy actually care about him but I can see right through it. You don't call someone's mentor a prostitute and exoect to remain friends. There's another guy, the activities director, guess what he wanted to do? He wanted to sell a $39 pizza at the Halloween party. I could give you other stories. The wonman who did our design work, she gave us a good screwing and then I was trying to market my letter to her jusband, calls me two weeks later looking for free computer advice. First, I don't know that much about computers and needless to say I didn't bother returning the call. I'm telling you Becky, it's greed, outright greed. That's why I plan to list this place before his funeeral is over when he goes, I've got to get away from it. You know what I think it is, a lot of them are NY wannabes, you know they're people that for one reasaon or another struck out up there. There's another guy who feels the same way I do, he says the less you have to do with them the better. Hey, did you read my letter, I appreciated it if you did. You know you may not write back but for me to ask you to spend 20 minutes, a half hr going over my letter every week that implies you're interested in me, you know mentoring. That's the think about me, I always wanted someone to take me under their wing. It used to be my dad. Did you know I was a baseball player at one time? Well, I threw, nostly against the fence. But I had this insatiable desire to be on the Pawsox. There was a guy, about my age at the time, Frank Rodriguez who pitched for them. Well he made the majors, he's probably getting ready to retire now. He;s been with a few clubs, the Dodgers and Mets I think. Well, one time I had followed the Pawsox all the way to Virginia. Frank thought since he was on the road, no one would recognize him so he came up to the stands. But I recognized him and got his autograph. I know, it's not the asme as our relationship. But if I ever met you I would of course want a pic of you signed. But I wouldn't want it to stop there. I'd be bothering you for advice, begging you to teach me you know. Oh yeah, remember the other day when Joe said something wrong grammatically. You said, and you knew it so fast, preposition at the end of a sentence or something. I think it was the day of the Rutgers game, bet your old English teacher was proud. See I think of you, you must have had what a 3.5, better? You know I had a 3.2 for most of the time I did my studies in college and took them seriously. Then I took Algebra 2, big mistake. See, against the teacher's wishes I took a yr between 1 and 2, something he advised very heavily againt. And we are going to meet someday. After I sell the unit where do you think I'm moving? Manhattan, I'm going to try to leverage up with Interactive Brokers, it could be upwards of 4 mil. It's going to be a hedge fund. Look out CNBC, I'm going to try to hire you away. Thanks for listening to all this today, once I get started talking to you I can go on for quite awhile. Your protege, Dave

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 5:12pm, Ken wrote:

Hi Becky, Love your show! Do you think we wll fall off the cliff in 2013? Your thoughts? If so, what do you suggest? Ken

On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 2:57pm, Mike Harmon wrote:

One more for Mr. Buffet I live in Atlantic Highlands, the Jersey Shore. People are crushed. Mr. Buffet, Mr. Gates and Mr. Bon Jovi wish to part with their money. Send it down. People will find good use for it.

On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 2:54pm, Mike Harmon wrote:

Becky: Ask Mr Buffet why? He doesn't simply pay himself more to pay higher taxes? Hire more staff members instead of gov hiring more staff members Pay his staff more which would put money into the system Pay higher dividend Finally, why is it better to pay more taxes to the inefficient public sector than the efficient private sector

On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 7:12am, David wrote:

One more point. We're talking about '13 taxes. We're not going to drive our CPAs nuts til' next tax season. Let's say we do kick the can, give them until March. Dad says there's ways to adjust rates to do what they're talking about. Just to use hypothetical rates, let's say they go with 5%. They come back half yr and want 7. They can make the rate for the last half 9. This way the rate becomes 7 for the entire yr. Aren't you glad CNBC has invited us two tax accountants in on the whole thing. See ya Becky

On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 6:49am, David wrote:

hey Becky, Who to write to first, a colleague or a fan? With the news coming out of the Eurogroup meeting yesterday, I was condidering writing to Allisson again, my new reader in France but then I thought, hey I've known Becky longer, it's been a couple of days. Hey, your dad was a geologist, did he ever talk to you about how many barrels per day can be brought out of a well? I did some investigation, Devon Energy is talking about setting up wells and intends to get 4,000 barrels per day out. Now you know the price of oil just as well if not better than I do, it's almost $100 a day. So multiply that by 5,000 and you're talking a half million at each well. See, you guys at CNBC, you want the headline numbers, maybe you don't dig deep enough to find every half mil. Do you remember how weak I used to be operationally, I'd give stock recommendations with nothing more than financial ratios, bet you used to wonder if I was recommending you to buy or sell? I'm getting a lot stronger. I try to memorize the operating areas of the cos under coverage. OXY is the largest producer in the Permian and California. Devon operates in the Permian from a smaller base and in the Barnett Shale. Now, thing is, I don't want to inundate you guys with a lot of operational detail but when they talk the Permian, the Barnett, let alone the grandaddy of them all the Eagle Ford, I've got to get that in there. Watched most of the show today, are you sure you're against kicking the can down the road? When I was pushing for Romney, I said he would likely kick the can down the road because serious tax reform, as your guest said would take 10 yrs and Obama seems only interested in income inequality. I expected obama to do something that would trigger a recession. So what are you doing now? Do you stay in studio til' 10:30, go home and tweet? I was on twitter reading you but I coulnd't get anyone to follow me so I gave up. GO KNIGHTS!! Dave

On Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 9:12am, David wrote:

hey dear Becky, The South Florida Sun Sentineal, now there's a crumby paper, that's my dad's paper. They're not the Journal so I wouldn't expect them to have our eye on business. But Florida's a big sports town, well southern sports I guess. They're writers didn't bother to give the score of the Rutgers game, ar the Knights still undefeated? See, when I write to you I like to have something to say, after all you're a busy woman. What did you make of Notre Dame's undefeated season, national championship baby. Well the pros play today. You know, sometimes I feel like a teacher because the letter doesn't just write itself you know? I was doing lesson plans this morn, going over the market timing stuff. I kind of have an idea of what I want to say now. Hey, I'm doing 2 stories this week, one of them's HP/Autonomy, the other one's proprietary, to get you to read the letter. You know I barrel through that thing every week after I write it, it takes me longer to read the Forecasts. I'll give you one hint, it's one of the things you talked about Fri, but what will it be? It could be Dans'a assessment of retail, you guys talk about a lot of things. I have a new goal, I want to get as developed as you in 2 yrs. I know, you only have 9 mos on me, but let's face it, I'm still behind. Thought your legs looked great on chairs Fri, by the way. You know, speaking of that, the personal side I mean. I know there' legal issues, but I'm going to ask my dad if Rhonda signs a prenup can I marry her next yr? Then I can lead up to it in Dec. Bring home flowers one nt, then get the engagement rings, pop the question. Becky, I know I'm trying to take her out of it and all, she's very poor. She runs out of money the tenth, then I have to buy her cigarrettes the rest of the month. I spent $12 on cigarrettes yesterday. And I don't want to say she owes me, I'm the breadwinner. But I offered her a chance to make money yesterday by watching me rsch, she only lasted a half hr. She said she was tired and went to bed. Then this morn, I have her a 45 minute rundown of my assessment of the economy, acted like she wasn't even interested and brought in her own issues. You're a great friend, as I can talk to you about her but I'm telling you the woman is not ambitious the way we are. You're taken, can you lead me to another woman playing at our level who is single? Say someone you may have mentored at the Journal? You know what the thing is, I'll be honest. In the morn, right when you get into your issues I assess the level you're on while reading the Journal. Sometimes I'm half asleep at that hr, so you make your levels, I kind of drift between sleep/half sleep. Other days I can really keep up. I want more good days. Rhonda just drifted in, she says "you're so informative", think she wanted me to tell you that. Well like I say, in '13 definitely more good days. Hey guess what? You know how I'm on fb, right? Out of the blue, some French lady sends me a friend request. I accepted and sent her the letter saying I hope she speaks English well enough to read it. You're such a good mentor, even though it's a one way discussion of business. And I remember our rule, every other day. See ya, Dave p.s. Obviously my story is not retail, wouldn't have told you that easily. Check in to find out, I'll see you next week

On Friday, November 23, 2012 at 6:41am, David wrote:

You knew you were going to hear from me today, how was your Thanksgiving? We ate turkey at my dad's aide's house. My dad and his aide have a great relationship and have become friends. Then after, Rhonda and I went to see the Abraham Lincoln movie. It was pretty good, we watched until they enacted the thriteenth amendment, April 9, 1865. But then I had finished the popcorn so she wanted a cigarrette, we missed the assassination if there was one. Anyway, don't want to spoil it on you should you decide to see it. I was very appreciative of Dana being on this morning. I understood what she was saying perfectly. You know stores are discounting, 50,60% off today. I liked how recommended buy list name WalMart posted record traffic. But you know, they're up against tough comps, what was it last yr, 4.1%. Most likely, even though we've seen wages risse a little and 2 million jobs created this yr, they're not going to beat that. However, with inventories lean there's always the possibility of taking pricing, maybe they'll earn more, she did make that point. When's Meredith coming back? I know, this time you get to be the tease. Now Meredith is a little harder to understand, she graduated from Brown suma cum laude you know. Together, they're my favorite 2 analysts. My broker doesn't like Mereidth due to her botched call on muni debt. It must be tough, though when you're trying to sell muni debt and a Wall Street mover comes on and says, oh there's going to be a hundred billion in defaults you know? There's one other point I wanted to make before I close. You know my broker told me he was a big fan of the letter and myself. We throw this word, "fan" around. For example, I've even closed some of my letters to you, your fan Dave. I know you have a fan club, once again you never got back to me on that. You know what, I'm going to consider myself an unofficial member. But then it said most of your fans have met you, I really want to meet you someday. Well, I'm going back to work, got Conoco and Phillips 66 which have been working great in my personal portfolio today. Wish me luck, I have to write a letter of resignation to my hedge fund guy. Yeah, he finally blew me off, says he doesn't have time to read outside rsch. Your unoffical fan member, Dave

On Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 5:42am, David wrote:

hey there, Rhonda, just to show you how messed up she is right, last nt I had Cramer on. Now she and Cramer ane around the same age, she said when they were in their 20s, they partied together and she goes into this elaborate story. So I watched Cramer last nt, I didn't get much sleep. I went to bed at midnight but didn't fall asleep til almost 2, woke up at 6. I batted about .500 on the lightning round. She thinks I'm crazy because I go nuts every time he recommends Amgen. She claims she's met everyone gfrom the Jackson five to now Cramer, you know what I'm going to call him Jim. I know he likes to be called Cramer but if someone was calling you Quick all the time would you like it? So Jim, the only way to keep up with him is to follow more stocks. That's why I have Starbucks, Honeywell, Chipotle, Gilead and Celgene entering the system this quarter. I know you're busy doing the show, that's where I should be. I just got in. Dad has a doctor at ten, no time to read the Journal right now, gotta get on stock rsch. My plan is to do Halliburton and XOM today, write the letter tomorrow and I won't bother you Thurs. You notice I held up my part of the bargain, the deal is you won't block me so long as I write every other day, agreed? Hey, want to hear an old business story? We had a client, a guy worth about ten million bucks. His name was Joe Spadea. He had a son, Johnny. So one day he comes into the office and says to my dad, can you take your lunch hr and make an accountant out of Johnny, that's how much respect he had for your knowledge. Anyway, he was old, he died. See, Johnny was on drugs and he, I guess he graduated from high school but what he really wanted to do was become an artist. His dad, with all the money in the world, wouldn't pay for his art school so instead he got a job at Sears. Well to make a long story short, this Johnny was his youngest son, let's say he was about ten yrs older than us. He died shortly before his dad of a drug overdose. So Joe, right, he was a landlord in Brockton, MA. I don't know if you're familiar with New England supermarkets, the one I worked for, Shaw's was number two, Stop and Shop was number one. He ended up renting his building to Stop and Shop. Just to show you how ignorant he was, are you with me? They were paying him $85,000 a mo in rent. So the end of the yr comes along, my dad wrote a million on his taxes for the rent. He comes back with hey, I didn't make no million, I made $85,000 a mo. Good story? I have many more. Perhaps next time I'll tell you about my dad's rich Greek client, he opted for someone younger but he was worth close to a billion or the guys that turned 20 million into 200 playing gold, believe me Becky, you're a business person, these will be right up your alley. You know the other thing is my own practice. Things are starting to happen very fast. In the last two weeks, I've added two very important clients. I am not working Thurs as it is Thanksgiving. My plan is to make up for that on Sat. Let me let you in on a little trade secret, you know how I said if CNBC were to ever hire me I'd want sixt grand? The thing is this, all yr I've been billing out my services, call it payback on the inheritance you knwo whatever you want to call it but I came in just under 53 last week and have a legitamite shot at sixty. My rate is $75 but I don't bill for everything, just the stock rsch. See, my dad and I were talking fee structure, he was billing $110 but not for everything. Now this is a secret, don't tell anyone. My dad's salary was in the low six digits. But every yr he would only pay tax on 90% of it because he took in about seven grand in cash every yr. Good thing the statute of limitations has run, you could get me in a lot of trouble based on what I've told you. Becky, I will leave you with this. If you want thw word from Merrill, read my letter, sorry I have to be a tease. Thurs my plan is to leave you alone as I will do every week, to take in the letter. Happy Thanksgiving, see you Fri. Your future colleague, Dave

On Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 8:25am, David wrote:

hey Becky, I couldn't wait. I have many things to discuss with you today. As you know, I've been involved in the heavy marketing of my practice and the good news is there's been a breakthrough. It's the guy with the small store, I stopped by to give him the letter last nt. I think he's about ready to hire me but he said first his uncle has to look over my work and he's in India. I have a feeling this is a foreign family with big bucks. Anyway, I stopped by again today and without getting into a lot of details he knew I was an accoutnat so he said if I could provide him a few "tricks". I gave him the old inventtory trick my dad originally taught me back in the '80s which is to credit inventory and debit purchases. So say you have a client with a small profit, you can turn it into a loss through this trick. It works, as long as you don't go overboard so say the end of the yr comes and the client has a profit of three grand, you turn it into a two grand loss. Let's just say I'm not an enrolled agent. But do you remember when you first started to go heavy into taxes and I wrote back theer are certain small nusiness "tricks" we accountants employ for our clients that you don't necessarily have to know the law for? I mean you wouldn't have needed to have read the entire tax code to know that, hopefully it gets me in the door. The problem with you is you've been hobnobing with Warren Buffett and Wilbur Ross and I build you up by letting you think you have more experience than me due to your high knowledge level. The reality is I made my first trip into my dad's office when I was 8. The upside for you, at least you had a childhood, I didn't. But let's say there's some miracle breakthrough and your orgainization decides to hire me, say at sixty grand. Sixty grand is the majic number because that's what I feel I'm worth. You know I have to be honest with you, I'm not qualified to appear on tv. I have my mental issues and one of them is my habit, I'm always either thinking of having a cigarrette or playing with my hands. You know how they've had that ad on there of the morn you broke the JP Morgan story about them buying Bear? I want to say congrats on breaking the story but I could nowhere near there without playing with my hands or getting extremely nervous. But let's say I take the jr. writer's position, one thing you have to say I do a great job of putting the issues you guys are talking about into my own words, I've provided great explanations. You know my old high school teacher, not that I had him in high school but that guy Mr. Page I was advising, every time I gave a good explanation he would complement me on it, that was his business. But let's say I'm sitting here writing something, I'd have a sr. writer who would take the idea, say it in CNBC words and you could read it. But even if I'm not hired by CNBC, just to know you, spend time with you and contribute something to the best business tv network on the planet is enough for me. Rhonda almost journalized by herself a $3,000 transaction last nt so she's learning too. I told her the total transaction value of my dad's practice was roughly $20 million. See I wanted to engage her interest. Now as an analyst who follows publicly traded cos, my transaction value is in the trillions and up until now I've done it quietly. You would never know I transact that much from a corner of my dad's bedroom. Then we went to a Marathon gas station, I've got them coming up in energy. I asked her if there was a way to find out how much money they made would she be interested. Becky, I worked as a bagger in the supermarket for six yrs when I was growing up, you know me I had to know. So I timed how long it would take one register to ring through one grand and it came to an hr. You wouldn't believe all the money they were taking in. I read in the Journal, the average supermarket in America takes in $600,000 per week. Maybe you didn't know that, now you do, think about it the next time you're waiting in the checkout lane. Hey, how do you like your big car? What is it, like a giant suv or something? We used to have a Mercury Marquis but it was too difficult to maneuver in the parking lot so we bought a Ford Fusion instead which is smaller, easier to park. I like it, my dad bought it out of the money he's not giving me for working this yr lol. You know he can no longer drive himself and he always liked big cars but he said this time since I'm the one driving, I could pick. It's essentially my car but I'm required to hold up my end of the bargain. I get to take it home at nt but I have to come here everyday to make his bed and take him to doctors. My dad, he's got a couple of yrs left. He recently told me that my uncle Joe and aunt Ann are coming to town, I can hardly wait to show them I've made it, my practice. You know I've almost got the experiential bachelor's, I'm fully engaged and intend to now start working on the experiential MBA. Let's make some money together!!

On Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 9:41am, David wrote:

hey Becky, MAJOR CUSTOMER WIN!! You read the letter I sent you guys right? I will always give you Fri to digest it and then write back on Sat. Not to get hasty, but I think I did better than you the first time you appeared. Well I just mean on the experinetial side. I'm talking about managing money and dealing with Merrill, you didn't have those experiences when you were 30. You know what's exciting, you know we're going to have jobs together again? I always use the Thurs after jobs Fri to review the labor mkt. That's not the only customer I won this week. Have you ever heard of Chuck Carlson, the analyst who writes DRIP? He sent me an email marketing DRIP so I couldn't resist. I sent him Streetview. Then today I wrote back and asked him to hire me for $60,000. That seems reasonable considering the level of talent. Then there's a guy who owns a amall store. I can always smell out a potential client. Rhonda and I went in there shopping and I started a conversation with him about business. What a time to be on the value-conscious marketing side, well with Wal Mart reporting bad numbers and everything, those places, well they say more the dollar stores, but are gaining share. The one problem with him is that he's ambitious, sooner or later he's going to want a second store and will need an audited set of financial statements, without a license I can't give him that. But there's no reason why I can't get him to buy the letter, maybe set up an hr onsultation once a month at $50 and perhaps do his taxes, you know. Are you watching football today, who's Rutgers playing? You know I got Rhonda a book about basic bookkeeping. I'm now testing her at the high school level. I told her to remember, receivables are to revenue as expense is to payables. Then I leave a blank and ask her to fill it in. Or how cssh is king so eventually everything's going to end up there. She wasn't at the Intermediate level but the thing about bookkeeping is it's repetitive. Once she understands a chart of accouts, for example, you know the 1000s are assets etc., that's something she's going to see time and time again. Have a nice weekend, Dave

On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 7:11am, David wrote:

hey friend, I have one important issue to discuss and then I'll get back to everything else. My broker has been receiving scrutiny out of Ny about me. I wtote him an email mentioning Merrill by name and I said to my readers that when I start my own hedge fund I would manage their money even if they only have 50 grand unlike Merrill. They wanted to start a mini investigation and called him to find out the status of our relationship and whether he was using the recommendations. He told me to stop sending him the letter. You know I lose them and then I pick them up again. I've already replaced him but you won't believe with who, you. Now you say how is that possible, you already blocked me. Well I'll tell you how, I had an email address link in my contacts that said CNBC membership contributions. So I wrote in today giving them the heads up and telling them it was coming with a special request that it be passed on to you. I wouldn'e be surprised if they contact you. You know what I told them is that I really didn't want to get you in trouble, that I had been trying to get you to violate the no writeback rule but that you were talented which of course they know and I told them you were straight as a doornail about that rule. I've wanted you back as a reader for awhile and I think if you read my letter what you'll find is a hard working, genuine person who follows a lot of the mainstream issues discussed on CNBC. I'll be doing it for free, only because of what you've taught me for the price of a basic cable installation, I mean you've given me a college education, why not share? OMG, can't believe this I'm an official CNBC contributor. What I won't discuss with you today is teaching Rhonda debits and credits, that, not only is it a nonconversation starter and beneath us, but it makes me a self-promoter to Rhonda. I'm gtving up on trying to teach her at that level anyway, we're going to pick things up with a basic Bookkeeping book instead. Delighted to have you back, Dave

On Monday, November 12, 2012 at 6:08am, David wrote:

Morning Becky, I say morning, what can be good about it, it's Monday. The market's up a little. Just doing my normal thing over here on my end, reading about the fiscal clif in the Journal. You know that wasn't a trick or ploy the other day to get you to write back, Rhonda really is sick, she plans on checking herself into the hospital on Wed or Thurs. I was drilling her on the Intermediate Acctg for about 3 hrs last nt. We're still on debits and credits but now at least she's starting to answer a few questions correctly. You know what she said to me, when are you going back to stalk that Becky woman? I mean I'm not stalking you, stalking is when I find out where the studio is and start showing up there everyday to try to talk to you. And even if I did that, hey all I would want is a new friend. I don't really find myself gravitating toward women on CNBC, you're the only one who will listen to me. Look how smart Rick is, and as a republican did you hear what he said when it became official the other nt? Free enterpirse prosperity is now dead. I plan on quoting him in this week's letter. You know I read some of your other messages, you know the one liners, you're a beautiful woman, go get 'em Beck. In the course of our friendship I've probably spent 3 hours writing to you and I have yet to hear back, ever wonder if I get hurt by that or why I do it? It's not because it makes me feel important to talk to you, that was the reason at first but that has died off a long time ago. When you made the leap from the Journal to CNBC, that was a big move for you right? When I read the Journal I don't even look at the writers' names. You went from being relatively unknown to being in front of a half a million people everyday. I've heard of Paul Krugman of course but he writes for the Times, a lot of those people like I say unless they come on tv who knows them? Did you ever think you would come across a fan who would take such an interest in you? I'm trying to think of anything else I wanted to say, well I guess it wasn't that important, see you Wed Dave

On Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 11:40am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You know I hate to keep doing this to you, you know wtiting everyday I mean. I'm stuck on something, while important it doesn't pertain to business. Before I disclose, you must promise to keep this between us. On these days I wish you wrote back because I could really use you help and you know I have nothing but upmost respect for you, I could really use your help on this. Here's the issue, Rhonda has gone off her medication. This is very serious as it could land her in the hospital. What should I do. I'd really appreciate if you would contant me with your opinion at haroldlebonte@bellsouth.net. I mean this is potentially the life of a very good person we're talking about. While she has not threatened anything yet, you never know when a mentally ill person comes off their medication. As for me, while I don't take it religiously, I miss a dose here and there but I do take it. I've been out of the hosptial almost ten yrs, looks like she may be going back. Dave

On Friday, November 9, 2012 at 8:52am, David wrote:

hey Becky, That sure was a heartfelt message I sent you the other day, I wouln't blamce you if you were questioning my commitment to my own girlfriend. I guess the word I was looking for was actually strong like as love implies you are interested in the other person's body. Hopefully I didn't turn you off when I said I loved you for your mind. It would probably be a good idea not to post that message as I got so personal. Did you see Cramer last nt? Good show, you know I got what he was saying about Apple. It's a fiscal cliff stock, should the rates on capital gains go up next yr not only do you lose money, you pay a higher tax bill. Then he said after the split, Abbott Labs is worth $74 intrinsically, and it currently sells for $63. But then the lightning round came and not one person called with a question about a co that I follow, I would have been laughed off the stage. You know I listen to the guy and I get the jist of what he's saying until that lightning round. Anyway, I so wish you were still a reader. I think you would have appreciated my European coverage this week. Before I send the letter out I always reread it looking for typos and stuff. Well anyway I got to my European coverage and it seemed the height of professionalism, maybe not CNBC professionalism, Streetview professionalism. Hey, I'm in the minors here. I had a long talk with Rhonda this morn which is why I'm late. We got to talking future plans. Well, neither one of us wants to stay in Fl. The heat is too intense. She wants to move to Washington where she's originally from and I'm leaning toward North Carolina although they don't like us yankees up there. I don't want to move back to Boston, too harsh weather the other way. Then we got to business plans. You know that ad you guys run for Interactive Brokers, about the portfolio margin account? What I was thinking was this, why not after I receive my inheritance start my own hedge fund? Hey, my dad haa more than 200 g's, I could manage a million. I want to rearrange the entire portfolio. See, my dad watches Judge Judy and buys market links, you know the safe stuff, there's no way I'm going to trade up to five times leverage while he's still alive. I could sell the condo for 200, that gives my 8 right? Let Joe manage half, or 400 which would be your straight 60 stocks/40 bonds allocation. Take the other 400, manage two million. I've quietly generated a ten percent return in my letter while no one was looking. Becky, my salary could be 200, my net worth would be 4. I could make it to accredited investor status in no time. So then, the other thing I was thinking, why not if I can get her qualified bring Rhonda into the business at some point going forward? She didn't understand these plans at first. The woman makes $700 a mo you know, whe looked at me like I had two heads. She's never been offered something like this before. So like I say, she didn't understand at first so I kept trying to drill it home. I've been teaching her Intermediate Acctg, aargh. Did you ever try to teach someone? well you teach me on Squawk. But the ultimate goald of any teacher is to get the person ready for the test you know? There's a test coming after the first 3 chapters. I still had my old score, it was an 84. I told her if she beats it I would give her $20. I'm the guy that's got to drill down for nothing but I wanted to reward her. The thing is, I could have bet her a hundred grand because she's never going to do it. And what if she gets something in the 20s, she's going to get discouraged. You know what I like about the course is it introduces you to a lot of stuff, like to get you to know your way around the balance sheet and the income statement, the statement of cash flows is covered in 2. Anyway, this is what happened. The firs two questions were just review of Acctg 1 and 2. When the question about the acctg equation was asked straight she nailed it. But then they changed the order around and she missed. Okay, the next question just listed several accounts and you had to identify whether they were balance sheet or income statement accounts. So they gave accounts rcvbl, which she said was a credit account. I told her she was wrong and began to explain why. She kept insisting she was right and that I was putting her down so she got up and walked away from the table. I told her not to do that, that the course requires an 8 hr a week commitment for 13 weeks. Now you tell me, has she mastered Acctg 1 and 2 in your opionion, based on what I'm telling you? She claims to have taken them but there's a big question makk in my mind at this point around that. Your friend, Dave

On Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 7:03am, patty wrote:

Why do you have to be a downer? The dow is at almost 13000 and you have to be negative...really?

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 5:24am, David wrote:

hey Becky, promise not to call you Beckster anymore. You knew you were going to hear from me today. First, I've never seen a team commitment come together the way it did last nt on CNBC. You guys should be very, very proud the way everybody came together. Did you know Carl was on the air ten hrs yesterday, you were on for 5, good going!! However, I have one complaint, I don't know who let him on but there was a guy that came on and said going over the fiscal cliff would be a good idea, let's pray that's not the message you're sending to your viewers, That guy was a clown. Hey, what can you say, we're stuck with him for 4 more yrs. I begged my readers for their Romney vote. He shouldn't have secceeded, Florida and Ohio were still in play. You know what stuck me is the way Maria changed her tune, well first she said Romney had a 1 million edge then within five minutes she called the race for Obama. Hey, I beat Rick. He predicted a winner by 10:30, I had a midnight prediction and it was called at 11:15. I told Rhonda shortly after 10:30 that Rick's prediction had proven incorrect and that if I beat him it would be a major self-confidence booster. Now, hey Rick's been in the business for what 30 yrs to our 20, there's no way I can compete with that nor would I try. You know who I liked, was that woman in the green, I don't know her name. You know I've never seen her on any of the programs, hopefully that will change. You know she was there through it all, every debate and what I saw in her was a genuine person putting effort in, more importantly she was a republican. She was saying the same thing I was saying to Rhonda, that it wasn't over. Now you look at her, she's about our age but I'm sure she's a college grad, you guys treat her as a professional person. The election is a good time to reassess where you're at. Now I've been busting my butt these last 4 yrs to become an analyst. I don't want much, to live comfortably and be treated as a professional. You know here I am writing to you everyday, before you know it you're going to see me as a field colleague, am I beginning to think like a colleague. Nor will I cut my education short, I'm not really you're colleague for another two months. You know when I was in elementary school I was in special classes and there was this girl in that same class but when Math time came around she would go upstairs to take it with the regular class. This made me feel bad so I got help over the summer and eventually I was going with her. I really hope that's the way it can be between us, see I don't want to be that guy that calls you Beckster or someone you're trying to get rid of. I have a lot to offer. Listen to what I have to say down the road, I'm going to give you tips on what you can say on tv. You know I think one time you actually used something I said, perhaps without realizing it. It was awhile back. I had said that the Fed should start to think about getting rid of some of the assets it had acquired in the QE programs. The very next day you asked a guest what he thought about this very issue. And then everybody started talking about it. Admittedly, I'm not as smart as you, you know I didn't finish Rutgers when I was 20. And I think when I first came onboard there was a part of me that said no, there's no way I can compete with her. I used to get up at 6 and watch you guys, you would say something or Joe would say something, I'd get lost. A commercial would come and I'd still be trying to figure out what you said. And I wouldn't even watch it for more than an hour, at seven I'd leave you guys on but start reading the Journal instead. But back in those days I would watch you and be like, wow I've got a lot of catching up to do so I poured my heart and sould into that Wall Street Journal. Today, things have changed. While still not a contributor I understand so much more of what you guys are saying. Now I've repeatedly asked you to contact me, I've given you my email and phone mumber many times. I hope you like me but there's something you may not know, I love you. If you didn't have Matt and I didn't have Rhonda I would marry you in a heartbeat. And you know what, my dad wojuld approve of it. But will you ever accept me, you would probably get after me about smoking. Now when I say I love you, it's not one of those things, hey he's interested in my body. Ninety nine percent of what I love about you is your mind. Now I think you're a beartiful woman but to me that's just, to use a football analogy, the extra point. The touchdown is your mind. And believe me, I'm not being condescending when I say that. I think in a utopia world we would be married. I wish I knew you when we were in high school, I think you would have kept me on the straight and narrow and made sure when you picked up your degree at Rutgers that I was right beside you or would do it the next yr. Instead, to be honest, I've had a terrible life. I met poeple like January, Rhonda is very sick in the head. Becky, you're one of the most quality people I know. I just wished it had worked out differently. Your soon to be colleague, Dave

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 3:43pm, Lynn Goldsworthy wrote:

Hi! Just researching info on election day and heard on TV that you have some ties to Valparaiso, Indiana. I grew up there and even though you moved I'm glad to have you as a Hoosier. !-_-! Lynn.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 7:22am, David wrote:

hey Beckster, New spin on your name. Rhonda is doing pretty good. I started her on Intermediate 1. Well we talk hevily and what was happening is I was always turning it into business. Well she told me she took Acctg 1 and 2, I had an old Intermediate book so I gave it to her and have been trying to teach it to her you know? Well she knows a few basic things, the difference between debits and credits and the basic acctg equation. Well you don't come out of 1 and 2 without knowing the difference between debits and credits unless you flunked. But then they took it a step further, we've only donw ch 1 mind you. I was trying to introduce her to accrual based acctg. And I told her point blank and tried to hit the point home. This was my own teaching angle, the book didn't explain it this way but I told her and wrote it down in capital letters, things hit the income statements as perfromed. And what I meant by that was that, well you could say incurred but it gives rise in the bus to things like rcbls and payables as well as unearned revenue, we were talking about putting things on the income statement as performed and the timing differences of when it hits cash, you know to you and I that's very basic. Ultimately the only way she's going to learn is through doing the problems on her own. I did the first few to teach her, I left the book this morn saying she should go through my notes. I gave the example of an elderly client we had that used to call rcvbls and payables the thme owes me and the me owes them. See, at the end of the yr the client gives you a list of rcvbls and payables and then you reverse last yr's balance and put the new balance in. With all the talk of politics and M&A on CNBC this stuff gets lost. You were a reader when I went through the different ratios I do, remember I spent a few weeks on that segment. Well this is even more basic than that. You know one thing that surprised me was they were talking about reversing entries and they gave the example to try to get you to think like an accountant of how the accountant has to clean up after the bookkeeper. Some clients only want to pay $8 an hr and call the person a bookkeeper but it's really a cash disbusements clerk, that's about all you can hire for that but some clients are notorious for trying to squeeze bookkeeping charges. Well they gave the example of how you do reversing entries at the end to get the bookkeeper back to his/her original balances. And they said if you have prepaid insurance and the bookkeeper had accidentally debited this to expense, they said you should put it back in expense when you're done. They said this was optional, I told her it's not only optional it's wrong, that's not accrual based acctg you know? A lot of bus today, have I convinced you yet that I used to be full charge? I was in that line for about 12 yrs. I got so good at the end, my dad used to hand clients payroll returns that I had prepared. If he wasn't my father, I could have stolen the accoutns and picked up the ck too. You're busy this week with the election, they're going to have you working so many extra hrs you won't know if you're coming or going. Your friend, fan Dave

On Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 10:44am, Frank wrote:

On Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 6:45am, David wrote:

hey Becky, Rhonda and I were up late again last nt talking business. I don't know if she's getting anything out of it, you know if I'm reaching her. Sometimes she goes off into her own little world when I'm teaching. I told her my dream was to know as much as Cramer by the time I turn 60. Yeah right, I don't work 4-11. That's what he was doing when he was our age at his hedge fund. There aren't enough hours in the day to know as much as Cramer. Have you ever read his stuff, Stat Mad for Life, Getting Back to Even. Anyway, turns out she's taken Acctg 1 and 2 at the college level. Turns out her sister stole her book, put her down and everything. I promise to never take her knowledge away from her. And it just so happens, it just so happends I've got an old Itermediate book. How far did you get in Acctg? Now you were a poli sci major, I'm figuring 1 and 2. Rhonda has taken as many acctg courses as you lol. No, I went and dug up this old Intermediate 1 book. My bookcase is a mess, I wasn't able to find 2. But this could be a whole new change for her, it will keep her engaged and give her an interest. She says she likes to hear me talk but sometimes enough is enough you know? Anyway, back when I did it I was doing one chpt a week. Whether she can maintain my pace or not depends on how interested she gets but I told her I'm willing to tutor her. We're starting today. You know Beck, it's business but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. We're actually having a great time. Maybe we don't have as much fun as you, they say blondes have all the fun, Rhonda's a brunette. Well she thinks she's a blonde, she dyes her hair a lot. What did you think of the jobs report, one more nail in Obama's coffin? The only president to win reelection in modern times with an unemploymnet rate of 7% or better was Raegan. Correct me if I'm wrong but Obama is no Raegan? Happy Sun, watching football today? I can't get interested in it. This entire season I've watched maybe one half of Dolphins.Rhonda can't watch for ten minutes without needing a cigarette. I wasn't a great teacher last nt, I mean I was teaching her with a cigareete in my hand. No, we kicked around everything, from Lehman to the election. Hey, if she does Intermediate 1 and 2 I'll only hold one acctg course over her, Managerial. I aced Managerial. From what I remember it all led up to this big project you were supposed to do at the end. I also aced Bus Law and it was funny because I beat a few paralegals at their own game. What I haven't taken is Cost, Auditing and Advanced. The way I look at it, why complete it? I'm an analyst now, I love what I'm doing and I'm about to inherit 600k!! Your fan/friend, Dave

On Friday, November 2, 2012 at 7:17am, David wrote:

I've been adding lots of new business Becky. Well first, I called Utd Tech investor relations earlier in the week with questions. If you go to contact on their website, you get the number for this woman, right. She has the same name as you but she goes by Rebecca. So anyway, she was just the secretary but put me in touch with her boss who actually answered the questions. You know I told him they were continuing to come up a hold on my stock rating system and why, they scored a 62. Anuyway, to make a long story short I sent him the letter through the email but couldn't remember his name so I actually addressed it to Rebecca and told her to pass it on, my subscription fee was only $200. Do you know, that guy is considered an executive at Utd. Tech, he's a real business builder because if he likes me he can pass it on to his 200 friends, he probably knows almost as many people as you do. Anyway, I was proud of myself, not only did I get over my shyness about calling investor relations, I also found a good lead. Also, rememver the pharmacist at Winn Dixie, the one I told you played the stock correctly? Well he asked for the letter so I sent it to him. It hasn't been coming back or anything but he says he is not getting it. I'm going to call and find out when he's working, perhaps make a personal delivery. And, and remember I told you I'll talk business with almost anyone, why be snobbish? Well I've been going into Dunkin' Donuts and striking up conversations with this certain well Iguess you and I would call him a kid. I gave him the letter too. What can you make from Dunkin' Donuts but ultimately if he's got a grand or something sitting at the bank making .8%, he could buy a few stocks and make much more so that's what I told him. The only problem with that is I run a portfolio, not single stocks. I recommend individual names but of course I look at it as a portfolio. What if he picks the wrong stock? Because I had a guy who loaded up on energy and he bought all the wrong names, such as Devon Energy. He was down, he even bought Citigroup. I guess one quarter their numbers came in decently, I probably recommended it as a hold but you know, out of the blue he bought it. But look at the winners I've picked, I've been pulling back on Apple, AT&T, Gap (a double), WalMart, and Home Depot. On the personal side, I don't know what to do. See my dad has threatened to take my inheritance away if I marry Rhonda and all we have is each other. I don't have any guy I can point to, hey this is going to be my best man you know? Well other than my minister friend in RI. He's a long life friend but he's 1500 miles away. Happy weekend Becky Your friend, fan Dave

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 7:24am, David wrote:

hey Becky, I've been trying to touch face with all my northern friends to see how they're making out with the hurricane. I sincerely hope you're alright. Did you get a couple of days off, the mkt's been closed, sorry I haven't been intune. That thing came through here last week, just a lot of rain, I guess it was considered tropical when it came here. If anything, it improved our weather by making it cooler, it's only 70 right now. You know I hate to bring bus up at a time like this but guess what the Forecasts did this week? They came out and said they were making changes to weightings and components in thdir 12 factor sector score and sector specific scores. I think they said they were leaving their overall score alone. I was thinking, you know I hate to start trying to reorganize my Streetview score indicator, I only have 7 factors, not 12. But I find it's certainly not infallible. Well it's had me out of the banks for awhile and meantime they've rallied. More recently, I had Utd Tech and they came out a hold at 62. They were hurt by having a leveraged balance sheet, you know high 3s which I mean they're not leveraged to the till or anything but that's a little elevated for a nonfinancial. Anyway, they're expecting 17% growth in earnings next yr. I shrunk the multiple to make a hold style projection but even if the multiple holds steady that implies 17% growth. The most likely scenario is that is expands since they are projecting growth. You know there's been a lot of debate, you know what are you paying for when you buy a stock and the conventional wisdom has been to say you're either paying for a stream of earnings or dividends, I have a new one, you're paying for the growth rate. Do some investigating if you get bored today, in cases where growth has been projected, the multiples are always higher. Well that is just the difference between growth and value. Speaking of value, one of the keys is determining shose going to get a buyout. Did you read in the Journal, Cerberus is thinking of making a bid for Supervalue in the high five billions. That would make a considerable premium. The last time I investigated Supervalue, the mkt cap was around $2 billion and they've since reduced the number of stores. Good thing to keep an eye on if you get interested. Don't they block you from owning stocks at CNBC though? See, I've been wrong about the supermarkets. I tend to take a stern look at the fundamentals. For example, when I bought Winn Dixie at $9 I sold at 7, the buyout came at 11. The supermakets don't have good fundamentals, but I guess someone must like them. See ya Dave

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 9:12am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You won't believe how many people have yet to hear about the fiscal cliff. With all this talk that companies won't hire because they don't know how much they are going to pay in taxes next yr, I decided to ask around down here in S Fl how many people have heard of it, not a soul. I even asked Sam at the desk, a very smart elderly Jew and not even he had heard of it. I'd imagine you don't discuss business with the checker at the supermarket but last nt I went to Winn Dixie and asked out of the blue, "Have you ever heard of the fiscal cliff?" Now of course the kid says no so I immediatly start trying to win him over to the republican side. Obama has said he intends to cause a recession. He said if he doesn't get his rich tax hikes, he's cutting a half a trillion out of the military. I was talking to my broker, you know this is no time for partisan politics, it's do or die. Have you been listening to what the real bears have been saying, they're on your show you must be, 2 million jobs out the window, almost a repete of 2008, a decline of 6% in GDP, a steep recession. Now I don't place a lot of confidence in what the bears say as you know, I'd rather listen to Jeremy Siegel. I told Rhonda they should have been debating this earlier in the yr, you know so people would know about it and base their vote on it. Romney has the proven ability to work across the aisle and Ryan's been studying the budget for 20 yrs, together they're the ones to bet on avoiding the cliff. You know we're going to 11% by the third quarter if we don't avoid it. The thing is it's the most avoidable recession. Now you can make the argument, hey 2008 was unexpected, true the mkt was overvalued and after 20 yrs of solid growth we were bound to pay for all the leverage employed in the banking sector. Or in 2002, cos were trading at 160X earnings, but this is avoidable. I truly hope as smart as you are that you're on the right side, unlike your friend Buffett. A little certainty certainly would help. Cramer says not to expect anything out of the mkt until after the election. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Friday, October 26, 2012 at 6:50am, David wrote:

hey Becky, Rhonda and I have been fighting like a married couple, I guess that's to be expected now that we live together. Yesterday, we got into an argument at Dunkin Donuts. I ordered two small coffees but she wanted a donut, I didn't want to spend the money. She got upset. She gave me $400 at the beginning of the mo to cover her share of expenses, now there's only $80 left. She got so upset and we were at that same laundromat and they had a snack machine so I had to get her something to eat there. See, Rhonda's problem, she runs out of money in the middle of the mo. Now here I am sitting with 37k in the bank but that's down from 46, I'm upset about that. I told her she's spending money like water. Anyway, she got the results of her test, benign that God. I guess going to church every Sat helps. Did you know that elderly guy John, you know what he thinks? He thinks we're going to have a banking crash next yr and depositors aren't going to get their money back. Now, before you laugh at him, I'll remind you that actually happened at MF Global. You must know, did the investors ever get their money back? I heard they were going to make a partial recovery. At first, MF Global wanted them to get in line with the other creditors. Has Jon Corzine done anything illegal in your opinion? Wow, I had a lot to say about business the other day, I sounded smart huh? I've already done 35 cos this month. Two a day for the rest of the month takes me to 43 for Oct, that would be a record. You know what it was, I was under all sorts of pressure at the beginning of the mo to complete my Q2 cycle. Now that I've started to cycle Q3 I can relax a little, ck out some articles on Yahoo Finance and stuff. I love talking to you Becky, keep up the good work on Squawk. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 7:31am, David wrote:

hey Becky, So much for writing to Cramer, all 3 of my messages came back failure notice. You looked great interviewing Buffett today. I think Rhonda noticed me checking you out. She goes to get the results of her test today, so she's in my prayers. What do you think of the $500 billion we've lost in the last 3 days. It seems everyone had their Fed blinders on but when earnings that aren't too good are hitting you in the face what else can you focus on you know? Anyone following analysts' estimates knew this was coming but certainly it has implications on world growth. Cramer said DuPont missed by 33% and didn't even warn so it was a real blindsider. We were overdue for a correction anyway, with the market advancing 12% from the June lows. Europe has been a factor too but the smart cos took advantage of how they have kicked the can so many times as an opportunity to buy time and get out of there. Do you watch Cramer? I do but the 6 tends to fall right in the middle of dinner so many times I stay up until midnight to watch it but I think it's worth it. He wonders why cos' operations have been affected by politis. What does politics have to do with how many jet engines GE turns out? He's always saying the US is going to rally despite political risk. But I guess it does have an affect, as politics affects what corporations are going to be paying in taxes and the way they set up health insurance for their employees after all. There is so much uncertainty in the US right now and much of it has been caused by Congressioanl deadlock. We need a president who can work across the aisle as Romney proved in MA. I voted for him as governor back when I lived there and plan to again. Besides, I heard on Kudlow if Obams doesn't get his rich tax increased he's going to send us over the fiscal cliff and take $500 billion out of the defense budget. I guess the FICA rate is going back to 6.2% regardless of the outcome. How can you do meaningful tax reform in one month with a lame duck session though, Congress will most likely punt. Wow, I've had a lot to say about business today, more than usual. I'll close for now. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 4:52am, Catherine wrote:

Great Interview with Mr. Buffet, always. I look forward to everytime. Personally going through difficult transitions of middle life, lay off, divorce etc.- Warren Buffett - Uncle Warren :.) - always gives me hope, and practical tips, focus advice for the Future. Headlines,- are not helpful to Me. Analysis, small and middle companies, jobs, thoughtful authentic Participants and specific economies focus is. I am so grateful for your thoughtful, insightful, wide ranging, illuminating Interviews always, and Mr. Buffett's generous time and sage advice. Thank You both.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 6:43am, bill wrote:

John Kerry's interview truly upsets those who wish to ignore the facts. His statement re Romney's tax plan, "he is either lying to the Tea Party or to the American people" was a nail hit on the head. Your attempt at rebuttal was best expressed by the look on your face whilst thanking Kerry for the interview. Girl, when you are in over your head, most times it just pays to listen.

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