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On Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 8:52am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You'll never guess who I just wrote to. None other than your colleague Jim Cramer. Well he's your colleague, I consider him a new friend. Do you remember the first email I ever sent you, I said let's be friends. Well that's what I said to him, you know I explained I was a firt-time writer. I told him a little about my background, 12 yrs as a bookkeper, 4 yrs on my own as an analyst, just an associate's. I even sent him a copy of my most recent letter. Wow, this means we now have 2 mutual friends, I almost met Bob Dole and now Cramer. I hope he doesn't think I'm some kind of a nut, you know writing around to people on CNBC. But you're still my favorite host. I mean you've seen me grow. You have taught me more about the Fed on Squawk than I ever knew, and politics. Now I'm going to be with a stocks guy. When I first started writing to you, I was the guy that wrote employees' names on payroll cards. Well of course I'm exagerrating but I told him to ck in with you, that you would give me a good recommendation. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Friday, October 19, 2012 at 6:42am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You know I've been meaning to write you for the last couple of days or so. Actually the reason I didn't write Wed is because I know you don't like me to write everyday and then yesterday I was tied up all day with my letter. It went 7 pgs but the 7th page was just my name. Anyway, you know who I'm getting a little worried about is Rhonda. I shouldn't have made off the other day like I was doing her some kind of a favor to drive her in for her surgery and taking the morn off. I should have done more than mention it in all the bus stuff I was talking with you. See, it's more than just a small growth, you're a woman, I was talking about breast cancer. Well they don't know if its benign or malignant, that's why they were doing the test. They also removed a mass of it. It was same day surgery but you know Rhonda is really the most important thing in my life, not some co's earnings. But on a brighter note, I hear you and I may get that ph conversation after all. I saw an ad the other day that you've got something lined up on fb, I don't know if it is live but it's some kind of a thing where I can contact you and ask questions. You would have to respond to me if I did that. I've definitely got to find out all the details. Good luck in Omaha, wish it was me meeting him. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 12:32pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, Wow, I've been busy. I've been reading the Journal a little longer. Last week they had a lot of banking stuff. Yesterday, the focus was Europe. Today I didn't read as much of it because I was out all morning taking Rhonda in to have surgery. She has a small growth on her breast so she's having it removed. I brought her in this morn, she'll either get out tonight or they'll keep her, not sure which just yet. I have one complaint, she's a heavy smoker, even worse than me. We get our cigarettes at the same time but she's done when I still have 8 left you know? Well that's happened a couple of times but she can be a bad influence because I smoke more when I'm around her. What do you think of Pandit? What do you think of the common euro budget they want to do, the banking union? Will Spain ever go for a bailout? I think there's an overdue phone conversation we should have, ph 954-648-7900. Now I trust you not to post this message as I gave you my ph number. I'd love to talk with you about some of this stuff. Dave

On Monday, October 15, 2012 at 4:59am, Kirk wrote:

Always smart. Always beautiful. Never looked better than today, 10-15-12. Keep smiling

On Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 11:22am, David wrote:

Sorry Becky, I know I'm not supposed to write everyday. Just a short note to tell you Rutgers is playing Syracuse on tv. Not sure what channel, I think it might be one of the networks. Gee, I didn't know they were in the top 20. I'll bet you did. See, even though you're a woman I'll bet in some respects you know more about football than me. I'm not that big a sports fan. You're even getting better at reporting on sports. While you'll never be a sportscaster, you used to say it like you weren't interested. Now I hear you joking with Joe, you're doing a better job.I think I hear wedding bells in my near future with Rhonda, keep you posted. As for me, I'll probably read my online messages form the Forecasts then return to the game. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Friday, October 12, 2012 at 6:17am, David wrote:

hi Becky, You know my fncl adviser advised me to develop as an analyst and try to get people to try to subscribe to the letter. I've been taking his advice but the later part is easier said than done. I just spent about 15 minutes disspelling hard earned advice to that woman I told you about, Holly just to find out she had blocked me. John's gone too. Well, I could really care less about John, that guy was a fruitcake. i only wish I knew how to block so I could block him. He sends me crap in the email I don't even read and it's a lot to delete at the end of the week. The problem now is he's a friend of my dad's which means I have to put up with him. You know I send these people free advice on the email. Well I hope eventually they'll pay but I mean it's free advice Becky, they block me. I wrote a solid letter this week. The topic was jobs. But then I got into Europe and was arguing that our response to the fncl crisis was certainly more Keynesian thant the European response has been. I also am now drawing investment thesis around the stock picks. You know I'm definitely trying, trying to follow the a part of my broker's advice. Well let's talk about you now. Gee, working til'11 and then 6 the next morning. You're probably taking nap now huh, well you can read this when you wake up. I think Ryan definitely won by the way, I mean the other guy made an ass out of himself with his laughter. That's 2 wins for us. When will it show up in the polls you know? Your fan/friend, Dave

On Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 6:23am, David wrote:

hey Becky, I think you guys are doing a great job covering the news on Squawk. The problem is for every 10 minutes spent on stocks I have to listen to 50 minutes of politics. I know you guys are just doing this because of the current economic climate. We need a new president, hopefully Romney will get in and we can go back to 50 minutes of bus news, 10 minutes politics. You probably wouldn't like this seeing how your degree is in poli sci, you probably enjoy covering politics. Anyway, you know a client once accused me of not giving enough specific recommendation so he could make money in Streetview. So with John,the elderly gentleman I was talking about the other day I tried a new approach. Keeping in mind that he's a goldbug I gave him some exclusive rsch on Goldcorp. Becky, this guy is rediculous. When he talks bus, he brings the Bible into it and says the world is going to end. When I said he was an Armeggedon guy I wasn't kidding. While the Bible is improtant, I assume you're a church goer, I am too, but how can you use the Bible to draw bus conclusions? So we ate with him again last nt. I was trying to explain to him you make buy and sell decisions based on earnings estimates, not the Bible. Do you remember when I was sending you the letter? I would give comprehensive coverage around each co's earnings but when did I ever mention the Bible? Also, I hope you're at least getting these messages. I went into a screen and it said contact Becky but then it said no one knows your email address. While I know you need your privacy and certainly I am not writing to you everyday, I consider you a friend, I want to talk to you. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 1:13pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, Do you remember my friend I told you about, the elderly gentleman, well I guess you could say he's really a friend of my father's. His name is john, he's a permabear at least, if not an outright Armageddon guy. I send him the letter and we had dinner with him Fri nt. He told us all hell is going to break lose in '13. Well if he's ever going to pay for his letter he's got to be interested in the mkt first. So I invited him to my office for a free one hr consultation. I offered to make the mkt interesting for him by showing him where to find rsch online. You know I could show him how to find earnings releases and earnings estimates. I could show him my rsch. If you nmae a co and I follow it, I can get you a complete report including opinion and price target. Well see I just offered to do this for him on a 1 week basis because all he wants to own is gold. I even told him how we're trading at a much lower multiple today than it was the last time we were approaching these levels. The thing is he said the same thing was going to happen last time and he was right. I don't think we're headed that way again just because there's new mkt dynamcis at play and a once in eighty yr storm could not possibly happen twice. You know he's a retired steel worker so I can't really make an analyst out of him at this stage of the game but hopefully I can get him intersted in buying stocks. Hopefully I can get him intersted in buying Streetview. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Friday, October 5, 2012 at 10:31pm, Joe wrote:

Um,David? Not to be a killjoy or anything... but did you happen to notice the little disclaimer on the main page that says this site is not by Becky herself and was made by fans who don't even know her? For all your typing, I'm estimating the odds that Becky's even seen this page is maybe 20, 30% at best. Might've browsed it at one time, but not on any regular basis. Or does that not matter to you? Just wondering.

On Friday, October 5, 2012 at 11:09am, David wrote:

Aargh, feeling a little depressed today Becky from both a business and personal angle. First, businesswise I've been marketing my letter but really getting nowhere. There's this girl online, Holly, I think I went to school with her. Well today I wrote her, hey I still haven't heard from you. I've been sending her the letter but told her upfront it was free for a limited time only. I told her she had to pay me $200 by Christmas for her '13 subscription. But like I say I still haven't heard anything. I told her she was my leverage because if she agrees I can go to my other readers and say Holly is paying, I can't send you the letter anymore unless you pay. I mean not that I would anyway, it wouldn't be fair to her. Then I mean personally, do you know who's back in my thoughts? January, my x I told you about. My life got messed up when I knew her because she was heavily into drugs. I don't even know why she's back in my head, I mean I have a beautiful girlfriend. I've tried calling her at her grandfather's house, the last number I had but the answer is always the same, she hasn't been here in six months, she's probably in jail. I asy here's my number, have her call me but I never hear anything. I mean I don't really think Rhonda minds because she has an x back in Indiana who she calls on occasion, I don't say anything. Guess what, I'm finally making some headway with her. This morn before I left I asked her what P/E was and she was able to say price to earnings, it's about time. Actually I talked business with her for 3 hrs last nt, then turned Cramer on. I mean she said she didn't mind all the bus talk, because I was at least not ignoring her. Well her problem is she's been raped a few times. She has a tendenchy to say hey I got raped five yrs ago and go off in her own world. I told her she would never get a bachelor's by changing the subjuect. I mean that was a little insesitvie of me. It's just that I've heard these stories time and time again. This is why her family got so mad at her. I mean she's so sick I don't know what to believe or disbelieve. Don't say I'm sick because I talked business for 3 hrs, you guys do the same thing every morning. But you know she claims she's written all these famous songs, and she won't stop saying it. It's got to be her illness. Anyway, are you watching any football this weekend? You know I think Rutgers gave up trying to play BC. I don't want to say it's a small school but it's like BC's game of the year used to be Holy Cross. Holy Cross gave up playing them awhile back. Holy Cross is in Worcester, MA. You've been to MA right? Well you know how Joe talks about the industrial corridor, 128? That was about twenty miles north of where I used to live. I was actually about 40 miles south of Boston. I think today I wish I was still there. Well its just the heat down here is still intense and here it is Oct. I can hardly wait for the cold front.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 10:31am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You know I wrote a cordial note to your webmaster about posting all the messages I send you, she doesn't have to post evbery one. With so many messages of mine on here they're going to start calling this page the Becky and Dave show. Anyway, I just made it. In Q2 I took that 3 week vacation but I beat my Q1 volume by one co. I'm already up to 5 in the new quarter even though it's only been 2 days. Well I'm pushing harder now that I've expanded my universe. I took tech up from 28 cos to 40. You know I would never want to discount your abilities just because I've read a lot of investment books, I'm sure you've read more. The thing is in order to read Stocks for the Long Run you really should either have a bachelor's degree or a backelor's worth of knowledge. I'm getting to that level so I'm probably going to try to pick it up again soon. I've already read it twice. Seigel is a graduate school professor after and all and he's probably taught that book at that levbel. Have you read it? I've read other as well. When Genius Failed, House of CArds which is about the downfall of Lehman. Like I asy I have a whole closit of them. You know the one time I really wanted to be on Squawk is when you guys had Allen Greenspan on. I've just always wanted to meet him. You know I told Rhonda he was a desciple of Ayn Rand who worked with Keynes. Well they had a whole club back then in Manhattan where they would sit down and debate the issues of the day from an economics standpoint. It's sort of like Squawk Box but Squawk is on tv, back then they didn't have tv lol Dave

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 5:16am, Bernie wrote:

Hi Becky, I missed Bio I got my answer forgive me had broken rib for while not yet alert anyway the portrait I still would do but not a family one but someone could be with you while you were sitting in studio maybe 3 days monthly until finished Warm Wishes!, Bernie Delaware

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 5:07am, Bernie wrote:

Hi Becky, I always was kinda wondering if you were married and had children, reading the messages,i kind of get that you are, I guess I am guilty as others cause I am fine artist and of course I have to take notice in a honest way of a persons physiognomy since i paint only few people like ex wife I had to do,and few others that I have to paint but most are right you are adorable woman which I have always felt that way like so many men feel some honest some probably fantasy i do not,i am on honest side Hopefully! but the show does not interest me but people do !I dont know half the things you guys talk about i am just fine artist an walk by faith, ,If any changes do come up in your marriage in future I would be interested taking you out only if you were but who knows if you even get these messages , If by time Im not taken an still singleI would consider serious painting of you but not to stiff of one but capture something an if i can do that then we would have completed a worthy portrait but cant get in touch with you? You would have to do that I cant ,please hope you will get this message Warm Wishes,Bernie (Delaware)

On Monday, October 1, 2012 at 3:22pm, Charles wrote:

Hey Beck, I debated whether to write to you because I'm sure you get tons of mail and mine probably won't get read. So here goes. I was watching your interviews from Sun Valley when you were interviewing 3 gentlemen. Warren Buffet was one, a famous fund manager (name?)and an entirely unknown gentleman was the third. This letter is focusing on the third. His comments were so "moronic and privileged" I was shocked. He first starts off his conversation on how he served in the military. So what. So did I. I am tired of people pulling that card as if what they say next should be taken as gospel. He then went on to talk about the reservists and how they only pay a small annual fee for their Tri care coverage. Again, so what. It never ceases to amaze me how so called intelligent individuals focus on certain segments of our society to cut benefits. That is not going to cut it moving forward. To prevent civil unrest/class warfare whatever you want to call it, "equality of sacrifice" will be needed. I coined this term from Lee Iacocca's first book. Here is my point. He mentioned how it is unfair that reservists recieve the same health care as active duty personnel. Really? There are thousands of reservists that have been called up for 3,4,5 or more tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the words of Donald Rumsfeld, tough. They signed up for it. Fair enough. They also signed up for the military benefits. I know active duty personnel, who this gentleman seemed keen on protecting, that never set ONE FOOT in the desert. I know active duty people that never left the borders of this country. Yet he feels they deserve more than someone whose life has been completely torn apart by these conflicts. Another point. It never ceases to amaze me how someone feels others should pay more. I think we all should to get out of this mess. However, the annual premium he laughs at is probably what he spent for dinner that night. I would like to see his reaction of someone recommended his life would have to change by asking him to pay more. He would be the first to say "no way". A $40 dollar a month premium for Tri care is nothing for him to pay but there is a segment of our society where that is an amount that many American families hold dear. The fact that this guy was in Sun Valley Idaho sitting next to billionaires tells the entire story. I wish I knew his name so I could have written him directly. Thanks Beck. I wish I had more time and space to write

On Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 9:19am, David wrote:

hey Becky, I just sent another message to my broker, just to follow up on our discussion from the other day. I called him buddy, explained it was just to be cordial while staying within the lines of professionalism. I also said I had grossly underestimated the qualifications of a Merrill analyst. See I was hoping for some middle of the road ground which is why I asked for 30k. The problem, as I stated with all due respect is that at Merrill you can either be worth 70 or not get hired. You know I'm glad I took a chance but it's frustrating. I have an entire bookcase filled with investment books I've read, no degree to show for it. I have one that fell off the shelf and is sitting on the floor. It has a picture of Bill Clinton on it. I was telling Rhonda, you know I really shouldn't have a picture of a former president on the floor but that's how I feel. That symbolizes how I feel. I mean it's not like I can just get a job making 30, you know a bookkeeper job. That's all I really am, a glorified bookkeeper. But the thing is technology changes all the time, it's been so long since I've done anything on Quickbooks or data entry you know? I mean I did make full charge bookkeper at the end with my dad. I would do the payroll return and he would use my work to give to clients but it's been so long. They say we have structural unemployment, a true mismatch between the skills employees have and the increasing skills empolyers demand. I guess I'm feeling that. My job and what I study are more of an education toward that analyst's job I can't get. I mean big co earnings and world affairs. The guy was probably just looking for someone to input receivables at $15 an hr. I don't know LIFE. Well anyway another thing I told Joe, my broker you know out here on my own there's no reasaon why I can't continue to hone my skills and talent and become a better analyst especially now that I'm going to have 4 yrs experience. Yeah, I'll just continue to do what I'm doing. Down the road if someone say a smaller hedge fund or someone wants to cut me the credit I can go there and work hard even if it's for only 30 or 40k. it pays the bills. You know I broke it down for Rhonda. Instead of just coming out and asking her what a currency manipulator is like she has some experience I asked her if a country is a currency manipulator which way does it want it's currency to go and why. With Rhonda it's like hey she's someone to teach. I go on something like Yahoo Finance to learn from their bloggers. They seem to write at such an advanced level I can't learn. I'd rather share as the teacher you know? I mean I'll teach anyone, business is my biggest interest you give me someone that wants to learn business I'll talk to them all day even if they don't know what the heck a P/E ratio is. It's sort of the reverse with you. I wanted you to teach me everything you know lol. No, seriously I wanted to talk to you so I could learn more with you mentoring me. But I find the average person simply doesn't have our level of knowledge so I teach them you know. By the way Becky, I know you won't, but don't never block your fanpage. Rick has this same page but he doesn't accept fan mail. I mean we have a good relationship. I get on here every couple of days or so and tell you what's on my mind. I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind even on Sun but I'm going to break soon and watch some football, you too? Dave

On Friday, September 28, 2012 at 11:04am, Davud wrote:

Last day of the quarter Becky. But it's been what, 3 days since I've written to you now, posted my last message Tues. See I don't want to write everyday for fear you'll get sick of me but by the same tolken I don't want to go away so long you start wondering what happened to me. I had quite the talk with my broker the other day. He's a little stuffy. I mean with you, you know who cares, I've told you so much stuff your opinion of me isn't going to change, we're friends so I can relax a little more and be myself. But with this guy I have to be more professional. Well anyway, I ended up asking him to take me on at 30K since I need a job. I guess even a jr. analyst job at Merrill is pretty tough. Well I was hoping he'd make an exception for a hard worker who just happens to have 60 credits. He became defensive and I guess the job really pays closer to 70 but to be a rsch analyst at Merrill you need an MBA from a top 20 school. He said his being from a top 50, he probably wasn't even qualified. But I would have to live in NY which to me didn't seem all that bad you know up there in the big city I'd be closer to you. He said it wasn't him but they are strict at Merrill and other big investment houses. Well it was worth a shot, where are you going to get in life if you don't take a shot? One more quarter Becky, I'm calling it a bachelor's degree, four long hard yrs of stock rsch. But when you get out of college or finish a lot of hard work the first thing the person asks of you, you know what did you learn? Well the hig thing for me, it's not enough just to read the earnings release.The earnings release tells you sales were driven by x factor. But as an analyst you have to delve deeper and ask the y, what will drive earnings going forward and are the current trends healthy, will they sustain? Oh yeah, and you can't follow individual names without a deeper context to the industry as a whole. See I know this is what I have to do but I've got a lot of work ahead of me to get there. You know for awhile I was upset with my broker. See Bob Dole was in Fl. and he never told me. He turned around 2 wks later, oh yeah you could have come it was open to clients. There goes my chance, you know Bob Dole. He could have delivered that bouquet of flowers I talk about every once in awhile. More improtantly, he could have arranged for us to meet. You'd meet me if I knew Bob Dole. Rhonda's been doing good, she was watching you a little while this morn. See you have to go slow with her. The other nt I told her China was a currency manipulator, well she had never heard the term used before. So I come back and quiz her ten minutes later only to a blank stare. Then I apologized and promised I'd go slower. Everything is getting set up over our new place. Actually we went back to that same laundromat last nt but I figured I woulnd't bother you, I'll just write her today I said. Happy weekend, I've got a lot of work so I have to do a little rsch tomorrow as well. Dave

On Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 6:57am, Mark wrote:

Wow, your hair looks incredible today.

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 9:10am, David wrote:

Dear webmaster, You don't have to post every message I leave for Becky. I just want to be friends with Becky, not fill up her entire fan page. Respectfully submitted,Dave

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 9:07am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You must think I have nothing better to do than leave messages on your fan page knowing I still have 6 cos left to meet Sep quota lol No, seriously it looks like I'm going to make it. After the end of the quarter, I'm going to sit down and reassess, gotta find out why my volume is so back-end loaded. On the personal front, your kids should look great in their costumes next mo. It will be Kyle's second Halloween, right? I'm sure he'll make an adorable lion? How's Matt doing? He's not upset that you get so much fanmail is he? Rhonda's not upset, she's seen you on tv, she doesn't mind that we're friends. I must be getting addicted to being friends with you though, I sure leave you a lot of fanmail. You must set your watch by it, it's been 2 days, I'm going to hear from Dave, huh? Well we'll be able to watch tv soon, the cable guy is coming tomorrow to hook us up. Get this Becky, she actually wants our apt. to be a reflection of my dad's condo. I tell her, hey honwy my dad put 30 g into his place, there's no way we're going to get anywhere near that. you know what really impresses me about you, well obviously your bus knowledge but also how well-rounded you are. For example, I was up early I saw most of the show today but when Joe started talking about that train that goes from Boston-DC, you were all over it. Eihter they rehearsed it or you are one smart woman, I woujld have looked at him with a blank stare. Thanks to you and your colleagues, I've learned more from watching Squawk than I ever learned in college. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 2:19pm, David wrote:

hey, Are you watching football? Your Jets beat my Dolphins. The Dolphins could have won because they kicked first in OT but it was a 48 yarder and the guy missed. Then the Jets kicked and first it was blocked but timeout was called so they tried again and made it, too bad. I don't know who you like so I just assume you like the NY teams. But I know you lived in a number of states growing up including Indiana where Rhonda spent time and Texas. Gee, your dad must be a college grad too huh, to be a geologist. I think you need a degree for that don't you? Anyway, my dad is watching football, I'm over doing his laundrhy and Rhonda is in my old bed sleeping. I'll tell you, now that you've posted so many of my messages all your fans are going to know who I am too. I don't know them though so I'm not going to worry about it. Are you ever recognized when you go out? You know one day they showed a fadeaway on Squawk and you guys were in front of about four different cameras. Is it scary to speak in front of cameras? I'll bet it was hard to get used to at first, huh? Well see ya, happy football watching even though you team won (again) Your fan and friend, Dave

On Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 11:06am, David wrote:

hey Becky, Well I'm just sitting here working on a Sat, figured I'd take a beak and say hi. You know Rhonda and I have been staying up til 2 talking. So you know we go to bed, I end up paying for that around 7:30. Last nt we talked for 2 hrs, mostly about business believe it or not. Well see she doesn't have my education level but she said I'm smarter than any other boyfruebd sge ever had and that I explain myelf very clearly. I don't know if I ever told you this but she had anohter boyfriend when we first met but she dumped him saying he couldn't talk to her at the same level I can. She makes me feel worth something you know? I don't know, now that we live together the next logical step would be marriage. I have yet to actually buy a ring and put it on her finger yet, we're still waiting to get settled. I don't want to see my credit card bill this mo. see we had to furnish the place and I put it on my credit card. But we now have a couch and a table, they delivered the table the other day while I was at work. She still wants to get a coffee table and end tables. We're going cheap, Habitat for Humanity. I don't know if they have that up your way, we have one here in Broward. Anyway, I've been trying to teach her what P/E means so I quiz her on it, she has yet to pass. Dave

On Friday, September 21, 2012 at 5:10am, bill nichols wrote:

You seem to wear your politics on your sleeve. I believe that you and Joe would be a better fit on Fox TV. Bill in Manila

On Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 4:06pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, I'm at my dad's house but am leaving in a minute to do back to my own place. Then I thought, I owe her a message last nt, said I would write last nt. Anyway, after we got back from doing laundrhy last nt we stayed up until one talking to one of our new neighbors. Get this Becky, this guy lives right next door to us and he is pursuing a finance degree. I was like, yeah this is more like it to go from a bldg with a lot of stuffy old people to this place, I mean this guy is only 32 and he's into the mkt. I had one problem, he didn't know what the letters ECB stood for. But there's so much I can teach him you know, I'm in heaven. I've already printed a copy of this week's letter for him. He's one of 3 I've added this week, business is picking up Becky but will they pay? Well this guy's a student, you know he doesn't yet have the money to invest. But someday after he graduates he will. It's up 48 grand now. I also added my pharmacist, think I told you about him. I've got anohter student, seems I always get the students, oh well. This guy sold me a new computer yesterday, sent him the letter too. Boy, you posted my last 2 too, thanks. You know now Rhonda thinks I'm a big shot because I have stuff posted on a CNBC website thanks to you. You know what else, I'm glad you posted the one I wrote that I talked about Jeremy Siegel in, I was pretty smart that day. You know you were smart on Squawk the other day you know when you said what if businesses take this cheap money the Fed is flooding in and use to acquier instead of hire. I thought that was real smart, S&P cos have trillions of dollars on their blance sheets you know. I was able to take what you said and use it in my letter today, stated in my own workds of course. Well I'll see you Becky, have a good night

On Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 4:05am, Darin wrote:

Hey Becky would you ever leave squawk box for fox news because you would put the fox in foxnews hottest lady on tv

On Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 7:07pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, Guess where I am? Rhonda and I are doing laundry. They had a computer and I wanted to show her where you posted my messages. This thing is going to time me out so see ya, write tomorrow

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 1:37pm, David wrote:

hey Becky, Thank you for posting my last two messages, at least you know I'm alive. You know it makes me feel special, seriously to know someone on CNBC. The paper boy messed up today and delivered the New York Times instead of the Wall Street Journal. I got to read Andy's column, what a mind huh? He did one on Occupy Wall Street, maybe you saw it. It was sort of a treat for me because being a WSJ reader I don't get to ck out Andy's work that often. Let's see, I've read Too Big to Fail, Stocks for the Long Run twice now. Seigel was too smart for me though, there was a lot of it I didn't understand like options. I want to get a book on options so I can learn them. It would have to start out basic though, I barely know the difference between puts and cclls but there's a lot of strategies you can base around that area. Did you know Siegel, I mean I know he's a permabull, but he thinks the mkt is going to 17,000 by the end of next yr. He said when we hit the record in 2007, the multiple of the mkt was 30, here we are almost back there and its only trading at 17 or soemthing today. You guys have had him on. You know what I wonder though, Becky, how much of it is froth put in by the Fed? It's like Rick says, the mkt can't function on traing wheels forever. Yet it goes down every time they come off you know? At any rate, I'm doing QE3 as the topic in my letter this week. I had a pharmacist at the supermarket ask me to email it to him, he didn't offer to pay though. This guy's really into stocks, he thinks Apple is going to a grand. The one problem, he works at Winn Dixie and talked me into buying their stock. I didn't play it right at all. He did, he hung in until the takevoer and he made money. Anyway, I want my Journal back tomorrow. The Times only has one mkts article they call stocks and bonds. AS you know, the Journal has yesterday's mkts, world stock mkts, credit mkts and currencies so 4 to their 1. I'm going to finish up my rsch and read the Forecasts now. See ya, Dave

On Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 8:38am, David wrote:

Becky, What do you think of Qe3? I know, I promised, no business today. Rhonda and I are doing great in our new place. At first, I thought it was going to feel like we were in a studio but there is actually plenty of foom. See, there is a decent size kitchen area separating the living room from the bedroom so it doesn't feel like a studio at all. Every night I go there, lately I've just been falling asleep because we don't have the cable set up yet. But you know, I'm really happy being with her everyday. Dave

On Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 6:58am, David wrote:

Becky, Sorry I told you you owed me fifteen grand the other day. That wasn't an invoice, just my way of saying I've put in an effort to be friends with you just to be ignored. I was upset with you for awhile. Wouldn't you be upset if you wrote an investment letter and after you did all the work the person didn't even respond to you? You know I'm not a bad guy, I just want you to like me. I'm not lovesick either, I want you for your mind even though you have a gorgeous body. I want you to be my mentor. For instance, right now I could use your help analyzing something. The Journal had an article yesterday about TIPs and the breakeven rate of inflation. I kind of got the gist but am still confused about what the breakeven rate of inflation is. Could you send an email explaining, I know you know. See, my problem is I'm not educated but for an associates. The guys that advertise newsletters to me are MBAs, just as smart as you. You have a bachelor's from Rutgers right, or a masters? Sometimes when I ask my broker questions, he talks over my head, he has an MBA. I asked him about standard deviation and tried to grasp his explanation but couldn't. I guess in a way it is almost like I'm a college graduate or will be the end of the yr. I've been working just as hard analyzing stocks over the last 4 yrs, too bad its not accredited lol Anyway, these times we get to talk are very important to me. I'm going to mix it up. Since we talked business this time, next time I'll write something personal. I want to tell you how things are going at our new place. Your fan/friend, Dave

On Monday, September 10, 2012 at 7:20am, jerry wrote:

Becky Quick is everything I would want in a woman. She is beautiful, sexy, intelligent and witty. She is the most fantastic woman I can think of.

On Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 6:27am, linda mader wrote:

Where did you get the beautiful green dress you are wearing today on squawk aug 30

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 3:34pm, David wrote:

Guess what Becky? I just put a deposit down on a place today. It's you know, not glorious, 550 sq feet but its plenty of room for the two of us, Rhonda and I. I figure, my dad's condo is 1400 so its roughly one third the size. Well we met with our broker at Merrill Lynch today and finally decided that the apt plus a car was just too much for me right now with no paying job. So my dad and I came to an agreement that as long as I come back to take him to lunch, dinner and doctors I could keep our Ford Fusion so at least I'm going to still have a car. Wow, I'm going to be very busy over the next few months, between all by rsch, doctors and alone time for Rhonda and I. I plan on writing a great letter tomorrow. The one thing about it is that I'm not going to do an in the news section because my main news source, Dow Theory Forecasts never came this week. I mean I paid $500 for a two-year subscription but this week they didn't send it, either that or my dad threw it out. Well I've been out for most of the day so now I have to catch up. My 3 stocks this week are chevron, Marathon, and Oxy. Your friend, Dave

On Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 7:20am, dave wrote:

hey Becky, Well I finally finished my letter last nt. It was one of my more typical letters actually. I had a little Europe, some news, my picks from energy and the recommended buy list. The one thing I did differently was figure out how much the portfolio is up including dividends. You know its up $43,000, $49,000 with dividends. I mean you know how I took out the big losses so you deduct a little for that and I figure I've made my readers around thirty. See, that's why I can't understand why no one will buy it. I'll tell you, the greed is unbelievable in this bldg we live in. Rhonda and I went for bkfst and we came through the lobby only to be stopped by this lady who told her she should go out with my father because he has all the money. Then she said she would go out with him for the money. Another guy, I sent him a letter marketing the letter, next thing I know he's calling me up asking for free computer advice, needless to say I didn't return the call. Then there's Dennis, you know I gave him a $1700 bill for the time I spent with him both reviewing the letter and for a one year subscription. Now every time I see him all I can think of is the money he owes me. I know I'll never see it because he's too much of a derelect but you know you don't forget something like that Becky, I'll never forget that that bum owes me. Oh yeah, I may have finished the letter but I still couldn't get it to print. Also, when I went to send it to my email clients, a message came on and said it was taking longer to send, no kidding. Well I stayed on the screen about five minutes and finally gave up. I'm going now to try to send them again. I should also read my online messages from Dow Theory Forecasts, I still haven't read the last two weeks. See ya, Dave

On Friday, August 24, 2012 at 11:31am, David wrote:

hey Becky, I was just working on Apache but figured I would take a break to catch up with you. You know those oil cos have considerable assets on the balance sheet, Apache has close to sixty billion. I was reading a story on Yahoo Finance this morn that talked about how Chesapeake is moving from nat gas to oil and restructuring their assets. They're trying to do around fourteen billion in divestments this yr. BP is selling assets too to pay fines related to Macondo. I wasn't able to do my letter this week, had another wrestling match with my desktop but this time it won. I sent out emails to my readers explaining how Im going to try to get it fixed and do a letter over the weekend. Well, I figure you're not interested in getting my letter anymore anyway, I don't have a medium for sending to you anyway. But Im taking that machine to be fixed today. Know what, there's a big hurricance heading here, toward s. fl I mean, Isaac. Don't worry, Ill be careful. When it hits Mon Ill probably be sitting right here analyzing stocks anywahy. Your friend, dave

On Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 10:36am, Jeff wrote:

I only watch Squakbox if Becky is hosting. I will not watch when she is not there.

On Monday, August 20, 2012 at 7:10am, David wrote:

hey Becky, You looked very [retty on your first day back. Rhonda and I found a real nice place for $800, 2 bed/2 bath, gatec community, spacious living room. But the owner has to have us approved by his board. Rhonda is afraid she'll be turned down due to her credit. Plus it takes a mo for a decision. Her faimly is moving to Tampa in Oct so we really have to get something done soon. I don't know if you're familiar with Fl, this place is in Delray, next to Boca, like 20 miles from here which wouldn't be a problem if I had a car you know? She wants me to be able to get to my dad as he is very sick. You know he said I should wait until after he dies to marry her, imagine saying that? Well she finally likes this place, I mean its a good deal you know? See ya

On Monday, August 20, 2012 at 5:34am, Allen wrote:

Smart and pretty -- missing seeing you on Squawk

On Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 10:39am, David wrote:

hey Beck, Looking at more apts again. We found a bigger place for eight hundred. This place is bigger than the apt for eight I was telling you about last nt. That other place was like a studio with a bedroom attached, we werent even sure if we could fit a bed in. This other place isnt too far from my dad either. So we get outside and she says, this place doesnt have a pool. Its always something, Ive been ll fa yesman, you yeah sure honey, this place is nice, lets move here but she finds something wrong with every one of them. Well for this place we need to pay five hundred in sec deposit. The place we saw last nt was only two fifty. I dont see why they make you pay sec deposit in the first place I mean its not like youre getting in there for nothing, you pay the ernt in advance you know?

On Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 6:36pm, David wrote:

Guess what? My account is at a record high. My dad's investments are flat at best, down. He has a conservative portfolio but my stocks are doing better. See when you go to Merrill they ask you to take a survey that tracks your investment profilea nd he came back conservative. I went car shopping today, remember how i told you you can lease a Nissand for $99? well you can but you have to pay a big down payment. Im going to lease for $200 insetead. Rhonda and I went apt hunting again, we found a big place for a grand and a small place for $700, we''re leaning toward the smaller place because its smaller but more affordable. Hey, you set yourself up as a public figure on fb which means I can't send you messages on there anymore. Did you get sick of me? You know, no one wants to talk to someone who has nothing to say but I try to tell you something every time I write, be it the market or whatever. Your friend, dave p.s. I no longer have a medium to send you my investment letter so I wont be sending it to you anymore

On Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 11:55am, alex wrote:

you are very nice and beautiful. <br>you are an real angel.

On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 7:27am, Nick wrote:

Whereabouts in Indiana did you grow up and at approximately what age did you think you might be involved in business and Wall Street?

On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 6:06am, Ron wrote:

Fantastic job today in pointing out the foolishness of Mr. Santelli's rantings with an intelligent rebuttal. Some sanity added to the always confrontational partisanship. Thank you.

On Monday, July 9, 2012 at 3:54am, don wrote:

who is the female replacing you on 9 july, 2012

On Friday, May 18, 2012 at 5:42am, Sandy wrote:

Where is Becky now? Haven't seen her on CNBC in several weeks.

On Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 2:17pm, Bill from Atlanta wrote:

Becky, you are amazing. I promise I will never miss another episode of Squawk Box ever again. I set the TiVos on both of my televisions (just to be sure)

On Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 7:24pm, Big Al wrote:

You are smokin' hot! Especially on Ferrari day!

On Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 6:57am, Renee Jordan wrote:

Becky's hair color was stunning this morning. How do I get it? -fellow Rutgers alum

On Monday, May 7, 2012 at 5:20am, Michael wrote:

I was thinking maybe Becky had hit the wall after the baby, but watching her interview Warren Buffet today, she looks better than ever. If she wasn't a TV journalist, she could be a model.

On Friday, May 4, 2012 at 6:15am, Brian Higgs wrote:

You sure brighten up the show with your "quick" wit and sexy grin. I live in Cowtown. The Lone Star state needs you to come home as "quick" as you can because smart,beautiful women such as yourself are a blessing that us Texans would much rather enjoy in person. Congrats on your fine baby boy !!!

On Friday, April 6, 2012 at 9:10am, Allan wrote:

I wish you & your family a Happy Easter

On Friday, March 30, 2012 at 10:49am, Bann from Boston wrote:

I love you, Becky. I see you every early morning on SquawkBox, but now I cut cable. I miss the SquawkBox team. You are great, Becky.

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