Portrait of Becky Quick

Is Becky Quick Married?

Does she have a husband? We're not really sure if Becky Quick is married or not. Some avid CNBC viewers have claimed to have seen a ring on her finger, but nothing has been confirmed.

Making Ms. Quick appear as single is probably a great strategy for CNBC to keep as many male viewers glued to the television set as possible. After all, if bachelors watching CNBC at early hours in the morning think they have a chance with Becky Quick, then they'll keep watching and ruminating. Once they see the wedding ring, their ambivalent minds will eject or vacillate between Fox Business Channel and CNBC.

Regardless of whether she's married or not, we know she's talented, she's gorgeous and she probably knows more about economics and global markets than the rest of us combined. Congratulations Becky on a morning money show well done.

Rick Oliveira wrote:

"It's really funny that you guys mention that, because this morning I saw a ring on her hand and two minutes later the ring was gone. This was right at beginning of the show, around 6:05 or so and I had to rewind my DVR several times to confirm. But I can swear that she took the ring off. You gotta love it!"

Chris Carriere from Zionsville, IN wrote:

"Unfortunately, I believe she is married. I can't remember the exact date, but it was during the Christmas holiday season and the cast was discussing gift giving. Ms. Quick slipped up and mentioned her in-laws. The subject was quickly (inadvertant pun) changed, and I have never heard them, or her husband, ever brought up again."